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When I received a note from my old friend Mark Hubbard telling me that Nathaniel and I should plan on visiting Notre Dame, it started me thinking about all the great coaches who have won championships at Notre Dame over the years starting with Knute Rockne.

Another great coaches one is the legendary Lou Holtz who coached Notre Dame for 11 years.
Lou had a special ritual that he did with the freshmen every year immediately following their first practice.

First, he cleared the locker room of everyone but the freshmen, and then he’d climb up on a massage table and say, “Gentlemen, I believe that every football season should begin with a dream and my dream is to win the National Championship.”
“However,” he went on to say, “My dream can’t become a reality until it becomes your dream too.”
“National Champions,” he went on to say, “Can you imagine it, wouldn’t that be something?”
Then Lou told them to close their eyes and instead of leading them in prayer, he said, ” Now I want you to visualize yourself up on a makeshift stage near the edge of the football field where you just won the National Championship.”

“Can you see all confetti swirling down around you as hundreds of flashbulbs go off like strobe lights as they present us with the championship trophy?
That trophy is only given to the best college in the nation which of course also means that you are the best.”

“Ok, now with your eyes still closed” lou went on to as, can you also see the 100,000 people who are still in the stands, cheering for you?
I guarantee that you’ll never forget that moment for the rest of your life.”

“Can you even begin to imagine, the millions of people all around the world who will be watching on TV and the millions more who will hear you being interviewed on the Radio?”
“Hey,” Lou asked, “Have you spotted your folks in the stands yet? How proud do you think they are, huh?” 

“Wait a minute,” he said, “Listen to that, the band is playing our favorite song, “The Irish Fight Song” and it’s never sounded sweeter.
Then Lou’s voice trembled a little when he said, “Do you have any idea what that moment will mean? I do, it’s the moment you become immortal!”

Then after letting that sink in for a moment or two, he then asked, “Do you see what I see?”
Then he told them that it was to open their eyes again so they could focus on him.

Once he had their full attention, he said to them, ok, I’m going to make you a promise. I promise that if you’ll help me to the best of your ability, we can turn the dream into a reality because I have the plan right here right now!
And with that, he raised the Notre Dame playbook high into the air.

(Lou Holtz is pictured on top with me and Mark pictured just below)

When the things you wanna say are too politically incorrect to say out loud, “Sing ’em!”

How the fuck does the media show up at crime scenes almost before the cops?

You’re never too old to dream a new dream.

Marketing and promotion are not the same things but they are responsible for 25% of your ratings.

One of the neater things about being a Dee-Jay is that you get to meet famous people all the time.

Back in the day, the big difference between the CRTC (Canada) and the FCC (USA) was that the FCC realized that you had to make money but the CRTC didn’t care.

A man can be strong about everything except the death of his child.

In uncertain times Gold is always certain.

At what age do you develop shame? 

Why do Whiskey and Wine go down so smoothly and water doesn’t?

Tolerance sanctions incompetence and misuse. Familiarity breeds contempt. 

Very few people are born special, but anyone can become special if they really want to.

Unfortunately, most folks including the children take one side or another during a divorce but the truth is, the fault lies with both.

I think men may be smarter than women. Women think that they can get it done without a man, we already know that we can’t get it done without a woman.

Wow, I guess Will Smith sure disappeared huh, which proves once again that 10 atta boys are always wiped out by one, “Oh shit!”

The more courage you can conger up, the bigger and more exciting your life will become.

Does anybody doubt that it’s not going to go well for the Democrats in the mid-terms? Hey, somebody has to pay for what’s going on and I always love when it’s the politicians.

After a year of working for Jim Hilliard as his National PD, Jim called me into his office and said, “Johns, I love your intensity but sometimes you put me in a tight spot with the sales department. However, I don’t want to back off so I’m installing a 24-hour rule. No matter what, I can’t fire you nor can you quit for 24 hours if either of us blows up.”
All seemed well until a month later when he brought me in and said, “I have to change the rule, I need 48 hours to cool off.”

Winnipeg Wendy: Geez George, Interesting that you know Willy and Wilma Parasiuk!! Wonderful people! I met Willie when I worked for the Provincial Government and then when Doug and I were working for the NDP here in Winnipeg. We worked for Willy’s campaign eons ago. You must say hi to them for me!! (Ridin’ The Rails Again.)
Geo: I went to high school with Willy and Wilma in Transcona at TCI, Wendy.

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