Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Coming to America) Part 1 (Inquiring Minds Need to Know) 12/12/22

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I was shocked when I heard that Jeff Smulyan had recently sold the land in Indy that the WIBC towers were on, which silenced the legendary station.
All the outstanding work that Jim Hilliard’s staff, Gary Todd, Fred Heckman, Lou Palmer, Paul Page, Jerry Baker, Orly Knudson, Bob Lamey, and Chuck Riley, had produced over the years was gone forever.

I spent eight fun years at WIBC/WNAP, and my relationship with most of the guys above continues today, especially with Jim Hilliard.
As they say, timing is everything, and my timing was perfect when I took a job as a board op at CKY in Winnipeg those many years ago.

The station had just hired a new program director from the U.S. named Jimmy Darin (Hilliard), who, in turn, hired several other talented individuals also from America.
I got to learn firsthand how big-time radio worked as a rookie board op.

Almost from the time we met, Jim and I have been able to finish each other’s sentences.
Unfortunately, though, years later, when I joined him in Indianapolis as his National PD, this ability got me dragged me into more meetings than I cared to attend.

All Jim would say was, “I  need you in here, buddy; you’ll pick up on what’s going on real fast.”
Not only was he right, but occasionally, I even helped bring the meeting to a successful conclusion, but then again, even the smoothest-running machine has the occasional glitch.

One day, Jim’s secretary, Judy Ramsey, came to my office and told me that Jim needed to see me immediately.
As I entered Jim’s office, I saw that Cris Conner, the Morning Man/PD of WNAP, and Jim were in the middle of a very intense discussion. 

As I sat down, Jim turned to me and said, “George, I’m glad you’re in here because I need your help.
It seems that Cris has recently discovered that his sales manager makes more money than he does, so I need you to help me explain why.”

“Hell, Jim,” I said, “I wanna hear that answer myself.”
(Cris, pictured on top with me at his induction into the Radio Hall Of Fame)

Part 2 (The Great Gift) continues next week.


I’m pretty sure that Psychologists could fix us much faster if they weren’t paid by the hour.

So if we give up our guns, who’s gonna protect us from the Russian, Italian, and Irish mobs, not to mention all the thugs and gangs?

Who decided that managing art should pay more than the artist who created it?

If there are extraterrestrials out there, it’s gonna be like Columbus and the Indians, but unfortunately, we’re the Indians.

Speaking of extraterrestrials, are we sure that the probes the scientists are sending out will be answered in a friendly manner?

One of the most overlooked vices of all is unrequested advice.

I’m amazed that year after year; Businessmen still get away with only sharing their downside.

Sadly, the life of the party usually doesn’t have a life.

Sometimes handmade​ doesn’t mean well made.

If you can resist getting married, you shouldn’t do it.

One of the things that I never figured out was how to provide a good life for my family and be there too.

I’ve always been envious of the guys who got to turn down pussy.

Is there anything better than being a young man in a warm-weather town?

The only good thing about losing is it usually teaches you how to win. 

Of course, there should be some kind of gun control.

Your image is your everything.

Embrace the negative, it’s your best teacher.

We’re all prejudiced about someone or something.

I can understand being poor enough to steal, but I don’t understand anybody thinking that they have a right to do so.

As I have repeatedly said, “Don’t ever let Brady have the ball with two minutes to go.”

So we traded a bad boy for a bad girl, huh?

Speaking of Brittney, do you think there’ll be a welcome home parade for her?


