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I think hybrid’s the way to go; there are too many uncertainties about the availability, not to mention what the price of electricity is going to be. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how they figure that the financial chaos we’re going through is still Trump’s fault. When do we start looking at old, slow Joe?

Not all women are pro-choice.

Does showbiz create addicts or attract them?

I wish the egomaniacs who over-celebrate when they do something decent could hear what we say about them when they fuck up.

When opportunity knocks, you better be prepared to answer quickly; it doesn’t hang around for long.

I am for all the things that are good and against all things that are evil.

If you don’t stand for something or somebody, they’re gonna come for you.

I love how the recording industry claims that  Napster, Spotify, etc., hurt the artist when they were the first to hurt them.

The only people I allow to get in my face are my daughters, but even they occasionally abuse the privilege. 

Our quest as humans on this planet is to distance ourselves from the Animal kingdom, but I think it’s getting pretty obvious that we’re not succeeding.

Can you imagine how many women are trying to get introduced to Tom Brady?

When Rich Stevens (RIP), on WFTL, asked Randy Bachman how he pronounced his name, Randy said, “I’m Randy Backman of Bachman Turner Overdrive.”

No matter what, there are always consequences.

When you can do anything you want, which way do you go?

Progress doesn’t need permission.

There’s no money in being politically correct.

Most babies look like their fathers when they’re born. Thank God mine quickly took on their Mother’s appearance.

Where are there more homeless, California or Florida? (% of the population)


Robin: Hi George,
I do not disagree with you – I can imagine women who want to get pregnant by the wealthy men they encounter – again, sad.  But vasectomies would handle that immediately.   And, in terms of men having rights over the pregnancies of the women they have been with – it is unfair to my thinking if a woman wants to terminate and the man would love to be a father, it’s heartbreaking for the man.  All of this in prayer for the peace of heart and mind that can offer a little more wisdom over the physical pleasure that leads to more than either party could foresee.  And for those of us who delight in family and are parents, amen.
I wish I had the magic wand to make it all better…..I do pray for all the pain and confusion surrounding sex as a weapon, sex as income, sex as a tool for manipulation, sex as violence, or as power/control over someone – because, in my theology, it was called to be a gift between people.  So, the dialogues and debates, and prayers will continue.  I am happy that you made good choices and have wonderful kids. (Punishment or Blessing?)
Geo: Well put, Robin. Much as I don’t much like growing old, I wouldn’t want to be a young person trying to make my way through life now.
Jed Duval: Having visited the Eisenhower farm just west and south of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, I think Ike and Mamie saved their money, but I do not believe Ike became wealthy by being President. The home is modest, befitting Eisenhower’s place in the Army and Mamie’s custom of entertaining people and military folk from their days of rising through the ranks. I would recommend to anyone visiting Kansas a stop at the Eisenhower Museum / Library and home in Abilene. I came away with higher regard for Eisenhower, thinking his contributions to the American story, like Truman’s, are underrated. (Soup Du Jour)

Geo: Both Ike and Harry had their reasons for wanting to be President, Jed, but unlike today, money sure wasn’t one of them.

George, you rate as one of the most amazing and fantastic Dads I know! (Camera Anne)
Geo: That is very kind of you, Jenn Jenn, thank you.
Bill McDonald: Nothing bigger than father/daughter. Nothing better. Happy to see you are so blessed, George. (Camera Anne)
Geo: True Dat!
Tom Hoyt: Wow! How well I remember the parking lot surprise! Please tell her that story and wish her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Uncle Tom, me, not the cabin!! (Camera Anne)
Geo: I’ll never forget the look on your face, Tom. 🙂

Bill Gardner: I can actually hear Reg’s voice saying, “I’ve heard all your stories. Just get on with your life liners.” Hilarious!
And for those of you who read this and haven’t met or worked with Reg Johns, trust me, there are TWO brilliant Johns brothers! I’ve had the pleasure of working for both. Love you guys!
Geo: Bill, it was a pleasure getting you coffee as you worked your magic on the radio. I’m sure Reg agrees.

