Sex & Shoes #6 in the most read Blogs in 2014

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1019_10151920559499307_162303219_nThere is only one thing in the world that became bigger than Religion or Politics … Rock & Roll. Not only did it become huge but it’s still going strong even though it was created well over 50 years ago in a baby country called America. I was lucky enough to have grown up in the 50’s when it all started because as they say, Rock & Roll be berry berry good to me. Rock & Roll became my whole life so I feel an obligation to revisit my roots occasionally which I do so by attending some oldies shows. Most of these shows are MC’d by the Godfather of Doo Wop my friend Ken Held who along with his lovely co host Jennifer Randall present the Doo Wop Shop on 8-50 WFTL in South Florida every Sunday night.
Sometime ago Ken turned me on to a show stealer by the name of Kenny Vance and his Planotones. Kenny originally created Jay and The Americans and can sing anything and everything and I have enjoyed seeing him many times over the last couple of years as I was again on this particular night in Ft. Lauderdale. One of the featured acts that evening was one of Kenny’s old band mates from the Americans, Jay Black and I’ll never forget when Ken and Jenn introduced him. Jay started singing something I’d never heard of while still back stage and as he wandered out front and center you couldn’t help but notice he was wearing one of those light gray tuxedos high school kids wear to the senior prom but unfortunately Jay’s looked like he was wearing the same one he wore in high school when he was a much smaller man.
Once he finished the tune there was some polite applause which he interrupted by saying that the reason he sang that particular song was because most of the Jay and The Americans hits are pretty difficult to sing so he likes to check his pipes out on somebody else’s tune. Also he added, it gives you the opportunity to turn to whomever you’re with and say … What the hell happened to him! He owned us at that very moment and at the end of his perfect note hitting performance we gave him a standing ovation.

No matter how slow your progress, you’re still beating the hell out of someone whose not trying.

The only thing rage is good for is fuel.

I find revenge to be a very good motivator.

Pride is a good thing unless it gets in between you and whatever you’d give anything to have.

A lot of folks after seeing a photo of my Grandson Nathaniel claim he is going to be a chick magnet. I in turn have to inform them it’s already begun as he’s got a pretty young thing at school trying to hug on him all the time. He refers to her affectionately as “Grape Guts”

Marriage is not for a Man it’s for the Woman he loves.

The Hunny Bunny recently claimed I was a romantic. I sure hope it’s not true ’cause I don’t know too many happy ones.

Do you think if Hemingway was alive today he’d be using a computer to write with.

Happiness may in fact be the impossible mission but the pursuit of it will definitely keep you from being bored.

If we could just get beyond the concept of “The Only Good Ideas Are Our Ideas” we would be unstoppable!

I don’t think most of the NFL players are worth what they are getting but I think most of the coaches are worth much more and much less as they win and lose most games.

Facebook has something I think smart phones need. Wouldn’t it be great when you’ve been at a bar for too long and your phone says … Do you really want to send this ???

Have you ever noticed that if a Jewish person is in charge of a company there are a lot of Jews working there, Christians hire a lot of Jesus Freaks, Black’s recruit Blacks, Women have a lot of Females around them White Men of course hire a lot of White Males and Gays tend to hire Gays. I also only noticed a bunch of Latinos working at a place owned by Cubans and nothing but Asians working at the Sushi Bars. What the hell happened to the integration plan and who was the fool who thought it would work.

Some of the negativity towards Homosexuals may in fact only be a reaction to the behavior of some rather than them as a whole.

Even though I dislike the word “No” immensely sometimes it serves you much better than the word yes!

Do Doctors and Pharmacists still communicate with each other in Latin and if so why.

A big ego is not very pretty thing but without it you’ll never make it!

Why would you ever be inclined to blame yourself first.

More and more I’m hearing the words, I’m not a racist but…

I think Mother Nature intended a Man to be very attracted to a Woman who would most likely produce a healthy child. I have no idea what her intentions were for a Women to have a similar attraction to shoes.

I would’ve loved to have been at the meeting where someone said … But Sir more than 93% of America is not Homosexual and I rather doubt Gay people even watch Duck Dynasty!

I think PC goes out the window the moment it costs money to be so.

If you want to find out what Women are really like just ask the Mother of a cute teenage Son.

Rules produce creativity.





10 thoughts on “Sex & Shoes #6 in the most read Blogs in 2014

  1. GEO. Thanks for your kind comments. Jennifer and I have re-posted this edition of THE BLOG on several Oldies & Doo-Wop pages, so watch out now for those WILD, WILD WOMEN!

    I wrote:
    If you are really into RADIO and enjoy insightful, politically incorrect, random commentary on Life, Love, Sex and Success….and Radio, sign up for George John’s “THE BLOG”. George’s comments are collectible….intelligent yet fun, and are unforgettable, quote-worthy. George was a Musician (noted Canadian Group “THE JURY” in the ’60s….check ’em out on YouTube) before he made it big in the States in Radio. I think that’s why he has been so successful in Radio….George knows Rock & Roll….he has played it and Lived the Life himself. He is also single and quite a Ladies Man, just ask Jennifer! He’s one of the really ‘good guys’ and I love him….albeit in a different way than Women do! Look, here’s a guy who snuck into a Dance as a kid, and since that fateful night will forever equate the uptempo Doo-Wop Anthem “GEE” by THE CROWS with the first time he ever noticed that Girls have Breasts! Need I say more?

    • Thank you Ken, those readers will be getting an early sneak peek of the Blog I’m still working on scheduled to come out mid week. I love the picture, sorry you’re not in it(-:

  2. It’s unlikely…..but if I ever get married again and Jay Black is still around…..he’s singin’ at my wedding! “The Voice!”

    • I would never count you out of the wedding game Tom you’re and expert and Jay already has a tux albeit from another decade. I would suggest finding a beautiful Woman named Cara Mia.

  3. The Voice – I don’t care who sings it, nobody will ever hit that note like Jay Black. Nobody. If you sing it, you’d better be prepared to defend it and to lose. Nobody. It’s a R&R anthem.

  4. Hey George. I just found out that by 11:16 this morning the average high paid CEO in Canada made as much money as the average person’s annual salary.
    I’ll bet it was earlier down there.

    • Yes Bruce the CEO’s down here discovered that they were worth what ever they thought they were worth long ago. Now the COO’s don’t have it as good because it’s the CEO’s who decide who makes what and they pay themselves first.

  5. Hey Geo, Jay Black still going strong at 75! The original “Jay”, John “Jay” Trainor passed today (January 2, 2014) of liver cancer. He was 70. For the past few years he toured with Jay Siegel’s Tokens. Deno Corrie.

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