Jed Duvall: Unfortunately, after 1979, when Indianapolis’s Arbitron ratings periods went to quarterly from just the last two weeks in April and the first two weeks in May, WIBC found out that too-much Indianapolis 500 coverage (wall-to-wall) was not quite as golden and lucrative ratings-wise as it had been prior to 1978.  The on-air hand-wringing over the challenge by the newly-formed Championship Auto Racing Teams (C.A.R.T.) (the drivers and most of the car owners) against the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s sanctioning body, the United States Auto Club, (U.S.A.C.) (Speedway President Joe Cloutier and Tom Binford, Chief Steward since 1974 as well as U.S.’s representative to the international Paris). C.A.R.T. wanted to take over the sanctioning and running of the 500 from the Speedway and U.S.A.C. and wanted more money from the Speedway, already the richest automobile race on the planet.  C.A.R.T. sued U.S.A.C. and the Speedway (which had NEVER accepted ultimatums from any team, driver, or outside racing interest since 1909).  The matter wound up in federal court.  The Speedway was forced by the court because of the accepted entry form language to allow C.A.R.T. teams to practice, qualify and race in the 500 for 1979.  U.S.A.C. withdrew, and the S.C.C.A. (Sports Car Club of America) sanctioned the race with Tom Binford as Chief Steward.  WIBC covered every blow-by-blow from gavel to gavel with disappointing results.  What we learned was that all the average Indianapolis metro area race fan cared about was Lou Palmer’s hourly practice reports, Lou and Donald Davidson’s qualification coverage, Donald Davidson’s nightly and weekend call-in programs, and the entire pre-race, race, and post-race coverage, including traffic reports from the 10-7-Oh Whirlybird! The U.S.A.C.-C.A.R.T. soap opera was of little interest to the average race fan.  After 1979, the intense interest in anything beyond the key coverage of WIBC’s highly-successful and lucrative “Thirty Days In May”, was, in my opinion, a tune-out to the vast majority of WIBC-AM’s listeners. Such are the trials and errors of a program director of a heritage AM full-service radio station. George:  As you always admonished us at WIBC in the glory days, “If it isn’t important and top-of-mind, wrap it up and play “Hey Jude”!” (Back Home Again)
Radio Geo: Those were the days, my friend; we thought they’d never end but end they did.

Wendy:Your buddy Big Bob has a disgusting attitude towards women, one that I don’t appreciate. I’ll bet he’s one of those Ice Age men who would want all women to be subservient to all men, and he would most probably want abortions to be banned in America! Yikes, not someone I’d like to know. (Fairbanks Management Conferences)
Radio Geo: Thanks for the read, Wendy but in the fine print below, I state that my blog is definitely not politically correct and is also written mostly for men.
With that in mind, occasionally, a few folks will find some things they disagree with, which I long for because I believe that communication leads to understanding. Your comments, though, are duly noted. Keep ’em comin’.

Bruce Munson: This blog is a glimpse into the radio equivalent of King Solomon’s mines. (The List)
Radio Geo: Bruce, you need to take a few deep breaths or get out more. Love ya, old friend.

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Coming to America) Part 2 (The Great Gift) 12/19/22

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As I said last week in Part 1 of “Coming to America,” after hearing that they sold the land that the WIBC towers were on to build condos, it got me thinking about the eight years I spent in Indy as the National Program Director of Fairbanks Broadcasting.

When I arrived in Indy from Toronto, thinking my new job was to implement all of Jim Hilliard’s great programming ideas, Nixon was just exiting the White House, and I had no idea that some bad times were ahead.

Unfortunately, when Jimmy Carter became President, interest rates skyrocketed, and the Oil Barons claimed we had a gas shortage.

Couple all that with just being told by Hilliard, “Hell, Johns, if I knew what to do, I wouldn’t have hired you.”
As I sat there thinking about what I had gotten myself into, Jim interrupted my thoughts with, “Hey, Johns, I’ve got a gift for you that you’re gonna love.”

“The gift,” he went on to say, “Is going to speed everything up because it will eliminate all the politics.
What I’m giving you, he said, “Is the right to be wrong. Oh, and what’s the catch, you may ask? Well, Unfortunately, this gift doesn’t come with the right for you to live with your mistakes.”

“When you leave this office today, you have the right to do anything you want on any of our radio stations.
However, the moment something doesn’t sound as good as it looked on paper, you have to get it off the air immediately, no meetings, no thinking it over, no twisting it, get it off!”

Then as he pointed at the door he said, “Now it’s time for you to get the hell out of here, I’ve got work to do.
Oh, and would you mind closing the door behind you as you leave to make me some great radio.” (Jim’s the only guy I know who runs an open-door policy behind closed doors.)

Being the National PD of Fairbanks meant working with all the company’s Program Directors except at WIBC, where I was the local P D.
Having WNAP, which was an album rocker in the same house, you would think that it would be the long hairs at The Buzzard that would be the hardest to handle.

Nope, at the two-story brick on North Illinois, it was the WIBC folks who were the craziest.

