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Being born during World War II, I’ve always been intrigued about the war.
You know, like what causes them, and what did any of them ever accomplish other than to make a few of my neighbors in Palm Beach a little richer?

As I recall, Canada entered into the second World War in 1939, but the US didn’t participate until almost 1942 when (D)Franklin Roosevelt declared war on Japan after they bombed Pearl Harbor. (The bombing was a little too convenient, I’m thinkin’)
Also, I wonder what Hitler said when told about Japan’s surprise attack which he knew would awaken the “Sleeping Giant.”
He was right, the giant was now wide awake and we must have liked the wake-up call because we’ve been warring ever since.

Not only did (D)Harry Truman, who was Franklin’s successor, dropped the Atomic bomb on Japan and also sent our troops to Korea.
Next up, (D)JFK got us involved in Viet Nam, and then when he was assassinated, (D)LBJ escalated the war. 

Then along came (D)Jimmy Carter got us involved in the hostage situation in Iran that businessman Ross Perot had to get us out of.
Jimmy was followed by (R)Ronald Reagan who geared us up for war with Russia which scared them so much that they brought down the Berlin Wall even though no shots were fired.

Then (R)George Bush Senior actually got us into a war where not only were shots fired, people died when he attacked Iraq.
A few years later his son (R)George Bush Junior not only got us in even deeper when he went after Saddam Hussein, but he also added Afghanistan to the mess.

We’ve been at war with somebody for almost 80 years now, and for the life of me, I can’t find anything good that’s come of it
Oh, and all the protests and marches about the war in Viet Nam turned out to be about the draft, not the war. Notice any protests lately?

The best thing about (D)Biden’s botched withdrawl from Afghanistan is that it will be long before any politicians are stupid enough to try send us to war again. I bet they’re itching to go to Ukraine.
Hey, as I have often said and written, “We have to support our troops, but we don’t have to support the fools who sent them.” 


The window of opportunity doesn’t open up all by itself.

Didn’t Dick Chaney always look evil in photos?

Your word is who you are.

How much booze does it take until your heart doesn’t hurt anymore?

Unfortunately, the emotion I display the easiest is anger. However, I also love to laugh, which is difficult to do when you’re upset.

Is there any better feeling than the one you get from revenge?

Do women ever hold out for the love of their life?

The only certainty that nobody’s certain about is death.

When you’re old is the wrong time to wonder if you were a good parent or not.

My parents put politicians up on a pedestal, and now I can’t believe how far they have fallen in such a short time.

Speaking of family, I wonder why our fathers thought that their upbringing had anything to do with us?

Just ’cause it’s legal, don’t make it right.

I don’t believe that the Mob, the Mafia, or the Cartel hurt people they’re not involved with. However, I do believe that thugs will hurt everyone.

I also believe there’d be fewer wars if we reverted to the age-old ritual of men following the Generals into battle.

Oh, and who thought that when they educated our nation that we’d buy the same bullshit our parents did?

You can only not say so much.

Ok, in that vein, I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard a black person acknowledge that a white person ever helped them.

Speaking of help, if the rich athletes don’t help, why should anybody?

You see lots of 20 and 40-year-old ladies in bars, but very few 30-year-olds. Oh, and if you do come across any, I rather doubt that you’ll be introducing them to your Mom.

Why do those in charge always say, “Why don’t you just go home and let the police take care of this.” What have they ever taken care of?

Speaking of the police, If someone raped your daughter, would you leave it to them? Hey, you don’t have to read anybody their Miranda rights.

Speaking of rape, what I can’t understand is, where are all the outraged fathers?

The only control you have over change is how you react to it.

When John first brought Yoko into the once sacred recording sessions, I wonder if the rest of the Beatles ever took him seriously again?

No matter whose side you’re on during a divorce, they’re gonna get screwed. The lawyers take all the money.

The three worst words a man can ever hear are, “I love you,” because he has to defend her with his life for the rest of his life.

There are two types of people, those who take charge and all the rest.

Does anybody other than corrupt politicians think that lobbyists are necessary? Speaking of politicians, do you find it as strange as I do that they never call out or say a disparaging word about all the corrupt politicians in DC. Maybe it’s because they all eat from the same trough?

Where you are isn’t as important as where you’re going.

The best way to start writing is to start writing.

Time is not for sale.

23% of the population are born leaders; the rest are followers. If a follower is put in charge, expect disastrous results.

Becoming old is not the right time to wonder if you were a good parent or not. That ship has sailed.

If you met yourself, what would you think?