Bill: Gardner: You’re way too kind, George.  I DO know my on-air successes got a little more magical each time I worked with a man named “Johns.”
Both of you are incredibly brilliant at providing leadership when you sometimes don’t even know it’s happening! I’m guessing that’s also called “inspiration.” (This One’s For My Brother)
Geo: Now you’ve got me blushing, Bill. 🙂

Doug Herman: “No, Dad, if you’re sweating, you don’t know what you’re doing.” That, or you’re waiting for the first rating book on a new format you’ve rolled out that everybody said would never work, but you’re pretty sure you knew better. (This Ones For My Brother)
Geo: I “sweated” a couple or three of those rating books, Doug.

Doug Herman: Haven’t we all? Jack McCoy and I occasionally had to turn to Scotch when we turned loose a new, un-tried promotion on somebody’s major market station.
Geo: I think I was that “Somebody” for a couple of them, Doug. 🙂

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (A Bunch of Life-Liners Plus a Few Comments) Under Construction

Social Media is the new Wayne’s World; it tries to make losers look like winners.

You choose happiness it doesn’t choose you.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Amadeus, it taught me the difference between creative people and those who were gifted. Hey, if you don’t understand it, you can’t coach it.

Speaking of coaching, I always tried to convince the air talent that doing a good on-air bit is like trying to sell your house. If your entranceway isn’t attention-getting, it’s going to be a tough sell.

I don’t worry about poor black people, I worry about all poor people. What I love about songwriting is that when a new song is written, it occupies a space nobody knew existed. 

Most people think that their tale of woe is unique. It ain’t. 

Is it nature or nurture?

I have my memories about how my parents raised me, so I can only wonder what my kid’s memories are gonna be.

The only thing better than being a kid at Christmas is your getting to be Santa Clause.

We’re all running out of time, so we better get after it, huh?

If you liked John Legend as Jesus in the TV production of “Jesus Christ Super Star,” you’re gonna love Tom Cruise as Martin Luther King in “I’ve Got a Dream.”

Now that Ryan Seacrest’s old co-host, Ellen K, is kicking his ass on the radio in LA, I wonder how excited he was when he was inducting her into the National Radio Hall of Fame? He was probably thinking, “Yeah, but they still pay me more.”

There’s a big difference between being sexy or sensuous. Sexy, I can handle.

I’m a hell of a lot more creative when I’m angry.

One of the main differences between Men and Women is, when a Man hits 40, his future is just beginning, but when a Woman reaches 40…

I’m not so sure that having the ability to sing is a good thing; because it’s a gift that you’ll have to use for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, it’s easier to make it in the NFL and NBA than it is to make it as a singer.

How come President Biden isn’t speaking out against the oil companies when the rest of America is?

I long for the days of Slick Willy and Ronnie. Trump’s too much, and Biden’s too little.

Who hangs in there longer, a wife who discovers her husband is cheating or a husband who discovers his wife is having an affair?

I love it when a singer is so good that their appearance doesn’t matter.

How many NBA or NFL players give back to their communities?

I remember a Fairbanks management conference where Jim Hilliard said, “Intelligent people reasonably informed seldom disagree.” There was silence in the room until Jerry Bobo from KVIL said, “Jim, you lost me at intelligent.”

The media love to scare us, don’t they? I just read that they spotted an asteroid on the other side of the sun that may threaten Earth. However, it’s gonna take 1000 years to get here. Color me terrified.

Not sure that it’s still true, but when I lived in Canada, the lottery was tax-free.


