Cami Spanks Me (new blog for August 29/16)

13876147_10155071401264307_2440830592453727399_nCami who is my youngest (cleverly disguised above as a woman) took me to task recently for my claiming to be a Centrist because according to her most of the material I write in my Blog is slanted towards the right. I had no idea if this was true or not seeing as I really don’t think much about what I write. Stuff just pops into my head and then I hit publish. Not wanting her upset with me I decided to review a few of them and it turns out that she was right because a lot of them appeared to be somewhat right of center. (I am thankful however that she let my truisms about women slide)
What I want most out of life is for my children to be happy so in the future I’m gonna demand that the muses supply me with some decent copy that treats the left and right equally. Although trying to figure out exactly just what side of each issue the liberals and conservatives are going to be on can sometimes prove difficult but I’ll do my best.
In that spirit I offer this up … From where I sit both Hillary and Trump look like bad choices to me. How am I doing so far?
What if mother nature planned on us screwing up the planet so we’d take ourselves out instead of her having to send a comet like she did to wipe out all the dinosaurs who were getting out of hand. What if our trying to prevent global warming is actually going against mother nature’s plan. What happens next?13315330_10154883630664307_4736162798811281079_n
Who could have known that some of the guys pictured above at Jimmy Darin’s going away party in Winnipeg would go on to change radio in North America. Pictured left to right  J Robert Wood, Chuck Dann, (Riley) George Johns, Brian Litman, Daryl “B”, (Burlingham) and Jimmy Darin (Hilliard) lying down.
Very little comes to those who wait.
Except for my daughters few women are as innocent as they appear to be.
I wish the president of the United States didn’t represent any party that way we’d get to elect a decent human being with a great plan rather than a party. His/her job once elected would be to work with all of congress in order to get her/his promised agenda through the house.
Being a card carrying liberal or a conservative doesn’t make what you think anymore valid in fact, it’s less valid.
What I never understood about Superman was how come when he put glasses on nobody recognized him.
Why do Asians never seem to need assistance from the government.
Speaking of why, why do the tiniest things in Victoria’s Secret cost the most?
Remember when your folks used you as the remote for the TV.
The only thing that beats great content on the radio is good local content.
Radio’s just another part of show business even though except for the people who run our industry were not paid as well.
I wonder what our soldiers in the desert think of the folks in Washington.
When’s the Kahn family gonna start banging on the people who killed their son?
The truth is always the truth but unfortunately what other people perceive the truth to be is what you’re dealing with.
When radio starts chasing listeners and money again it’ll do just fine. Until then I wish them a lot luck.
Why does it only take seconds when you buy something for the money to come out of your account but a refund takes forever.
Until you’re willing to die for someone or something you’re kinda uncommitted.

Freedom’s just another word for nobody workin’ ya.

How come nobody seems to be able to spot Jason Bourne … He’s the guy right over there who looks like Matt Damon.

Nice story but Usain Bolt did not donate 20 million to anybody or anything.

If content is king then well-performed content is god-like.

Being a legal alien myself and having to go through what I did in order to immigrate to the US, (work permit, green card, citizenship) I have very little interest in anyone else having it any easier.

All the women who are usually very noisy about women’s rights are strangely silent about the rights of Muslim women. Why is that?

There’s gotta be a few conservative professors out there, I can’t imagine they teach much socialism at Harvard Business School.

I used to think of Kaepernick as an NFL quarterback but now I think of him as something else.

It begins, Speedo, Ralph Lauren, and a couple of others have dropped drop Ryan Lochte.

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