What a bunch of characters, Todd, Baker, Lamey, Orly, and Page, but they were all easy compared to Chuck Riley.
I’d known Chuck since I was a radio rookie back in Winnipeg, where not only did he teach me how to do production, but he also produced my first record, “Until You Do” by, The Jury.
(Riley shown above)

Chuck had two personalities, the one he used while holding court at the coffee machine, and the other he used behind closed doors.
The one you didn’t want to encounter was the one who was holding court because he was one mean bear.

Luckily for me, the one who showed up in my office for a meeting was mostly a Teddy Bear.
Unfortunately, at least once a week, the bad bear would arrive at the radio station, and before the day was done, he’d have both the switchboard girl and the traffic girl in tears.

Tiring of his antics, Jim finally had a come-to-Jesus meeting with him.
As I said in part 1, Jim would call me into all kinds of meetings without warning, and this was one of them.

As I entered Jim’s office Riley was seated across from Jim’s desk and as I sat down on the couch, he sarcastically said, “Wow, this must be an important meeting if we need this much brass in the room?”
Jim immediately responded, “You’re right, Chuck; in fact, this may be the most important meeting of your career, and
George is here to bear witness.”

“George,” he went on to say. “Will be able to repeat everything said here today, lest you forget.”
Chuck, with a shit-eating grin on his face, turned to me and said, “That’s very comforting, George.”

Jim interrupted him with, “Riley, you’ve been acting like an ass lately, and your actions are no longer tolerable, so here’s how it’s now going to work.
If your ratings slip even a hair, the staff will come for your head, and I will be forced to serve it up to them.”

There was only silence until Jim finally asked Chuck if he had anything he wanted to say. in response
“Yeah,” Chuck said, “Tell those pricks waiting for my ratings to slip not to hold their fucking breath.” Then with that, he walked out.
(Jim and I pictured below)

Why do the police always seem to be where they’re not needed?

Does anybody know the stats on how many women became successful without the help of a successful man?

I wonder what the dollar per hour is that will stop the whining?

People in love are as blind as those who vote as their grandparents did.

What fool would go into the southside of Chicago without a gun?

Why do people in love think that their being in love is a good excuse for doing bad?

I’m more suspicious of judges than I am of the police.

Men will do anything for the women they love including for those who don’t deserve it.

Speaking of love, why do men suddenly like everything that the love of their life likes?

Here’s what I’m thinking; if athletes make more for over-performing shouldn’t they make less for underperforming?

When people think that they’re untouchable, it’s time to attack.

What would you do if your daughter or granddaughter was raped, I know what I’d do.

I think employers are having a rough time adjusting to the new employee world.

The only time I feel compelled to dispense unasked-for advice is when I’m with family.

When I became a father, I discovered it wasn’t just about me anymore.

I just realized that all the teen idols named Bobby are gone. Darin, Vee, Rydell, and Curtola.

Books may make you more intelligent, but they can’t make you smart.

What happened to the fear of Gluten?

When I was growing up, my folks held politicians in high esteem; now, they’re ranked even lower than used car salesmen.

When asked if I’m a sexist, I answer, “Yes but only with those who deserve it.”

Most companies in America are so yesterday that they haven’t noticed that it’s an employee world today. Good luck with your bonuses.

Watching Dave Letterman’s Netflix series, “My Next Guest is,” I find it very revealing that he’s an arrogant smart ass with everyone but black folks. Hmmm.

Are there any countries more racist than Japan? What’s that you say, “How about China, Iraq, Iran, and France?”

Most people’s biggest competitors are themselves.

If you think something is good or bad, it is.

It may be time to rethink the “It’s better to have 1000 bad people go free than lock up an innocent man.”

If it really is supply and demand, then both wine and gas should be less than a buck a gallon.

Nobody has the strength nor the wherewithal to deny their destiny.


Paul Ski: Hey George:
Wonderful story. Of those early years. Thanks for not taking ALL the great staff that you hired for Sudbury and Ottawa – the two places I followed you to!! (The Suits)
Geo: I noticed that you also robbed Sudbury, Paul when you brought the great Mr. Drake to Canada’s Capital with you. 🙂 Can you imagine how tough it was for me when I hit the States and couldn’t bring anybody with me?

Dave Charles: Morning George,
How did you handle gender bias in our business over many years in radio? Curious to know. (The Suits)
Geo: I never thought about it much, Dave; I was all about the ratings. When I found Delilah, I didn’t give a damn if she was a man or a woman; I just liked how she sounded.

