Sexually Overdriven!

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I am very excited about the fact that the long overdue reunion of all the folks who ever worked at CKY is being held in Winnipeg later this month on May 24th at a very fancy night club. I’ve also just been told that the Man who made me want to play guitar Ray St. Germain and my friend Burton Cummings of the Guess Who are going to honor us by singing a few tunes later on in the evening. How hot is that!

Mark Foley told me if Mitt made Condaleezza Rice his Vice President it would be a game changer which only could be trumped by Obama making Hillary his.

I mentioned to Lorenda Rae that I thought most successful Men were probably sexually overdriven. She said successful or not all Men still had one thing in common … Their one track minds!

Speaking of Lorenda she is definitely qualified to be in one of my special focus groups as I look for the answers about what women really want on the Radio.

Why do you feel compelled to tell a beautiful women what you would like to do to them, I’m pretty sure they already know.

You shouldn’t lie to anyone but the most important person you should never ever lie to is yourself.

You need to gain some new audience each day just to stay even.

How does Arbitron think that a person wearing a PPM device for months really reflects what his or her peers are listening to. With the Diary system new people were being being sampled each week so your station had a shot at some of Diaries finally getting to your fans.

Speaking of Diaries they were actually a better method for the clients because they only wrote down the stations they were actually listening to so they would actually hear the commercials. PPM claims people are listening to a station that they aren’t even aware of. Big difference between listening and hearing.

James W Hilliard not to be confused with James C Hilliard told me that 26% of the people in America between the age of 16 – 34 don’t have a drivers licence. No wonder the younger demos are disappearing from radio. A little tough for them to listen to the car Radio much if they don’t drive. And we thought they were leaving because Radio sucked … Silly us!

Wow I just saw an add for a Hip Hop Reunion show … Man the years are just flying by for me but crawling by for Cami and Nathaniel.

Speaking of family … All the girls in the Johns family Candis, Christina and Cami did and are doing very well at school. The Johns boys didn’t fare so well but I think we’ve got one coming, I’m pretty sure Grandson Nathaniel is going to blow us all away. His Mother wont give him any other choice is what I figure.

Candis once asked me if I won the lottery would I retire. Retire from what I asked her, when I was a kid Candis it was a thrill and an honor for me to hang out with all the Jocks and it still is, but now they pay me to do it why would I leave that.

Cami just texted me from her World History class where they were studying the 70’s. She said she was the only one in the class that knew all the music because of her Radio Dad and her Hippie Mom.

How could a Radio guy not love The Beach Boys new tune “That’s Why God Made The Radio”

Laura Neville told me that age is just a number. Hey easy for her to say, she doesn’t have any.

Bob Christy told me the Black Hockey Player who scored the winning goal that took the Boston Bruins out of the Stanley Cup playoffs spoke with a Canadian accent.

Wow I guess Duffys is trying to get rid of a bunch of us and go younger. They switched their music from Classic Rock to something the bartender called Piano Rock what ever the hell that is.

Dave Fulton was kind enough to send me a Movie Poster and a DVD of his Movie/Documentary “Naptown Rock Radio Wars” Outstanding!

I have yet to figure out what clicking the “Like” button on Facebook accomplishes.

A couple of years ago I was riding from Aspen to Denver in Jim Hilliard’s King Rancher along with his Wife Barbara and her friend Suzie. Jim and I were up front feeling the need to do a little Jones so in goes the Possum’s Greatest hits. Jim cranked it way up as we barreled our way through the Rocky Mountains. After nearly an hour of great tunes Suzie spoke up from the back and said … I have no idea who that is but I would definitely recommend he just go ahead and kill himself.

I think women have an easier time living with a Man they don’t love than a Man does with a Woman. But I’m just guessing.

I wonder how many Men would have married the real Woman they ended up with.

The people who get off on trivia the most are the people holding the cards with all the answers on them. Wouldn’t you just once like to see Alex Trebek on the panel and you’re the one holding the cards. Do you think that superior little smile of his would finally be wiped off his face. Sweet!