George Ferko: King Edward?? The figurehead who abdicated the throne after 326 days as King? I’d say Wallis Simpson had little influence. Juan Peron and Evita?? Juan was elected el-Presidente in 1947, and Evita was a powerful influence during her husband’s first term. But she died in 1952. Juan, meanwhile, was elected to a second term. After a couple of military dictatorships, Juan was elected to a third term when he returned from exile in 1973. He thus became President long after Evita’s death. As far as Reagan listening to Nancy or Prince Harry (another figurehead) listening to Meghan, I have no idea what the wives’ influence was or is. Do you? Or is conjecture the best you can do? In any event, you miss the big picture. You can always find isolated instances of where a wife of a politician influenced her husband. Jill comes to mind. Michelle too. But the passage of the 19th Amendment passed the Senate 56-25 and the House 304-89. It was then ratified by the required 3/4ths of states in near record time. With the 19th Amendment, men voluntarily relinquished their monopoly on political power—by huge margins. This fact should not be overlooked. Let me apologize in advance for writing another dissertation. But things are not always as simple as you present them in your “Life Liners.” (Radio Geo’s Media Blog)
Geo: No apology needed, George; I appreciate the read and your comments. My Life-Liners are not intended to simplify life, I write them hoping to provoke some out-of-the-box thinking instead of the usual far-right or ultra-left opinions we boringly have to suffer through. 

Geo: My goal was always to be one day ahead of you guys, Earl. “Tuff sledding, though.”

Doug Thompson: Listen to “Hey Jude” one more time, George. At 2:57, just after the line, “Remember to let her under your skin”, I believe it’s Paul McCartney who says way in the background), “Oooh, fu**ing hell!). It’s been there forever. (This One’s For My Brother)
Geo: It takes a pair of award-winning ears to pick that stuff up, Dougie, and you’ve sure got ’em.

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (“The World”)

My good friend Bob Christy and I were talking the other day about all the legendary radio stations that are gone or almost gone.
Great radio stations like KHJ in LA, KGO in San Francisco, WLS in Chicago, KJR in Seattle, CKLW in Detroit, CKY in Winnipeg, and CHUM in Toronto.

The demise of all those radio stations can usually be traced back to new ownership, but I wonder how many folks spotted it when they were about to go south? 
I can still recall the day when I knew KVIL in Dallas was about to fall.

When Blair bought KVIL, the only thing that changed was Mr. Fairbanks was no longer involved.
Jim Hilliard was still in charge, and I remained as their consultant.

However, later on, when CBS purchased KVIL from Blair for around 86 million, Jim’s and my services were no longer required.
They, of course, knew better, so they put one of their guys in as the new program director.

The new PD told management that Chapman was killing him; he was much too old to do what he wanted to be done.
CBS realizing that Ron may still have some value, moved him to KLUV, their oldies station.

Lo and behold, the new PD turned out to be right because when the rating book came out, Ron killed him.
Not only was he fired, but KVIL never recovered and is still free-falling.

Upon Ron’s retirement and before he was inducted into three Radio Hall of Fames, Ron and his wife, Nance, fulfilled their lifelong dream.
They bought a two-bedroom Condo aboard the ship “The World,” which, of course, lived up to its name by sailing around the world.

While circumnavigating the globe, they docked at all the cities where major events were happening. 
The way it worked was each New Year’s Day, the Condo owners would vote on what city they would like to be docked at the next New Year’s.

Once the destination was agreed upon, the Captain would plot a course that would take them a full year to arrive. How cool was that?
However, the second time they cruised by the Great Wall of China, Ron turned to Nance and said, “Can you get me off this fucking Merry Go Round?”
(“The World” is pictured on top, and Ron & me are pictured below at the last KVIL reunion)



Sadly, the thing that a lot of folks in nursing homes have in common is the regret of not having taken more risks during their life. They realized that being cautious had imprisoned them in a boring life, which led to them living in a boring place where their boring lives would soon end.

Four of the most dangerous cities in the world are unbelievably right here in America. Isn’t that pathetic? I recently took my Daughter Cami to see Stevie Nicks for her birthday and noticed three things, Cami was the youngest there, most of the audience were women, and everybody was white.

If I was in Chicago, I think I’d be safer with the Mob in Little Italy than I would be with the thugs in the Southside. At least the Mob has a code of honor.