Jed Duvall: George: Your thoughts about the comments of CFRA’s G.M. and the Sports Director about hiring great talent that will likely be hired away reveal much about managers that are comfortable in their ruts.  Your intensity to hire talent that would make a difference and make things happen is what critical factor between winning and losing. While continuity is a winning virtue, so is achieving higher performance and a greater rating footprint. Yes, better, more demanding talent brings more issues to the forefront of management, and the opportunity to do great things on a larger scale is worth the risk of flying too close to the sun. In the words of the late, great Jean Shepherd, “Excelsior, You Fathead !” (The Suits)
Thank you for your comments, Jed, but the truth be known, I would have no idea how to do radio without “Hall of Fame” talent.

Bill Gardner: Did I miss the results of that Indy 500 survey? I was guessing a 90+ share for WIBC, or did the omission mean it was tossed? Loved the story. Even with many years at Fairbanks Broadcasting and friendships with you and Jim Hilliard, it’s one more I hadn’t heard until now. 🙂
Geo: I can’t remember the exact numbers, Bill, but when the word got out, a bunch of radio stations in Indy stopped carrying the race.

Eugene Ferraro: Hello George, enjoy your blogs…I grew up in Philadelphia and still live here…as a youth, I enjoyed listening to Top 40th stations not only in Philly but also nationwide…I always gave equal time to all of the stations I heard–WFIL, WIBG, and WIFI-FM…I listened to the major flamethrowers –WABC, WLS, CKLW, WKBW, and when I could get them in–WRKO, CFTR, WCFL, CHUM, and some other mid-market stations.
I know that Fairbanks Broadcasting put a lot of capital into WIBG, but they were, in my opinion fighting a losing battle because AM radio was in the early stages of listener decline, and this also held true for WFIL… F.M. was gaining in popularity…lastly, I feel if Fairbanks had bought WIBG at the beginning of the ’70s, they may have finally toppled WFIL.
Lastly, you were the P.D. at WIBG, corrected? Also, I know that Phil Garner is still working on-air at a Christian radio station in Ft. Wayne, In, using his real name…is anyone else who worked in the Fairbanks chain, still doing on-air work?
In closing, I did enjoy some of the DJs I remember working at WIBG–the Magic Christian, Chuck Rielly, and Big John Gillis, among others. Thanks for your time and consideration.
Geo: Thank you for your comments, Eugene. WIBG was one of the finest sounding stations in the Fairbanks chain, but alas, we were in an F.M. world. We were an F.M. company back then, but Jim Hilliard couldn’t resist buying WIBG, a station that he had scorched when he was the P.D. of WFIL in the mid-’60s.
Very few of the crew are still alive, Eugene, but Bill Gardner and Chuck Knapp who were the Co-PDs are still doing well, in fact, Bill is an airline pilot now in Las Vegas (not a Christian jock in Ft. Wayne) and Chuck is hanging out with his beautiful wife in the Ozarks.

Geo’s Media Blog is a politically incorrect inside look at Radio, TV, Music, Movies, Books, Social Media, Politics, and Life, written for men.
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Geo’s Media Blog (Back Home Again in Indiana) 5/26/22

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Image: Indy 500 2021: Start time, lineup, TV, streaming schedule for race


With the Indy 500 coming up this weekend, I’m reminded of when I worked in Indianapolis at the corporate office of Fairbanks Broadcasting, where one of our goals was to try never to have any meetings with Mr. Fairbanks.
This was because Mr. Fairbanks had no problem making decisions, but unfortunately, we had to live with them.

Jim not only ran Fairbanks Broadcasting, but he was also the President of the Indiana Pacers and was one of the guys involved in the ABA NBA merger.
Unfortunately, the NBA was in the driver’s seat for that deal, so they punished the ABA by cutting them out of TV revenue for several years.

The lack of TV money didn’t sit well with the investors, so they forced Jim to find a buyer for the team.
Subsequently, Jim was gone quite a bit, so I’d come up with an idea that needed an immediate answer during one of his Pacer selling trips, so a meeting with Mr. Fairbanks was unavoidable.

Back then, every radio station in Indianapolis ran the same network feed because it was unpatriotic not to do so.
However, most of the announcers on the network were from WIBC, and because there was no TV coverage, I wanted to run a one-day Arbitron survey.

