Geo’s Media Blog (“Daddy’s Day”) 6/20/22

After receiving an early couple of new shirts and pants because I’m on a train somewhere in Canada with my brother Reg and won’t be home for Father’s Day, I couldn’t help but think back about my life so far with Camera Anne Johns Summerfield.

One of my favorite moments occurred when Cami was just a baby and it was my turn to pick her up from the Nanny’s.
After carefully strapping her into the back seat and then driving off, suddenly I heard, “Da Da.”

“Oh wow,” I thought, “How cool is that?” But after she said it a couple more times, I thought, “Oh shit, her Mother is going to think that I’ve been coaching her.”
So the next time she said “Da Da,” I started chanting, “Mama, Mama, Mama,” and each time I did, she chanted back, “Da Da, Da Da, Da Da”

Even though I loved the “Da Da” name, it was soon eclipsed by my all-time favorite, “Daddy.”
I think I like the “Daddy” because Cami’s Grandmother once said to me, “George, any man can be a father, but it takes a helluva man to be a “Daddy.”

Unfortunately, all things must pass so “Daddy” soon morphed to “Dad” and then all the way to my least favorite, “Dude.”
I also noticed that somewhere between “Daddy” and “Dad,” little girls turn into women, and even though this has happened to me once before, it still came as a shock.

They go from a precious giggly little creature who hugs you all the time to a little drama and the occasional shoulder hug.
Thankfully, the “Dude” part didn’t last long, and we were soon back to “Dad” and “Daddy” again.

I began to notice that the “Daddy” word seemed to show up the most around Christmas, Easter, and her Birthday though.
And, of course, it was always used when she needed me to pick her up because her Mother grounded her or when she needed me to drive her and her friends to the Mall.

However, before any Mall run, I was always instructed, “Daddy, please don’t embarrass me by talking, just drive us, ok?
Oh, and I’d also hear it again when she needed her hair done,e or her phone wasn’t working.

I now realize that I didn’t need to hear “Daddy” any more than I already did because I couldn’t afford it.
(“Da Da” on top, next down, “Daddy,” then “Dad,” followed by “Dude.”


I must be a romantic because I fell in love six times, but I was only excited about marrying one of them.

While watching some old Tom Cruise Mission Impossible movies I began to realize that they were successful because Tom was smart enough to have some great actors like Anthony Hopkins and John Voigt in them with him.

Courage needs to be constantly exercised.

The question may answer more questions than the answer does.

Good enough is the sworn enemy of great.

I think the oil companies are going to keep raising prices until we all promise not to vote for a Democrat in the mid-terms.

Hockey players are the only athletes in the world who pretend that they’re not hurt.

What politician would you trust to babysit your grandbabies?

If 65% of the rich didnt inherit their wealth I rather doubt that they’d be running anything.

I once read that Einstein married his cousin because she had big tits. How wise was that?

Most listeners don’t want their favorite radio station to get any better.

Has anybody thought that maybe we shouldn’t export our oil?

Please tell me that Biden didn’t say on the Jimmy Kimmel show that he won’t execute an executive order putting harsher gun laws into effect because it’s too much like Trump would do?

Speaking of Trump, I think the main difference between him and Biden is that he just said some stupid things but unfortunately, Biden may actually be stupid.

I don’t believe you can teach ambition.

I’m beginning to realize that my daughter Cami is not a “sportswear chick” because when she worked at Express she brought home new clothes at least a couple of times a week. However, now that she’s the Assistant Manager of a sportswear shop, so far, nothing.

When you don’t care who wins because it changes their lives more than ours, it’s pretty easy to figure out what politician or even what party is going to win.

Exceptional people aren’t usually happy. Weird huh?

If you keep your word, most people will keep theirs.

I can’t believe that Biden actually said to Jimmy Kimmel, “I don’t want to issue an executive order about gun control because it would be too Trump-like. Are you shitting me?

I hate the part where when you get older, time passes so quickly. When I was but a lad, I went from a board op in Winnipeg to the station manager of a radio station in Canada’s largest market in four years. At the time it seemed to take forever.

Shouldn’t the new comics on Bill Burr’s Comedy Special open for him, not the other way around?

I believe that Charlie Crist who is running for Governor of Florida could be the poster child for what politicians will do to get elected. First, he was a Republican, then an Independent, and now a Democrat. Wow!

Brent Farris of KZST claims that the reason we were put to bed at nine is because our parents were training us for becoming a grand parent.

Doesn’t “having the home-field advantage” only mean that the refs cut the home team a lot of slack?

I keep hearing that old white rich people are the problem in America but do people really think that rich black men, Hispanics, or rich women young or old, act any differently?


Terry Kenny: Hey George, what day would you prefer us in Winnipeg to come and visit during your visit? (Excellent Adventure)
Geo: I’d love to see you every night, Terry but I’ll check with my brother who has a lot of band guys from his era coming too. He may have some ideas.

Ron Below: To answer your headline question- War, What The Hell Is It Good For?… Absolutely nothing! (War)
Geo: Uh-huh, uh-huh!

RJC: The proprietors of the Belleza Street Bar and Grill are looking forward to your arrival. We’ll send a car to the Amtrack station to pick you up.
Cakes asks, “Do you want the burgundy sheets or the striped on your bed in the guest room?”
Geo: I’m thinkin’ Burgandy, Bobby, and I can hardly wait to see you both.

Warren Cosford: Great Trip guys. I might still do something like that. Considering some people are living on Cruise Ships, do you think I could live on Trains? (Reg&Geo)
Geo: I don’t know about you, Warren, but I sure could. Ron Chapman had a condo on the ship called The World, which sailed around the world every year. After two years, he said to his wife Nance, “Can you get me off this fucking Merry Go Round?”

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4 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (“Daddy’s Day”) 6/20/22

  1. My favorite line: I now realize that I didn’t need to hear “Daddy” any more than I already did because I couldn’t afford it.
    I LOVE IT!
    Also, good is the sworn enemy of great.
    Who wants to live an ordinary life? Not this girl.
    Thank you for the wisdom and smiles.

  2. Yo George
    I think you left a couple of points missing…

    On the subject of old rich white people, there are simply so many more of them to attack!
    At least we agree on Tom Cruise. He can only play one character. An Angry White Guy!
    As for Trump. What planet are you on George? Joe Biden has clearly aged beyond usable function. Still, it is a safer choice over Evil.
    And, I would let our mutual Congressman Lois Frankel babysit my Grandchildren…

    Oh, and a question you brought up last week. If I just met myself for the first time, what would I think?
    I would immediately be impressed by my warmth, openness, intelligence and integrity. I’ll even take it so far as Yes…I would consider sex with me!

  3. George, Einstein was lusting after large breasts because he was predisposed to do so due to physical anthropology, solely to perpetuate reproduction of the human race; nothing to do with intelligence or wiseness!

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