Father Time sure fights dirty.

Don’t pray for rain if you don’t usually pray. 


John King: George, your and Doug Herman’s promotional exploits in radio were a delight to work with from an FCC perspective because of one primary criterion: creativity. We worked together to make it a success, from an audience, sponsor, and regulator’s point of view. (New Mother Nature)
Geo: And per your request, John, we did have a winner. 🙂

Jerry K: This is one of your best.
Good work. I think you might have a future doing this …(War)
Geo: Unfortunately, Jerry, I’m already in my future.

JED: Actually, George, it was “The Ragin’ Cajun”, James Carville, who was Clinton’s pre-presidential run campaign advisor, who told Clinton again and again in 1992, that the “bimbo eruptions” were just a distraction and that the post-Desert Storm recession was key as “It’s the economy, stupid!” (It Was A Very Good Year)
Geo: And it still is as the Dems will find out in mid-terms, Jed. You can’t allow the oil companies to price gouge us like they are (48% more profit this year than last) without being hurt.

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Happy Fathers Day.

Fathers Day.
Happy Father’s Day to the legend himself!
The man who carried me until his arms were about to break, who scared away every sales lady during countless dress shoppings, who has so many stories he had to start a blog, who started my love for wine, who makes friends wherever he goes, who is always open to listening and being educated by his liberal political activist daughter, who is so proud of being a dad and will accept anyone as a new “adopted” child.
Love you, thank you for a lifetime of memories.
P.S. look at him rocking his Father’s Day gift.

(A new Express shirt, of course)

Geo’s Media Blog (The Misfits) 5/02/22

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. (A few of the misfits who changed the world, Ford, Musk, Lennon, Jobs, King, Disney, Ali, Dylan, and Gandhi shown above.)


If you’ve got secrets you probably need therapy.

I know of very few men who ever dreamed about becoming a Dad but when it happens. Whew!

Encouragement works much better than criticism.

I love train travel but what I despise about Amtrak is their lack of urgency, is that a union thing?

How dare rich people ever be grumpy about anything, but grumpy they are.

When I was a PD the only thing I was afraid of was the off button.

I wonder if Trump even cares if the women he marries, love him?

If women are doing so poorly how come most of the homeless are men?

Confidence is good but having the facts on your side is even better.

Figuring out what you’re afraid of and why might take more education than most folks have. 

When you go the extra mile you’ll find it’s not a well-traveled road.

Saying thankyou usually leads to you being thankful for the many things that lie ahead.

You’re the only one who can decide how much is enough.

My rage and wine do not work hand in hand.

Men compete until they die.

Having patience is easy to understand it’s just hard to have.

The only integration I’ve ever seen is in TV commercials

It’s never been about the effort it’s always been about the results.

Since the beginning of time, the one thing that hasn’t changed is, that the rich continue to get richer.

The Church created Hell, not God.

Is anybody California Dreaming anymore?

Ain’t it funny how the losers always look for the easy way out.

Good sex has nothing to do with it being magic.

So, living in the last real estate bargain in America, I get pressured a lot about selling my place. (On the 19th floor overlooking a Jack Nicklaus golf course, a lake, and the ocean) However, when I ask them where, if I did so, where I would live? “Crickets.”

At what age does shame show up?

Wouldn’t it be great if the people we elected only cared about what 99% of what the folks wanted instead of the 1% they suck up to?

It looks to me like if Putin didn’t have Nuclear Weapons, even France could take him.

I believe in, “Thou Shall Not Kill” until it pertains to anybody hurting my daughters.

If you know what’s wrong you’ve got it half fixed.

To do what’s never been done is a worthy quest.

Uber/Lyft, Airlines, and Railways must use the same rubber clock. Their minutes last longer than ours.

Bill Gardner: And your CFTR experiences went on to be the inspiration not only for KVIL Dallas Ft. Worth but Adult Contemporary radio…period.  YOU changed everything.  I remember when you hired me and told me I would leave Top 40 radio and be on “Adult radio.”  I thought I’d be playing cover versions of the hits by John Davidson, Jerry Vale, and Perry Como…. “adult radio” as I’d known it.
None of us should rest until you are rightfully acclaimed as the father of adult contemporary radio, and the huge radio stations and revenue it produced.
I was there, and a witness as we “knocked over” DFW ratings by following the George Johns vision of what it could be. I’m still honored to be an original part of it. (Stay Focused)
Geo: Thank you for not only your kind words, Bill, but for also being there for our many battles.