I was hoping to prove that everybody listened to the race on WIBC or thought they did.
If I were right, we could charge a ton of money for the commercials the following year. However, If I was wrong, we could dump the project into the garbage can, and nobody would be the wiser.

It was a no-brainer, but it wasn’t cheap, so I had to meet with Mr. Fairbanks to get his approval.
With all my ducks in a row, I reluctantly trudged into his office and nervously began my big presentation.

Surprisingly, before I even got half started, he interrupted me with, “George, I think you’re right; let’s do it.”
I was shocked, but because I’d gone to a lot of trouble preparing a lengthy presentation, I continued.

Once again, he interrupted me, but this time he said, “George, you’ve already got a yes, so if you insist on continuing, the only place it can go is to a no.”
To this day, whenever I hear a yes in any meeting, I’m outta there!


Hopefully, most people managers are aware that the quote, “The beatings will continue until the morale improves” albeit funny, is not true? The loudest voice may not be right; in fact, they seldom are.

Having an (R) or (D) in front of your name doesn’t make you any more right nor a better human being.

Making laws doesn’t change the rules. Rule #1 he with all the gold makes all the rules is still true.

I find it interesting that Berkley College does not promote that they are located in Oakland. Hmmmmm.

We now live in a world where nobody cares what you think, only what you know.

Depression is a killer which is proven by Niomi Judd taking her life with a gun one day before being inducted into the Country Hall Of Fame which is the highlight of every Country performer’s career.

My brother Reg says that it might have been Niomi Judd’s pending induction into the Country Hall of Fame the next day that triggered her suicide because she may not have felt worthy.

People may hear what we say but they only believe what they see.

Is it true that there are tons of baby formula at the Mexican Border?

The other day my Son Curt told me that when we’re at home with family, we’re all communists, with friends we’re socialists, and with acquaintances, Capitalists. My Brother Reg added, and with employees, Dictators.

The only sure way to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace is by making it illegal to sleep your way to the top.

People are surprised when I tell them that my daughter Cami doesn’t have a driver’s license, which means that she also doesn’t have insurance or car payments. She doesn’t need any of that; she has Uber and me.

Does Biden think that the American people care more about the environment than they do about the price of gas?

Somebody else’s therapist already knows what you’re really like.

Most great things did not start out perfect.

When I first moved to America, the most outstanding sales line I ever heard was said in response to my question, “How the hell will I be able to afford this Cadillac Eldorado,” Jim Hilliard responded with, “Uncle Sam is gonna help you pay for it. (Interest on car payments was deductible back then)

I have no idea why let alone respect the people who vote for a particular political party just because their grandparents did.

Speaking about respect, the thing I respect about the native Americans was at least they fought back.

There’s no truth waiting at the end of a politically correct question.

So if old rich white guys are so bad, why would old anything be better?

The world is changing, but unfortunately, not all changes are good.

The only people in South Florida who are ruder than New Yorkers are Quebecers.

I’m not too fond of the women who use obscene language unless they whisper it to me.

Now would be a good time to put your retirement plan together because if you don’t have one, your wife sure does, and you ain’t gonna like it.

Sometimes your being smaller makes you better than the rest.

Do you really think that the banks or the government want us to pay down our credit cards?

I find it amazing when a woman who spent her day trying to look her best, says, “I think you only like me for my looks.”


Wendy: Well, George, I think we better live our lives to the fullest, however short they might be! Looking forward to seeing you again when you’re in the Peg. Are you staying at the Fort Gary Hotel? That would be quite convenient for you. (It Was A Very Good Year)
Geo: Yes, I am staying at the Fort Garry, Wendy, and it has been a minute since I’ve seen you.

Jerry Baker: Jeez, George: Why weren’t you this clever when you were pushing our buttons at WIBC? (It Was A Very Good Year)
Geo: You just weren’t listening, Jerry. 🙂

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Geo’s Media Blog (The Suits) A Prequel to, “Do They Know You’re My Brother?” 5/23/22

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While watching the series “Suits,” it reminded me of the rare times that I was treated like one.

When I left CKSO in Sudbury to become the program Director of CFRA in Ottawa, other than some great ratings and the adoption of my son, Curtis, it wasn’t a gratifying experience.
Most of my stay in Ottawa was filled with so much negativity that the only time I ever returned was when my good friend Gary Russell was inducted into the Radio Hall Of Fame there, some 30 years later.

