Still California Dreamin’ (new geo blog for August 15/16)

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I just got back from California where amongst other things I got to spend a few days with my mentor Jim Hilliard in San Jose. Whenever I visit with Jim he always wants to discuss August 03 1981 which he claims is the day which will go down in history as the day I screwed him. He also especially likes to introduce me around to his new friends which gives him the opportunity to retell the story once again. I guess at that time I must have been going through the mid-life crazies or something because August 03 of ’81 was the day I left my job at Fairbanks Broadcasting in Indy where I was V/P Programming and moved to California. 
As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, my love affair with California began while growing up watching the Rose Bowl where I remember being very envious of the folks sitting in the stands wearing nothing but shorts and t-shirts while I was stuck inside watching it on TV because it was 35 below outside. (see picture above of this years winning Rose Bowl float which my daughter Candis helped create) Every year as I watched the Rose Bowl parade and the game I chanted … Someday, someday I’m gonna live in California man!
Years later I woke up one morning with this thought running through my head … If not now when! Shortly thereafter I moved to San Diego where I started working at KOGO/KPRI and in exchange for them not paying me very much they gave me Fridays off which enabled me to start my own consulting company. Before long I was making more money on Fridays than the rest of the week so eventually it made sense to leave. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it my consulting business became so large that I spent most of my time on the road and as I look back I realize that I lived on the road and not in California. In fact I still don’t.
So would a white person feel more welcome in a African American, Hispanic or Muslim bar (work with me) or them in a mostly white bar?  
The only thing that prevents a news person from stumbling is shorter stories.
Have you noticed that “Bitch” seems to have lost its gender.
The only thing that small children and drunks have in common is they always tell the truth.
When did girls stop cooking like their mothers and start drinking like their fathers.
Politicians are just like lawyers … On the job they fight like cats and dogs but when the day is done they all hang out in bars together. Wait a minute they too are lawyers.
My good friend Tim Moore wisely wrote the other day that success has many fathers but failure is an orphan.
You are at your best and learning the most when you’re a little bit frightened.
You learn the most when you’re at your worst. 
There are many reasons why you shouldn’t do something but it only takes one good one to make you do it.
The way I figure it is if 40% of Americans are Democrats and 40% are Republicans they are gonna vote for whomever their party nominates so the real power in America lies with the remaining 20%.
I wonder what the American women think about the fact that Bill tired of coming home to Hillary long ago.
I wonder why Trump keeps making shocking statements because if it’s still a tight race on election day the folks last minute will be afraid to vote for him.
Why would anybody think a liberal’s view of Trump or a conservative’s view of Hillary be of interest to anybody.
The phrases “far out and right on” have gone by the wayside with “at the end of the day and back in the day” beginning to fade. “Awesome” though continues to hang in there but how long do you suppose “Crazy” will last or did they already burn it out on The Voice.
Speaking of crazy I think Bernie should run as an independent in November which would make everybody crazy.
Why do all the candidates talk to the middle class when they’re campaigning but only help the rich and the poor once elected.
The reason the word “no” is so popular is because after it’s uttered nobody has to do anything.
Even though I really dislike the word “no”, other words that are right up there with it are … George what you don’t understand is…
Seeing as 73% of Americans are some form of passive and probably looking for someone to tell them what to do, I would act like a benevolent dictator on the radio.
Every time I go to California the gas prices are anywhere from 80 cents to a buck and a half more than the rest of the country. Recently I heard that they are finally investigating it and have found that besides excessive taxes the oil companies are shipping gas from there to other countries creating a false shortage in California which of course drives the price up.
America seems to be in a survival mode which was confirmed at the Indy 500 this year when the winner who was just trying to survive won the race.
The line of the week goes to Sue Bonzell who in response to a relationship question put forth by Brent Farris on KZST said … I’ve been around the block so many times that they’re starting to name streets after me.
Absolutely nothing can stop a great idea.
It’s never too late to become somebody.
America won’t start to come together until we stop using the words black & white.
The most difficult person in the world to defeat is the one who never stops trying to beat you.

Things tend to turn out rather well for the folks who know exactly how they want them to turn out.


I just love how our Olympic swimmer the not so politically correct Lilly King finger wagged her Russian opponent who was accused of doping right after she trounced her.