Alex Paylor: I worked for Keith Dancy at my first station, CKJD in Sarnia, Ont. Although he didn’t visit that often I liked the guy. I went to high school with his daughter Michelle, and she must have said some nice things about me to him because he always made time for conversation with me when he was in town.
The event I remember most was Keith visiting the station that bore his initials was the day of the last game of the first Canada v Russia series. Everyone who wanted to see the game who wasn’t on air gathered in the newsroom to watch it on a small black and white TV. Keith asked if there was anyone on staff who didn’t like hockey, and when one of the copywriters said she didn’t, Keith took out his wallet and gave Peggy a handful of bills telling her to go to the liquor store and spend the money. Nobody jumped and cheered when Paul Henderson scored the winner than Keith did. (Stay Focused)
Geo: Thanks so much for sharing, Alex. Keith was a great guy, and we remained friends till the end.

Buzz Barnett: Boy, George, I marvel at Your adventurous and exciting travelogues, especially THIS one! A Tim Horton’s Americano for Everybody!! You’re a master at conveyance wherever and whenever You travel. I always get the beginning, middle, and end, just like You taught me very well! I appreciate You, George, and God’s Abundant Blessings to You and Your Fab Fam!! (Tour de Universite)
Geo: You’re too kind, Buzzy.

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Geo’s Media Blog (Tour de Universite) 4/04/22

What a busy week but more importantly, all is more than well with the Johns family.
I just reconnected with my brother Reg who flew into West Palm Beach from New Hampshire for a visit so we also got to hook up with old friend, Tim Reever who is currently the GM at Legends Radio here in West Palm.
(Tim is pictured below with me and Reg)A couple of days after Reg arrived my Grandson Nathaniel flew in from LA so Reg and I got to take him to a spring training game between the Mets and Marlins. (Nathaniel and Uncle Reg are pictured at the game below.)

The next day, Nathaniel, Reg, and I boarded American Airlines for Boston where once again, I took Nathaniel College shopping.
The first morning in Boston he rented a bike and toured Boston College by himself while my brother and I drove to New Hamshire to hook up with my niece Christina and my sister-in-law, Savvy. The following day, Nathaniel and I toured Harvard together.
While in Boston, we also took in a Bruins game which was the first Hockey game ‘N’ had ever seen and it was a good one, not only was it Boston-style rowdy, but Boston also won. (See photo above)

Early the next morning Nathaniel and I boarded the train to New Jersey to visit Princeton for a couple of days before heading for DC where Nathaniel took a peek at Georgetown University.
I was cold and exhausted for most of the trip so when we boarded the train for an overnighter back to West Palm Beach, I was a very happy camper. (Nathaniel is pictured above at Princeton, in Washington DC, and at Harvard).

Once we arrived back in South Florida, my Daughter Cami informed me that she was going to go back to college to get her Masters’s. Color me a “Happy Pappy.” (Cami is pictured on top with Nathaniel and pictured below is Nathaniel and me.)


If you’re already happy then you’re more successful than most of the people on the planet. Congratulations!

When you get everything you want, what you won’t want is what happens next.

What will be said about you after you’re gone?

Intuition creates things not logic.

Why does, “What I shoulda said” always come to you too late?

I find it very revealing that the presidents only take credit for the low price of gas but never the cost of gas as it rises out of control.

If you don’t want anybody to know about it, don’t do it.

You can see more if you really want to.

Always question authority.

Family is everything.

Most successful entities stop doing what made them successful.

The longer you take to do something, the harder it is to do.

In order to become successful, one must make sacrifices.

Your reputation will outlive you.

One of the similarities between the Airlines and Amtrak is that neither seems anxious to leave.

The only way women are truly going to be equal is when they take responsibility for some of their failures.

My brother Reg recently mentioned to me that what he liked best was that I went to work everyday prepared to clean out my office.

I find it amazing that companies can take your money instantly but take four weeks to refund it.

I remember when I never missed watching the Oscars, now I can’t remember the last time I did.

We all change whether we want to or not, it’s part of the deal.

I wonder how much incompetence is hidden behind safety regulations?

Even though its never worked, the easiest format in the world to sell to radio station owners is, “The Much More Music Morning Show” format.


Rick Dees: Recipes, as in lol. (CFTR ’72)
Geo: I wanted them all to cook, Rick, but unfortunately they needed to use my recipe.

Doc Harris: “IF THERE IS ANYTHING YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, COME AND SEE ME.” Jeez, I’ve really got to get around to doing that. (CFTR ’72)
Geo: Ya better hurry Doc cuz we’re runnin’ out of time.