Damn! I just saw you can lease a brand new Bentley for three grand a month but I’m fifty bucks short. Can anybody help out here.

Sex & Greed Make You Fearless!

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The only real lessons you learn while going through life are learned mostly from your mistakes. Whenever you fail you usually know the exact reason you did. When you succeed you can never quite figure out what it was that caused your project to go over the top. It could have been any one of the many things you did.

The fastest way to change your life is to go through an emotional experience.

Remember when “My Generation” was a song about young people. Now it’s just an oldie to a bunch of us who didn’t die before we got old.

According to a recent survey, young people change the station 27 times an hour just looking for compelling Radio programming. My Daughter Cami just kills that number and I wonder if it’s because she is different or is the product just that bad in West Palm Beach.

I believe Baseball looks so much better on Radio.

On an average 65% of Americans only listen to FM. In markets where the product on AM is good though the figure falls to 50%

Speaking of good product, WTOP in Washington which is America’s top Radio biller gets a lot of its money from folks who are just trying to communicate with the Government.

In Ottawa we made huge money at CFRA because we knew most of the Government including the Prime Minister listened to us and a few folks really wanted to communicate with them. Ratings didn’t seem to mean anything to them.

Very sad about the passing of Dick Clark but he was the reason I quit The Jury. Dick was a dick, he never called to invite us to appear on Bandstand so I said the hell with it!

Rumor has it my former teammate and friend from the famous Transcona Nationals, Ermanno Barone who now builds resorts and produces Movies is going to build a big film studio near Winnipeg.

There is no way to get direct billing on a radio show without a live morning show. Lucky for Ryan Seacrest KISS-FM in LA doesn’t sell direct.

Have you noticed lots of folks have made the transition from Radio to TV but it seldom works in reverse.

So many beautiful focus groups so little time.

If you live by the sword you die by the sword! There used to be a legendary broadcaster on the air here in South Florida by the name of Neil Rogers. Neil prided himself in telling Management to go to hell both in person and on the air. Seeing as his ratings were so large the Management tolerated him but they were waiting. When the first bad PPM numbers came out Neil was gone which may have contributed to his now been gone forever.

Women you love age like fine wine. Not so true about the others.

If you’re fine with today you’ll never chase tomorrow and will just end up being yesterday.

Success does not come from a happy place it comes from your unhappiness leading you down the road to success.

Kellen Winslow once told me that if they would guarantee his salary he would play harder. The NFL didn’t believe him and still don’t.

Now let me see Sean Payton is suspended for a season, Drew Brees is holding out and the GM is now being accused of having the visiting teams coaches room wired … Is anybody in their right mind picking New Orleans to go to the Super Bowl this year. Hell Indy may even beat them.

Sex & Greed are the only two things that make a man fearless, just ask Bobby Pretino.

It seems like all the folks who sue Arbitron sure quickly start to do a lot better in the ratings.

Why would you ever hang out very often with a woman who “doesn’t like you that way”

I think the road to successful ratings is a lot quicker when sales doesn’t help you.

I don’t think beautiful women are interested in equality.

After watching Dave Fulton’s great Movie /Documentary “Naptown Rock Radio Wars and having been a part of them I realized when most of those battles were going on between WNAP, WIFE and WNDE The War was already over and WIBC had won it big time.

Charles Manson Never Killed Anyone!

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Officer Kari Pallotto recently pulled me over for speeding. Here I am now trying to get out of the ticket by buying her lunch at a fancy restaurant. When I asked her why she pulled me over instead of the folks who were driving even faster she explained that you get a ticket every 55th time you speed so it wasn’t their turn, it was mine. She suggested I just Man Up and pay the fine. Damn! I was hoping she pulled me over because she was attracted to me.

