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After working in and writing about Radio for so many years, I’ve finally concluded that although Radio is part of show business, unlike Movies, Plays, and Music, it has no end. Hell, even Hey Jude has an ending when Paul sings it live.
Radio is simply a process; no matter how big the ratings become or how much the revenue grows, it all starts tomorrow morning again.

I wish I’d realized that as a young Program Director, I would have definitely figured out how to slow the process down and enjoy it a little more.
You know, rating parties that lasted for days, long lunches with the record guys, shorter meetings with the sales staff, and much longer mentoring sessions with the pretty interns.

The process of Radio is like happiness; it only lies in the pursuit of it.
You’ve got to figure out how to enjoy the Radio journey because that’s all there is.

I think my wife Lana may have summed it up best when after hearing me whine, “Hey, I worked hard all week; I need to rest on the weekend,” she said,” You call standing around the halls of a radio station laughing all day, work?”
I think Lana was right because when I got into Radio, other than the weekends at home, I never worked another day in my life..


When you tire of waiting for your ship to come in, swim out and get it.

How great would America be if those rich fucks had to pick their own cotton?

Speaking of rich fucks, did they ever invent anything?

When you go from failure to failure with enthusiasm, you eventually end up with a big win.

And the best part of growing up is?

Of all the government agencies, which one do you trust the most?

Recently heard in Cambridge, “With what’s going on, you’d have to be crazy not to be seeing a psychiatrist.”

I find it very interesting that even Hollywood portrays most government employees as people who are not interested in making America a better place; they’re only interested in their careers and pensions.

Speaking of Hollywood, thankfully, they have made the Russians our enemy again. Good, I was growing weary of the Desert.

According to Steve Jobs, the best Managers are those who don’t want to be one.

Have you noticed that the crime rate goes up every time we get more freedom?

I remember when an R rating meant the movie would be full of sex and violence, and now it just means someone smoked.

I wonder if the networks realize that white people watch football too.

Dreamers are dangerous because they don’t adapt.

When is somebody going to call out the universities about all the money they spend on athletic scholarships for those who will never change the world?

There’s always will be another move until there ain’t.

Only the good life is temporary.

Great leaders think about their mission more often than they feel about themselves.

Will those who feel sorry for the millionaires Mehgan and Harry please raise their hands and explain why?

Is “Awesome” finally going down and replaced by “Epic?”

This would be a wonderful world if women were half as smart as they think they are.

Growing weary of hearing that a bunch of rich old white guys created America for their ilk, I did a little research. Yes, they were men of means, and they were white, but they sure weren’t old; the average age was forty, and a couple of them were only teenagers, so I’m not sure who their ilk was. 

Bill Gardner: Hello Eugene and George, from Las Vegas in December 2022!
As usual, George got it right.
There are three radio Gardner brothers, starting first on the air with me, Al, and STILL Philly PM Drive dominator Andre on the air at WMGK-FM.
Andre is definitely the most Philly famous these days.
Funny story:  I actually had a couple of dozen Philly visitors on one of my flights here out of Las Vegas, where I shared a little of our family radio story with one of the passengers. He shouted joyfully, “Hey guys….our pilot ACTUALLY KNOWS Andre Gardner!” Yep, and I have known him since birth!   

When Phil Gardner was hired from Cleveland, he arrived in my PD office one day at WIBG and was told, “This is BILL Gardner.” His head snapped up, saying in all seriousness, “YOU’LL have to change your name!” After being both born with and using my real name on the Radio for decades, I just smiled and laughed inside.
I didn’t know “Gardner” wasn’t HIS real name:-) Phil didn’t stay too long at WIBG.
And Eugene, I’m glad you still remember our staff members! We had an amazing collection of on-air talent.
And don’t forget voices like Jack McCoy, Eric Chase, Steve Kelly, and more. All were chosen by amazing dudes George Johns, Jim Hilliard, and even me. Jim Hilliard was my former Program Director at Famous 56 WFIL in ’68 after Paul Drew and I parted ways at WIBG initially. (Coming To America) 

Radio Geo: Bill, only you could handle the great Bill Gardner being told he would need to change his name. Wow!
Bill Gardner: Thanks, George! Funnier yet that “Gardner” wasn’t even HIS real name 🙂 Didn’t know that. I was Morning Man back then, and Phil was coming in to do Noon-3.
Radio Geo: He was either very ballsy, Bill, or very stupid.

Steve Dinkel: I could listen to that version of Hallelujah over and over…. and I have! Great memory photo trip, and Merry Christmas, George. (Seasons Greetings)
Geo: It’s just beautiful, Steve. 

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  1. Buzz Barnett: Kool Canadian things…….
    Ketchup Chips (Canadians have unique taste, and that includes chip flavours)….
    Maple Taffy. …
    Canadian Tire Money. …
    Chesterfield. …
    We have the best snacks. …
    President’s Choice. …
    Swiss Chalet…
    Double Double…
    Kraft Dinner (KD)….
    Radio Geo!!
    Happy Holidays & Great Memories, George!!
    God’s Abundant Blessings.
    Radio Geo: So good to hear from you, Buzzy, and Season Greetings to you.
    A couple of other weird things in Canada is the language. Lots of French words are sprinkled into the English language, and some English words are sprinkled into French. Some folks in Montreal go back and forth between English and French mid-sentence because the French or English words better explain what the are trying to communicate. Also most of the spelling of the English words originated in England.

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