When the Chum group hired me they neglected to tell me that not only was I following the legendary Alden Diehl, but the staff didn’t like the “suits” from Toronto who now owned them.
The reason for their dislike was because they still worshiped the old owner, Frank Ryan, even though he and the Mrs. left them behind when they scooted with the loot after selling the station to CHUM.

In the beginning, I didn’t care that the staff at CFRA treated me like a “suit” because the CHUM folks provided me with a lot of help which included two programming consultants, Ted Randal from LA, and George Davies from Victoria.

I loved it when Ted came to town because he was into concepts and philosophy which were similar to what I learned from my first boss, Jim Hilliard at CKY in Winnipeg.
On the other hand, George Davies mainly was mostly about the mechanics so there was always something wrong when he visited.

Not only did I have Ted and George, but I was also only a phone call away from my old friend from Winnipeg, J Robert Wood who was the program director of CHUM, and Fred Sherratt the VP of programming for the company.

CFRA, with its 50,000 watts had a huge signal, but unfortunately, it sure didn’t sound huge; it sounded just like a phone.
It probably was just a coincidence that the chief engineer used to work at Ma Bell, but when I finally got him to back the compression down it gave us a smoother sound along with a little more fidelity.

As I said most of the staff treated me like I was just another “suit” from Toronto but they didn’t realize that the folks in Toronto were also nervous about me because they knew that I was anything but a “suit.”

However, as pissed off as I was about the attitude of the staff, I didn’t worry about it because I already knew that you only needed five to seven like-minded individuals to kick major ass.
So after smoothing out the technical sound first, I began building my team.

First, I brought in the golden throats of Roger Klein and Woody Cooper from CKSO in Sudbury which immediately made our commercials and promos sound “Major League.”.
Next, I hired Shelley Emmond out of Regina for afternoon drive and then added Sharon Henwood to the promotion department. However, it wasn’t until my now good friend, Joel Thompson came around to our way of thinking that I knew that we were all set.

CFRA was a great radio station long before I came along, and one of the best things about it was its award-winning news department.
I’ll never forget when I was watching the evening news, the Prime Minister of Canada responded to a reporter’s question by saying, “All I know about that is what I heard on CFRA this morning.” How many times do you suppose we ran that little sound bite, “Eh?”

Even though the station sounded much better, I was still a little nervous about my first rating book.
Not to worry though, the ratings were so huge that when you put all the rest of the Ottawa radio stations together, they didn’t add up to CFRA’s numbers. Hell, we even got a 100 share on the weekend.

Unfortunately, even after that excellent rating book and the next one that was even bigger my radio world went silent.
I suddenly went from almost too much input to none.

Years later, someone told me that the owner, Allan Waters had told everyone to back off me because, as he reportedly said, “I don’t want anybody slowing down this kid’s train.”
Unfortunately, Allan had neglected to tell me so my rage began to heat up.

The studios at CFRA were all located on the third floor, and the offices including mine were located on the second.
So in order to get to my office from the studios, I had to take the elevator which opened up in front of the GM, Terry Kielty’s office.

Terry Keilty was the GM, and on this particular day, as I was headed to my office to put away a reel of promos when the elevator door opened, he waved me into his office.
Sitting in his with his sports director buddy, Ernie Calcutt. It turned out that they both wanted to know why I hired Roger Klein knowing full well that as good as he was, he’d just end up leaving?”

Finally, my rage had an excuse to erupt so I yelled my response, “WHEN YOU’VE GOT A CHANCE TO WORK WITH GREATNESS, YOU GRAB IT EVEN IF YOU ONLY HAVE IT FOR FIVE F*CKING MINUTES.”
I then threw the tape I was carrying against his Mahogney wall where it shattered.

I watched in horror as what looked like brown tinsel slowly drifted down on Terry and Ernie, and as they struggled to free themselves, I stormed out.
Terry was right though, Roger did leave, when he left with me for CFTR in Toronto.

Here’s the formula; first, you dream it, then you build it, and then you convince the folks that they really need it.

Unlike fear, courage has to be conjured up.

So Putin, how’d that May Day Victory Parade go for ya?

Speaking of Putin, when he started warring he had Italy and Japan on his side whose Putin got?