So goes CHR, so goes radio. Why do we assume that all women want abortion to be legal?

Happiness occurs when saying what you mean, meaning what you say, and doing what you say all come together.

There is no lack of ideas; everybody has one. The hard part is choosing which one is the right one.

Why do radio executives make a lot more money now than they did when radio was doing well?

In the real world, I’m nothing, but in my world, I’m everything. Hell, I even get to star in all my stories. 🙂

The harder it is to achieve, the bigger the reward.


Robin Blair: Hi George – speaking of pregnancies, how lovely your daughters are. I have many thoughts on the abortion debate, and yes, if a woman carries a child to full term and new life – the one who did not wear a sleeve unless he wanted to be a father, helps to financially support the child and the one rearing that child. I am exhausted from all the birth control being the woman’s responsibility.
Why not have vasectomies for all men from age 15-16? The sperm would be cataloged and saved for when he wanted to be a father. No messing with hormones for either party in the baby-making or the pleasure-making event. Abortion debate over. Only make children when you decide to. And there always be the option to not have the vasectomy, but then you are sure to be responsible for any pregnancies, and no excuses. And be ready for lots of “no thanks.”
Women have been called terrible names, disenfranchised from communities, and left to hold the huge changes in their lives alone because men just take off with the words, “I’m expecting…” and they disappear. I cannot tell you how many women I have listened to over the years whose men just – left. It is of course, complex, and I don’t mean to over-simplify, but seriously, fellas, your turn to be the birth control, intentional pregnancy person.
Ok, waiting for the guys to tell me how crazy this is. (Punished or Blessed?)
Geo: Not crazy at all, Robin, but being a man and having to deal with the fact that we have no say in the matter while women have choices backed by laws doesn’t seem fair. Do you have any idea how many women are trying to get professional athletes to impregnate them? Hey, if a woman wants to get pregnant, it’s done; they have the God-given power. Also, I think more Men than not take care of their responsibilities, I know I did.

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Tantalizing Temptations)

Recently I was writing about Ron Chapman’s Retirement, which brought back a memory of when he was at the height of his popularity.
Not only did almost every female in Dallas between the ages of 20 and 50 listen to his morning show every day, but they also adored him.

One day while we were having lunch in a popular restaurant in Hyland Park, a couple of lovely ladies who were also dining there came over to say hi to Ron as they were leaving.
After they finally left, and because they all looked like Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, I couldn’t help but ask him how he resisted tantalizing temptations such as they were.

He responded, “Whenever a beautiful woman approaches me, I ask myself, is she worth paying all her Visa bills? Very few can pass that test.”
Rest in peace, Ron, miss ya!
(Ron and me pictured above just before I had the honor of inducting him into the National Radio Hall of Fame, and below just after he was inducted into the NAB Radio Hall of Fame)

The acquisition of knowledge could be the best investment you ever made.

What I need help understanding is if Gisele loves Tom, how can she walk away? No Man could ever do that.

So, as bad as women claim they’re doing, how come more of them aren’t on the street begging for money or part of the homeless nation?

Who’s more corrupt, cops or politicians?

The talk at BJ’s is a white backlash coming.

Don’t you think that each state should decide on the hard issues?

What the hell do the rich politicians from DC know about life elsewhere?

If you can’t trust the word of a corrupt cop or a politician, who the hell can you trust?

Is it just me, or does the left seem to support any issue or anybody that is ant-America?

Somewhere between your being too cautious or it being too risky is exactly what you should do.

Only the person in charge can be wrong.

Gun Control: Shouldn’t we take the crazy people with guns off the street first?

If you’d rather be at work, you’re closer to a successful life.

Unfortunately, the Laws and rules only change when they benefit one of our protected minorities, the rich.

How’s that old song go, “You Always Hurt The One You Love.” Well, it’s true; nobody else gives a shit. 

Somewhere Trump and Biden lies the Truth.

It must be very hard to believe in God when your child dies.

Do promises have an expiration date?

The only time politicians care about what the majority wants is when they’re running for reelection.