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CALIFORNIA GIRLS. (new Blog for August 01/16)

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Recently reading that they were inducting QB Kenny Ploen (shown above) into the Ring Of Honour in Winnipeg brought back a lot of memories for me about the 50's. Kenny along with coach Bud Grant won 4 Grey Cups (Superbowl of Canada) giving us some very proud moments which helped a lot of us keep warm during the brutal winters in Winnipeg.
During the 50's I also watched the Rose Bowl so I actually got to see Kenny win it when he played for Iowa Hawkeyes before heading north to join the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. When I played for the Transcona Nationals me and a lot of my team mates dreamed about playing for the Bombers which we were inspired to do because of those glory years. Thank you Mr. Ploen.
While watching all those Rose Bowl games I remember thinking … Someday man someday! I of course was very envious of all the folks sitting in the stands wearing nothing but shorts and short sleeve shirts while I sat inside hiding from 35 below weather outside. I think though that my tipping point may have occurred when I first heard the Beach Boys sing "California Girls" on CKY. Now I had no choice, I had to live there.


The way it looks to me is that there are 3 groups of people living in America … The rich, the poor, and everybody else. The rich along with the poor take up most of the government's time because they're united. So I think it's time for the rest of us to unite and change America into how we want it. Wouldn't that scare the sh#t out of everybody!

Is it just me or is the media trying to race bait us. If a white police officer shoots a black person you instantly know what color everybody is. In the Dallas shootings though I don't remember hearing black being used to describe the shooter.

It's not about the deranged man who shot 5 policemen it's about what the black community thinks about that.

When did being prejudice and racism begin and why did it?

Hate is a learned thing.

When stopped by the police and you do exactly what he tells you to do without any comment or attitude there's a good chance you'll survive.

I find it strange that there's not a country station in the top 5 in Nashville.

When you argue with a fool you just doubled downed.

There is no louder sound than the crunch of something you're eating that you don't wanna share.

Over the years a lot of people insisted that I have a drink with them but I don't ever remembering any of them insisting I smoke with them.

If a miracle is going to happen it usually shows just before you're about to give up.

What makes America great was created a long time ago so we might as well drop the arrogance because we had nothing to do with it.

Speaking of arrogance why do all these people who claim that they're gonna leave the country if Trump is elected assume other countries will have them.

Women need to bring more than pretty to the party.

Speaking of women, can you imagine trying to explain to an alien from outer space why they paint their faces.

The truth usually shows up right after the word "but"

I told my grandson Nathaniel that if he can refrain from saying I love you to any female other than his mother, he will have an outstanding life.

Unlike women, few men can walk away from the woman they love.

What if Trump and Hillary ran as independents, would you vote for either? 
I'm a very competitive person except when it comes to my immediate family because I've no problem admitting that they all beat me in the smarts department.

Mr. business man has always believed that his part was bigger than Michelangelo, Mozart, Frank, Elvis and the Beatles and has paid himself accordingly. What think you? 

It's only controversial if you don't agree with it.

A lotta guys fantasize about a threesome until the other guy shows up.

Have you ever noticed that the fewer customers a restaurant has on a particular night the busier the staff appears to be as they scurry about.

If you mistrust all authority I think you're getting a little closer to the truth.

Only after giving others recognition may you expect getting some of your own. 

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The F#*king Hat! (for July 25/16) #9 of my 12 most read Blogs in 2016.

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Back when I was a board op (gopher) at CKY in Winnipeg one of my weekly jobs was to go over to Chuck Dann’s (Riley) apartment and bring him to the jock meeting otherwise he wouldn’t show up.
Chuck (far bottom left) and I had a great relationship so I believe that probably the only reason that he came back to the station with me was so I wouldn’t get in trouble. One morning as we were about to head for the station the phone rang which he answered with a grunt and then listened for a little while without any comments. Then with a very pissed off voice he said … This is how this works pal, at the end of each month I put all my bills into a big hat and then I draw one out and pay it, but if you don’t stop bugging me your name’s not even going into the f#*king hat!
So how would’ve Hoover handled the Hillary situation.
Old age begins the moment you realize that you’re older than the president.
What current politician would you trust to babysit your kids and/or grand kids.
There is no limit to how much home improvement you can make on yourself.
I believe that all our war on terror has succeeded in doing so far is create more terrorists.
Over praising an ethnic persons artistic endeavors is just reverse discrimination and does not make the artist or their ilk dislike you any less nor absolve you of any guilt you may have.
Little known blues singer Arthur Crudup received sixty thousand dollars in song writing royalties when little known singer Elvis Presely recorded one of his songs. 60 thou though was probably ten times as much as Elvis got when he recorded the song that changed the world “That’s Alright Mama.”  
I know a whole lot about a little and a little about a whole lot.
The actual group who keeps track of world time has put an extra second on our clock for 2016. It’s not to late to make plans.
Isn’t it weird that the first place you tend to put some extra weight on is the last place it comes off. 
Does the Department Of Justice still exist and if so what do they do. I remember when all businesses were scared of them.
Equality only guarantees you an equal shot at success, not an equal result.
Nobody was born courageous.
Has worry ever solved anything?
We have to figure out how to fix us not the planet. The world will still be here long after you and yours are gone.
I don’t think host is the correct name for a sales guy who has rented his own weekend radio show.
Don’t even bother to open the mic if you haven’t prepared the closing line.
If you’re not embarrassed by your old air checks you’re not keeping up.
If you don’t have sex/and or greed on your web page you don’t have a lotta visits.
Informing the staff that the beatings will continue until morale improves unfortunately has never worked.
A lot of people may pay attention to what we say but even more are aware of what we actually do.
When you’re not sure of anything then anything is possible.
When the first rule is put into place, creativity begins.
I’m very proud of my involvement in lot of projects over the years but it’s the ones that I’m not proud of that make much better stories.
The only difference between making 50 thousand a year and 50 thou a month is the knowledge of how to do so.
You are what you’re acting like this very moment.
I have spent most of my life pursuing happiness so it should be showing up any second … Right! 