The only thing that makes people perfect is their imperfections.

Doing what people want and doing what’s right is a tough choice. decision.

Only the wisest of people know how to enjoy the things they have.

Promotion/Contesting is 25% of the reason folks listen to the radio, so if you’re wondering why radio’s cume is fading, look no further.

At the moment, Florida’s real estate market is hotter than a pepper sprout which is causing me to get tons of emails and texts from real estate agents claiming that they have cash buyers for my condo. However, when I respond with, “Where the hell would I live?” All I hear are crickets.

Speaking of “cash” buyers what else would you except, Turkeys?

Data that won’t help you make a decision is useless information.

Going along with the masses only creates more of the same old thing.

In order to become bigger, you’ll need to have insiders and outsiders on your team.

The real problem with America is that the far right and the extreme left are too noisy. Eliminating both would go a long way in making the whole world a better place.

Speaking of negative noise, there’s a theory that had the farmer shot chicken little, who was running around screeching, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling,” the farm would have been a better place.

As my friend Bobby Cole recently said, “Those who say that money can’t buy happiness spent their dough on the wrong shit.”

A sure sign that you’re growing old is when you’ve never heard of the players in the current lineup of Ringo Starr’s All Starr Band.

When I flew my grandson from LA to West Palm Beach, I did so for two reasons, it was non-stop, and the fare was cheap. Unfortunately, the fare was bogus because you had to pay to check luggage, but you also had to pay for any carry-ons. Now, who the fuck would fly from California to South Florida without a bag?

Making more laws trying to prevent racism doesn’t fix it, they only make it worse.

The only thing most rich people care about is their legacy, so the way to get at the bad ones, all you have to do is to make sure their legacy is correct by including the bad parts.

According to most religions, if you’re not a part of theirs you’re going to hell. Well, if that’s true there’s nobody in heaven.

To change the world, one must change themselves first.

Wendy: If some black ops guy blew up a few buildings in Moscow it would serve no other purpose than to inflame Putin who would in turn start flinging nuclear warheads at the West and life as we know it would be finished. Not a pleasant thought! (It Was A Very Good Year)
Geo: I hear ya, Wendy, but unless they let Putin have Ukraine that’s always going to be a threat

Jay Williams: Hi George,
I must tell you the real story of the Rolls Royce and Mr. Fairbanks, just for the record.
RMF was up in Boston for his annual visit (supposedly a requirement of ownership in the day), and as a few of us were preparing to go to lunch at a mediocre Framingham seafood restaurant he liked, morning man Dale Dorman was walking out of the radio station door at the same time. Dale’s freshly washed, plum-colored RR was in the pole parking position next to the front door, and Dale was (deservedly) proud of it. So as Mr. Fairbanks glanced at it, Dale opened the passenger side door, told him that this was his car, and politely asked Mr. Fairbanks if he’s ever ridden in a Rolls. Mr. Fairbanks, thinking that this was, perhaps, the dumbest question he’d been asked that day, said, “Yes, but never in the front seat.” We were all speechless for a few seconds after that. (It Was A Very Good Year)
Geo: However, Jay, I’m sure the next call was to Hilliard saying, “How the hell does somebody who works for us afford a Rolls Royce?”

Michael O’Shea:1964 was also MY radio kickoff year. After being a jock wannabe starting in ‘61 or ‘62 in high school, I got my first REAL gig in Jan ‘64, still, a teen, doing mornings at KNEM, Nevada, Missouri, where the newbie always got the morning shift ‘cause no one else wanted to get up that early. (Smile). I started on Jan 24, 1964, the very DAY that “I Want to Hold Your Hand” hit number one on Billboard. I always looked at it as if both The Beatles and I started in the US the same day. $64/week to jock, do News, sell a little and be a real radio dee Jay.
PS I love your life-liners. Reid shoulda read them before his first marriage. Uh, me too. 🙂
Geo: I began as a part-time board op, Michael,and as you later lucked out by working for Gordon McClendon, I lucked out from the git-go by getting to work for Jimmy Darin (Jim Hilliard) when my brain was nothing but a big ol’ sponge.

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#3 Radio Geo’s Media Blog (The Fairbanks Management Conferences.) 5/30/22

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The other day my brother Reg and I were discussing how inspirational the Fairbanks Management Conferences always were, especially Jim Hilliard’s opening remarks.
The conferences were held annually around Thanksgiving, and because suits and ties were mandatory, many of us took the opportunity to unveil our new winter wardrobes.