Most men dream about fantasy women; most women dream about a fantasy life.

I can’t be the only one that realizes that the protests about the Viet Nam war weren’t about the war; they were about the draft.
We’re still fighting the same bullshit wars but when you look around, do you see any protesters?

Is anybody not doing it for the money?

I don’t believe that the color of our skin has anything to do with anything. It’s the cultural differences that will be tough to overcome.

Since the King Arthur days we’ve been trying to convert the Arabs to Christianity; why do we care?

It’s not about working hard, it’s about accomplishing something.

Jed Duval: George: Your comment about Hispanics not complaining about discrimination as much as perhaps other groups at this time is something true about most immigrants in this country.  The truly exploited and downtrodden ethnic groups in the history of this country (from the 1630s to today) have mostly found that despite the barriers of language, social customs, discrimination at many levels and so forth, men and women found that they had freedoms to work around those barriers, much like your journey to radio stardom.  When one reads of the poor Eastern European Jews, for example, who came to the U.S. and Canada at the turn of the 20th Century, like Adolph Zukor (Paramount), the Warner brothers, Louis B. Mayer, Samuel Goldwyn and Carl Laemmle (Universal), to develop the film industry on the west coast and elude the Edison patent police, one can make the case of how oppressed immigrants, once given opportunity to grow and prosper can do just that.  When I lived in Des Moines, Iowa, working at KIOA-AM and a couple years later at WHO-AM, it was resettled Vietnamese refugees that had developed a thriving community for small businesses that were catering to the neon cornfield crowd.  On the southside of Indianapolis, political asylum refugees from Myanmar (Burma), have in ten-years begun to assimilate and prosper (with many of their children in my K-12 substitute teaching classes within Perry Township now grown up working in businesses and attending college).  Sadly, our national, regional and local news coverage focuses on the bad things that involve a few immigrants (and I do believe that Bill O’Reilly’s statement that 10 % of the human race is truly evil is likely accurate), but ignores the achievements of those, like you George, who took great simple ideas and became an outstanding success.  I see many Hispanics and other immigrants who find ways to contribute to the great story that is this country.  We are, except for the Native Americans, who greeted the explorers when they came ashore, a continent of immigrants, and God bless us all in peace. (Sales Savages)

Geo: As usual, good stuff, Jed.

Bob Glasco: I know what you mean about protecting daughters, George. I have 4 of them, 3 of which I was a single parent to. Funny, as you get older, they try to protect you! (Punished or Blessed?)

Geo: That is so true, Bob, especially from other women. 🙂

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (What’s Your Cause?)

My Brother Reg and I had a conversation the other day about how the description of a finished product is an oversimplification of it.
It would be like describing his Rewards program as simply putting the American Airlines Advantage program together with the Prize Catalog and then uploading it to the internet.
Or, in my case, saying that the “Class” format was just chicken top 40 or soft rock.
Believe me, both entities were a little more complicated than that.
The “Class” format had its beginnings at CKY-FM in Winnipeg, where I was a board op.
CKY-FM was a hybrid-beautiful music station, and we played mostly instrumentals, but we also played some smooth top 40 covers by Ray Conniff, and that’s when I learned about texture and flow.
Then, when I became the PD of CKOM in Saskatoon, which was a hybrid top 40 station, that’s where I figured out how the top 40 mechanics worked.
A couple of years later, when I was the PD of CKOM in Sudbury, another hybrid-top 40, I learned how to do outlandish on-air promotions.
When I became the PD of CFRA in Ottawa, a MOR station, I decided to add the texture and flow of CKY-FM to an already popular radio station, and the ratings exploded.
Next, I was hired to do CFTR in Toronto from scratch, and that’s where I was forced to put the elements all together.
At CFTR, our radio license said that we had to appeal to adults, so I had to figure out how to play the hits without attracting teens.
I decided to put the flow and texture I learned in Winnipeg, together with the top 40 music and mechanics from Saskatoon, the outlandish promotions we did in Sudbury, along with the style of the MOR jocks in Ottawa. Crazy, huh?
I also added in some quarter-hour maintenance tricks that I learned from Buzz Bennett and then launched it. It was revolutionary, and the whole broadcasting community was shocked.
Surprisingly, our first rating book was great and nothing but adults. We sounded so good that I was hired to be the National Program Director of a group of radio stations based out of Indianapolis.

