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So, as I write this, I’m on the train somewhere between West Palm Beach and Los Angeles, headed to my Grandson’s graduation.
I love the train because I’m all alone, which gives me some thinking time.
What I’m thinking about at the moment is radio and how I’d like to get my hands on a stand-alone FM, even though most radio executives believe that you need a bunch of signals to be successful.
Oh, oh! There’s that can’t word again that I was writing about in last week’s blog.

I beg to differ, though, because I believe a stand-alone has a unique opportunity to become the winner.
You can focus your quest for Ratings & Revenue right at your enemy without worrying about how that will affect one or more of your stations down the hall.

Until you get ratings, direct business is the lifeblood of a stand-alone because calling on agencies is just a waste of time.
However, now you have time to concentrate on direct business because they only care about traffic.
Just like stand-alone’s can make the phone ring, they can also cause traffic because they can do unique local promotions and live endorsements.
Promotions and endorsements are measurable, so they help solve radio’s biggest problem, accountability.
The group stations have too many systems and rules and systems to get involved in any of that, so they’d rather stick with the agencies.
Oh, and because you won’t have too much debt, you’ll be able to advertise, promote and build databases that can be used for even more accountability.

Then, when your stand-alone begins to heat up, the group stations can’t afford to fight back.
Speaking of heat, whether they use a PPM device, a Diary, or a Phone to do a radio survey, all of them always find the hottest stations.

It takes some kind of woman to distract a man from his destiny. Hey Harry, how’s it going so far?

Speaking of strong women, Cami’s Grandma once said to me, “Any man can be a father, but it takes a hell of a man to be a Daddy.” 

Success is not measured by how much drama it took to get there. 

It may not be your parents, teacher, or mentor; it may be you. 

Is Johnny Depp the first man to win an argument with a woman? 

According to Hollywood movies, in the future, all the presidents will be females, and all the armed forces commanders and judges will be black.

Regrets, yeh, I have a few; I wish I hadn’t divorced, and I wish that I had a better relationship with my son and hadn’t gone ten years without talking to my brother. Other than that, I’m fucking rockin’!

Everyone looks at their situation from their side of the table, but it’s those who see all sides end up owning the table. 

Facts ruin most good stories.

Why is it that if a woman says something hurtful and I mention it, I’m even in more trouble?

Big is the result of many small things all coming together.

Being smart is not only a skill; it’s also a choice.

I can only wonder what Suzette McClure, who murdered my good friend Charlie Minor is doing now.

I‘ve been in love six times but was only excited about marrying one of them.

While watching some old Tom Cruise movies, I realized why they were successful. Tom was smart enough to have great actors around him, like Anthony Hopkins and John Voigt.

Courage needs to be exercised.

The question may be more important than the answer.

Good enough is the mortal enemy of greatness.

I think that the oil companies will keep raising prices until we all promise not to vote for a Democrat.

Hockey players are the only athletes in the world who pretend that they’re not hurt.

What politician would you trust to babysit your grandbabies?

At what age do you develop shame?

Why do Whiskey and wine go down much easier than water?

Tolerance sanctions misuse and incompetence, and familiarity breeds contempt.

If 65% of the rich did not inherit their wealth, I doubt they’d be running anything.

I read that Einstein married his cousin because she had large breasts. How wise was that?

Most listeners don’t want their favorite radio station to get any better.

Has anybody thought that maybe we shouldn’t export our oil?

Do you have any idea what the initials CD, ASAP, DVD, BYOB, FOMO, FYI, LASER, P.S, PIN, RADAR, RIP, SCUBA, SMART, SNAFU, SONAR, SOS, VIN, WD-40, ZIP, CAPTCHA, CD-ROM, JPEG, RAM, URL, AWOL, FLOTUS, NATO, SWAT, AIDS, AT&T, and BOT, stand for?

I wonder when Biden will stop blaming Trump for everything and get on with the fixin’.

Most great men aren’t good men because they were too busy being great to be good.

There’s an old song called “You Always Hurt The One You Love” I never understood until I realized that they’re the only ones we tell the truth to.

Research can only tell you what happened, not what will happen.

Art is one of the few things that doesn’t have any rules.

Are you as tired as I am being asked to do a survey every time you buy something?


Ron Below: To answer your headline question- War, What The Hell Is It Good For?… Absolutely nothing! (War)
Radio Geo: Uh-huh, uh-huh!
Kevin Robinson: From my front porch, I could see the 1070 towers up until two years ago. Retirement Condos are being built there now. Shame. (Coming To America)
Radio Geo: Very sad, Kevin, as the jingle sang, “It’s a Shame What They’re Doing To Radio.” Hard to believe that WIBC once had a 19.4 share overall with a 27 in the morning. Oh, and the Buzzard was right behind “Big Mama” in second place.
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