Not only was Kari a fun lunch but she also provided me with a 1st. It was the first time I had ever lunched with a beautiful woman who was wearing a gun! I definitely made no sudden nor subtle moves.

Wisdom is an acquired intellect which unfortunately can only be gained by growing old.

The real problem with “Politically Correct” is we no longer know what anybody is really thinking.

So even though the Sanford Police didn’t think that George Zimmerman deserved to be arrested wouldn’t you have just put on a pair of dark sunglasses and made a run for it when Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were down here ranting and raving.

So if a petition can turn over a police decision and get somebody arrested then I would like to start a couple that get some of those Wife beating “Gangsta” pro athletes put in Jail too.

How does Trayvon Martin keeps getting older looking in the new pictures they are publishing of him. I thought he was dead!

I wonder what kind of a severance package the so called NBC producer gets as he takes the fall all by himself for editing out some words Zimmerman was taped saying that made it appear he was racist.

Your needs in life have absolutely nothing to do with what you get in life.

Like most people I can dish it out a hell of a lot better than I can take it.

Most people would rather lose a limb than be embarrassed.

Being originally from Canada I think every province needs to have an NHL team so as put that Canadian city on the map. When I tell people today that I’m from Winnipeg I no longer have to explain it’s located 500 miles straight north of Minneapolis. Now they just say … Ahhh the home of the Winnipeg Jets!

When I sit around with a bunch of guys we always talk about Sports, Business, and Women. Guys all have a few women that make their highlight reel from the past. The weird thing is I have never heard women discuss past men in the same fashion.

Jim Hilliard and I are going back together to where we first met more years ago than we can even admit now. We are attending the long over due reunion of CKY which produced many of Canada’s and America’s greatest broadcasters. Jim of course keeps trying to wiggle out of going because he is a total futurist and is hardly into today let alone yesterday. At dinner with Jim and his wife Barbara I explained that Jim just might want to enjoy the past a little more because the last time I peeked at the future it looked an awful lot like a brick wall.

President Obama is so good at raising money I think he should do it full time and wipe out our debt.

Speaking of Obama, he was just here in Florida raising money from rich people. What I cant understand is why the very people he claims he is going to tax more would want to contribute to his a campaign.

I learned a long time ago that the #1 station in any market is the Biggest Biller and ratings are only one of the tools needed to get to that coveted position.

Wow Bubba Watson never took a golf lesson in his life and he wins the Masters. Now he gets to play in the Masters for the rest of his life and is guaranteed 5 years on the pro circuit. Even taking a Radio Station from worst to first doesn’t pay off like that and having a hit record doesn’t either unless of course you wrote it.

Charles Manson was just denied parole again which means he is in there till he dies. The weird thing is they had more on OJ than they ever had on Manson and Manson never even killed anybody.

Wow Dean Goodman bought the CBS stations here in West Palm Beach. It’s going to be fun watching a Radio Gunslinger taking on CC’s systems. He can do things instantly which makes him very dangerous. Dean has to make his stations very special so he can get on the must buy list otherwise Clear Channel will just starve him out by dropping the rates.

Most people listen to A Radio Station and even though they may like some of the Station’s personalities they are mostly very loyal to the station. There are very few phenomenons like Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, Ron Chapman and Jeff & Jer who can leave one station and drag their exclusive listeners to another.

If Money is the root of all evil then Religion must be the root of all Wars.

I figure the Star System in Show Biz goes this way. #1 Movie Stars #2 TV Stars #3 Record Stars #4 Radio Stars #5 Broadway Stars. Only one of these groups think they do a better show when they’re just winging it.

I think America wants to be just a little left or right of center but the politicians all seem to be far right or far left. Maybe that’s the only way they can raise money for their campaigns.

Is it true that Jewish and Black people can only vote for a Democrat for President. What kind of democracy is that.

What I never understood about South Florida is that even though the region swells by millions of people every winter radio still has a bad first quarter.

Isn’t asking an oil executive what he thinks the best energy source in the future will be is the same as asking a Radio sales person what kind of Media you should use to advertise your new product.

