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Hey, a bunch of folks all over the US and Canada read my Blog so I’m gonna figure out how to use the power of that to get us some free stuff.
The first place I want to try this experiment is here in West Palm Beach because it will be easy for me to smooth out the bugs that always show up because somebody didn’t get the memo.

It will be a small beginning until I’m sure the system works. Hey, we wouldn’t wanna screw up your free new car, would we? 🙂
After that, if all goes well, I’ll start expanding it from city to city, and as I do, the free stuff will get bigger and bigger.

So. here’s how our wee beginning works. If you live in West Palm Beach, starting Monday, September 11, for the next thirty days, whenever you go into BJ’s Brewhouse, simply say to your server, “Hey, Geo said that the first round was on him.”
If you’re with a date or a buddy, change that to. “Hey, Geo said that our first round was on him.” But you already knew that didn’t ya!

That’s it, no fuss, no muss, no big deal but it could become one.
Oh, and go ahead and tell your friends how this all works and while you’re at it, tell ’em to read my Blog. Geo

3 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (Fun Free Stuff Experiment)

  1. Humphreys Kwena: Thanks for the great job are doing for Geo’s Media, Keep it up. Managing business is like climbing up a slippery mountain with bare feet.
    Geo: Thanks for the read H and you’re exactly right. managing business is not for the faint of heart.

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