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New Blog For July 18/16

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12038994_10153327363852893_512481272699200010_oWhen my nephew Jamie pictured above with prime minister Trudeau was 7 or 8 we all went skiing at Banff in the Rocky Mountains back in Canada. Being from Manitoba Jamie had never been on skis before but when we hit the slopes in Banff he soon was going to the top of the mountain and skiing straight down without the help of poles. Even though most of us had skied before we were left behind to struggle with the middle of the mountain but Jamie was a natural.
Seeing that Jamie was born to ski his father who worked for the CNR in Transcona put in for a transfer to Kamloops B. C. which is in the middle of ski country. Unfortunately Jamie’s grandfather had recently passed away so his mother couldn’t find it in her heart to leave her mother alone. Cancel the transfer to Kamloops and any Olympic hopes and dreams that we may have had for Jamie. However less than a year later the grandmother left them all behind when she up and moved to Phoenix. As Chuck Berry once sang “C’est la vie said the old folks it just goes to show ya never can tell.” 
Why do drone pilots wear a flight suit.
I find it so weird that radio stations give away what the client really wants, a promotion, a live read, an interview and/or a personality appearance. But radio just keeps on trying to sell them what they don’t want … Spots!
The only people who appear to be having a good year are the rich and the poor but they continue to whine anyway.
Women are the best at forgetting who they slept with in the past.
If you have the ability to help a woman gain her independence she will usually reward you and the best part is that she already knows what you want.
You’re never too old for a new dream.
You only have to win your last battle to be declared the winner.
All the clients want from radio is for us to send folks to their stores and/or web pages. Do we really think spots do that.
The toughest thing I’ve had to come to grips with was when I was 20 I never hung out with my parents why would my daughter.
Why do religious leaders wear silly hats.
Most men are always right until they make the mistake of telling a woman that he loves her.
We weren’t born to follow, we were born to rebel.
Radio was a lot more exciting when nobody knew what they were doing kinda like the early days of Rock&Roll.
Seeing as there are at least 7 intellects I wonder why the SAT’s are still only based on the old 3 R’s … Readin’ Rightin’ and Rithmatic!
Speaking of intellect, your success will be based more on your popularity than on your intelligence.
Speaking of intelligence I think I’m actually a lot smarter than my my love life makes me out to be.
My oldest daughter Candis just informed me that it now costs $500.00 to renew her green card. Why am I thinking that Mexicans don’t have to pay that.
Now that my daughter is 20 I have to remind myself how lucky I am that she spends any time with me because I spent none with my parents when I was 20.
Making mistakes is still a lot more productive than doing nothing.
Whenever I’m wondering where the hell my life went I’m reminded of what my wee daughter Cami said when I had asked her where my baby girl had gone. She replied … She’s gone to pictures daddy!
The two things that guarantee a wonderful life is be successful or be beautiful. Not sure which is tougher.
The other day when I was asking her if she remembered when she was presenting me with her plan to finish high school in France that her mother was shouting from the kitchen … Tell her she can’t go. She claims that she doesn’t remember that part but what she did remember was that she was talking to the right person.
I wonder if the consequence of doing real bad things was torture if that would change anything. Seems to have worked for the mafia.
Isn’t it strange that no matter where you move to and how many times you do it, the companies that you owe money to always find you but the ones who owe you refunds never do.
Speaking of strange don’t you find it weird that people who lived in their parents basements learning how to play guitar and are dying early because of drug and alcohol abuse feel qualified to tell us who to vote for!
The person who comes up with the 7 perfect words for a billboard should make most of the money.
Even going to Harvard will not teach you how to write a song like “Yesterday” because that’s magic and Harvard don’t know from magic.
When the fans in the stands start to slip away so will the revenues from TV and players salaries wont be far behind. I predict that the demise will begin at the next phony game 7.
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