Every rule of course, has an exception, and ours was WNAP’s, Cris Conner.
Cris showed up in a mechanic’s smock with record patches all over it, which prompted Ron Chapman of KVIL, who was at his first conference, to say, “Oh, I see; if you get the ratings, you can wear anything you damn well want.”

The salespeople had to bring an open mind and big balls because the numbers Jim wanted them to bill in the new year we’re going to look undoable. In fact, when Dick Yancey looked at his number for WIBC, he  said, “Jesus Christ, Jim, What if we don’t get the numbers?”
“Well, that’s just gonna make it a little tougher, Dick, Jim responded.”
The programming people also had to bring an open mind plus a presentation tape that we could use later to knock the socks off our National Sales reps.

Most of the conferences were held in Indianapolis but occasionally, we’d do it in Dallas or South Florida where the best was in Miami (lots of bars) and the worst in Key Largo. (no bars)
In attendance were the corporate folks and all the GMs, SMs, PDs, with some Engineers, Promotional and Financial people sprinkled in.. (see on top)

Jim made most of the sessions about where America was headed so we could be there waiting for it when it arrived.
In fact, we were so prepared for the future that some of our best years occurred during America’s worst years.

The sessions would always begin with Jim’s opening remarks, which were designed to get our attention right from the get-go.
One of them that has stuck with me for over forty years was, “Intelligent people, reasonably informed, seldom disagree.” Wow, I thought, how could you possibly disagree with anything Jim said from that moment on?

Thank goodness Jerry Bobo from KVIL saved the day when he said, “Jim, you lost me at intelligent.”
(To hear what Jim, pictured above heard as he approached the podium at one of our Fairbanks sessions, click the link below.)


Everybody wants to be the exception to the rule, which is why I’m first in line but not to worry, you’re first behind me.

Sometimes preaching to the choir is the only way to get anything done.

It only takes action from 5% of the population to change everything. Maybe we should applaud them and ignore the rest?

A lot of talented people come from the dark side, but unfortunately, that’s where most of them stay.

Love is blind, which is the best part and worst about falling in love.

If all women really want is equality, why don’t they give up their special privileges?

You’ve gotta go all out all the time if you want to end up with anything at all.

I still remember the day Jack McCoy said to me, “You wanna get rich, just write a book that contains the exact number of how much money is enough.” I still haven’t come up with it.

So, when can we watch a movie or a TV series where black people and women are not smarter than everybody else? If it’s true, where the hell is their cure for cancer?

Why does the media think that they have the right to report that America was involved in the sinking of a Russian warship?

All this kind of reporting can do is put our families in danger. You change tomorrow by first changing today.

According to my buddy Big Bob, if you limit how many words a woman can use each day, the world would become a much better place.

To become successful, you usually need an enemy.

The best way to get better at something is by working with people who are better than you.

If I ain’t teasin’ ya I ain’t lovin’ ya!

From difficulty comes opportunity.

How come Biden hasn’t noticed that the oil companies made 48% more money this year than they did last year?

Wow, Ray Liotta (Goodfellas) died.

What a great Indy 500; Marcus Ericsson wins. 


Jed Duvall: Hello, George: As your nephew might tell you, part of Amtrak’s problems is that they have been traditionally underfunded, and they do not have absolute priority over the train tracks they travel. When the railroad owners ran passenger trains, up until 1960, almost all passenger trains had priority over freight trains and usually ran at 79 m.p.h. (or higher). Most Class 1 railroad today run their trains at 49 m.p.h. or less and do not give Amtrak clear tracks as was the practice 65 years ago. The western railroads (Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe) do a better job of running trains than the railroads east of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers (Kansas City).
Geo: Your right, Jed; the freight trains do have priority because the freight train companies own the track. When I asked my Nephew why the passenger trains didn’t put more time on the clock at all stops so they could shorten the duration of each stop if needed. He said they would have to publish times that may cause people to fly instead.
However, I love riding the train so much that I don’t care how late they are, but I sure don’t want to wait for one.

Buster Bodine: Brilliant. (Misfits Part 2)
Geo: Brilliant is a bit of a stretch, Bo, but I do appreciate your thinking so..

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