Then, when I met Jack McCoy, he claimed that TSL was not based on how long the folks listened; it was based on how often, so I added some recycling stuff plus appointment tune-in to my bag of tricks.
This was all very exciting because I believed that I had a few secrets, and if anybody needed secrets, it was me.
(Jack McCoy pictured with me on top)
When we launched the new format on KVIL in Dallas, one of the things I did differently, instead of a revolution, I evolved it.
The listeners could actually tune in and hear us creating a new radio station before their very ears, as Jack McCoy would say.

We also added some outstanding MOR jingles to the mix, and the station eventually became so successful that it launched my consulting career and the “Class” format.

As I look back now, though, I’m not sure if quarter-hour maintenance or recycling ever worked, but because we thought we had some secrets, it made the jocks more confident, so the radio stations sounded better.

We had a cause, and if radio needs anything today, it’s a cause. What’s yours?


Why are Generals reluctant to answer the age-old question; is it the welfare of the troops or the accomplishment of the mission?

There’s a little bit of good in all things bad.

Group decisions usually result in much slower results.

Creating a good product is not the hard part; getting someone to consume it is even harder. 

Sometimes, you’ve gotta let God sort things out because if you do, you’re probably going to jail.

Ignorance is not only blissful, but it’s also a blessing. How many projects would you have continued if you knew what lay ahead?

I wonder how hard the U.S. government is working on the release of pro basketball player Brittney Griner.

Most wars are rooted in religion, but if there’s nothing in it for the wealthy, they don’t happen.

Sometimes you’ve gotta ask yourself, is it the guns or the crazy people using them? 

Speaking of crazy people, why do they have to kill somebody before we take them off the street?

Unfortunately, unless you’re very smart and graduate from a great school, the odds are you’ll never own your own home.

Speaking of owning your own home, I owned my first when I was 22. At the time, I was a struggling musician who worked part-time at a radio station. Unfortunately, those possibilities no longer exist.

When you have a decent script and good actors, but the movie doesn’t come together, isn’t that the director’s fault? How about a football team with good to excellent players and a decent playbook, isn’t that the coach’s fault? Hello Bucs.

Speaking of the Bucs, how the hell does Brady focus on football when he’s going through a divorce while being coached by some assistant? 

Is there anything more seductive than the forbidden?

Getting what you want politely is very difficult.

Unfortunately, you get unlucky and lucky about the same amount of time.

Without James Bond speaking for them, I think the Beatles would have had a tougher time making it in America.

So, I guess if you have no shot at the golden ring, you start caring about the planet.

Why is it that even though I don’t see as well as I used to, everything seems much clearer?

Most stuff is just too fast and too fucking long.

Can you imagine a world without religion?

America’s poor are the richest poor people on earth.

Why do the words “Trust me” make me do the opposite?

Does anybody care about basketball at the moment?

Why do the people who can do the least about global warming seem to care about it the most?

I don’t know if I’ve matured or just grown old, but when a woman at BJs asked me while sipping her wine if I had anything good at home, I immediately responded with, “Yeah, my daughter, Cami.”

As big as Glen Henley’s ego is, I wonder if he’s now thinking that he’s bigger than Paul McCartney. Let me help you with that one, Oh Great Eagle, “No, you ain’t.”

Changing the world is not a fun activity.

The words fathers have been saying to their sons for decades, “Dreams don’t pay the bills,” were right;  dreams only make you rich.

So, here’s what the media has tried to teach me so far;  All moms are good, dads are bad, all women are good, men are all bad, all minorities are good, and white guys are bad. Sorry, ain’t buying it.

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