Yesterday Once More!

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Cynthia Segal who is from Winnipeg but now lives in Hollywood Florida sent me a Facebook message that said “Hey I notice your from Transcona, you’ve come a long way baby” I replied to her with a short poem about going to school there while starting bands and stuff. Now here I am stuck in front of my computer staring at the screen as I try to rhyme my whole life for some unknown reason. Hopefully I can resist publishing it but I doubt it very much!

Speaking a little of Canada I just realized there are no color (colour) photos of The Toronto Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup!

Just watched a sneak preview of Dave Fulton’s new Version of his movie/documentary “Naptown Rock Radio Wars” which will be shown April 19 on Channel 20 back home in Indiana. The only effect it had on me was to make me want to call up the old Buzzard Boys, Cris Conner, Buster Bodine, Freddie Fever, Mike Griffin, John Gillis and Tom Cochran to say … “Get the hell out of bed we’re going back to Indy to kick some ass”

For some reason this is the year of my past. Not only is the movie “Naptown Rock Radio Wars playing this month but next month I’m going back to Winnipeg for a CKY reunion which was wear my whole radio career started. Even Burton Cummings is coming by to say hi to some of the great jocks we used to listen to like Deano Corrie, Jimmy Darin and Mark Parr who also spun our our early records. Word is that Burton is even going to honor us with a few tunes. No I’m not reuniting The Jury!

Anger is just another name for fear.

I wonder if the starting 5 of the Champion Wildcats are smart enough (lets check their grades) to realize that a bunch of innocent looking young girls just fell in love with them. These sweet young things are getting ready to make their new found love known to these young lads. I guarantee they aren’t going to allow any form of birth control to be used as they prove just how deep their love is. They will soon own more than half of all that money the NBA is going to pay each one of these guys and they don’t even have to go to practice. Hey they already know how to do what they do, they don’t need no practice.

Dan Mason claims that over the past 20 years the Dee Jay’s role has been watered down and it has been done by a dictate.

If the Arabs didn’t have so much oil would we pay them any mind. Aren’t they all about yesterday.

A few years ago if you ever wondered who was over paid at a radio station you just went back to the accountants office and asked him because he always had an opinion about it. Now that they’ve moved up front we soon found out they must have really thought everybody but them was over paid. They soon fixed that!

How come the first time you usually start cheating on your taxes is when you can actually afford to pay them.

How short do we have to make the basketball season so we don’t pay all this money for tickets just to watch some of the Super Stars just coast.

Back in the day it was a lot more productive using Jim Hilliard’s name rather than my own. It sure got things on the air a lot faster.

In TV commercials it always shows Black guys and White guys all hanging out together. I don’t see that happening much in real life.

How do you explain to your Daughter that the god like creatures she thinks she sees up on the stage are really just very needy self absorbed people who only care about themselves when you see them back stage.

When the FCC was stronger Radio sounded better and made more money.

Where the hell do the smart phones come up with the embarrassing words they put in your text instead of the ones you typed.

Why did they stop calling traveling in the NBA.

The first time I ever heard Hey Jude I remember thinking “The Beatles ran out of words how can that be”

The two events that changed my life were the births of my two daughters which happened 28 years apart. Both births made me a different person.

Lee Masters (Jarl Mohn) whom I tried to hire many times over told me he was very lucky he didn’t take me up on any of my offers because he probably would have enjoyed it too much. He instead took a job in New York and when they wouldn’t let him do any of his on air magic, he quit and created E entertainment.

When they wheeled Muhammad Ali out at the opening of the new Marlins Stadium on National TV it was hard to watch. I don’t think they should have done it … Very very sad!

Bill Stairs told me you have to have at least a thousand friends on Faceback to have any shot at influencing even one PPM device. With the amount of time it takes to recruit and communicate with thousands of people on Facebook one might be better served spending that time on show prep instead.