Bob Saint: I remember taking that picture from my first adventure at CFTR. Great memories of radio without the internet… thanks, George. (CFTR ’72)
Geo: Thanks for taking the photo Bob, it’s the only one I’ve got from my time at ‘TR.

Buster Bodine: Those were some great times, George. Thank you for it. (I’ve lived everywhere man!)
Geo: No, thank you, Buster, you guys gave this boy from Transcona a hell of a life.

Tim Moore: Aside from the Moore kids’ births and being elected “Honor Man” by a very special Navy group, our very first “Arbitron” Advances with our first Radio ownership (106 KHQ), we were suddenly #1 after just nine months in that 25 station region! Virtually all of our competitors were also Class C or B FM’s!
Our new 100,000-watt CHR in that gorgeous 26 station “Class C” region of beautiful Northwest Michigan went from zero to #1 overall in just nine months! Suddenly we were visited by luminaries like John Lynch (San Diego), Joe Parish (WPLJ), Tom Merriman (the TM in “TM”), and a bunch more. I was one lucky guy and gladly credited our amazing staff, several of whom had left Detroit to view the Bay! (A Happy Ending)
Geo: I wonder where the luminaries go to hear good radio now, Tim?

John Driscol: I remember that Roman Spa up around Crescent Heights and Fountain, Ray Anderson turned me onto that, it was like an X-rated Caesar’s Palace. (A Happy Ending)
Geo: I remember it being a very happy establishment, John.

P McLane: I remember Dallas and KVIL… you remember when KFJZ launched? (Stay Focused)
Geo: I do not, Mr. McLane, I never listened to the competition in fear that I would react to something they did instead of staying on my planned course.

Geo: You got that right, Mr. Earl.

Bruce Devine: Don LaBrecht really did look like Baby Huey, not sure what was all about, going all the way to Charlotte, NC, to hire a guy to program James Last records (Stay Focused)
Geo: The way it worked Bruce was, a head hunter had lined up a bunch of Americans to fill two positions, Program Director of CHFI and Program Director of CFTR, but at the last minute, Ted Rogers demanded that I be checked out because I was a Canadian. It turned out that I was more American than any of the Americans.

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Geo’s Media Blog (Ridin’ the Rails Again) 6/13/22.

A few weeks ago I wrote about taking my grandson Nathaniel college shopping in Massachusetts at Harvard and Boston College, in New Jersey at Princeton, and in DC at Georgetown.
So far I think he’s leaning towards Harvard but I kind of liked the look and location of Princeton but of course it’s his call.
It all started last summer when we jumped on Amtrak to visit Stanford and Berkley in the Bay Area and then the beautiful University of Wahington in Seattle.
(Nathaniel and me shown above at an Irish pub in DC.) I’ve been riding the rails for quite a while now but one of my bucket list items that I haven’t done the items on my bucket list that I haven’t done is to go across Canada on “The Canadian.”
However, now that Covid seems to be under control and I’ve recently reunited with my brother Reg, we’re gonna do it together.

This Saturday Reg and I are going to meet outside customs in Toronto and then head to the Royal York Hotel.
Once we’ve checked in we’ll proceed to the bar and hang out with some old friends like Al Mair, Dougie Thompson, Earl Mann, Roger Klein, Larry Fedoruk, and maybe even Joel Thompson and new friend, Larry MacInnis.

(Reg and I shown above both did radio in Toronto albeit years apart.)

After the drinking and the telling of tall stories is done we’ll board ‘The Canadian’ bound for Winnipeg.
Once in the ‘Peg we’ll hang out at the bar of the gorgeous Fort Garry Hotel with a whole bunch of friends and family which I’m very excited about.

Hey even a couple of my bandmates from the Jury, Terry, and Bruce will be there not to mention that my buddy Jim Quail is trying to put together a breakfast with our teammates from the Transcona Nationals, Huey Coburn, Lo Lo, Syd Hepworth, and Bruce Rand.
No doubt there’ll also be some other musicians and radio guys from my brother’s era there to keep things a little younger..

Oh, and of course, Reg and I gonna do the obligatory drive to Transcona to check out our old stomping grounds.
After three fun-filled days in Winnipeg, once again we’ll board ‘The Canadian’ and head through the prairies on our way to the magnificent Rocky Mountains.
When we arrive in Vancouver we’ll be hanging out at the Hotel Le Soleil bar where hopefully we’ll hook up with some old radio buds, Doc Harris, Stirling Faux, and the legendary Red Robinson along with some old friends from TCI, Willy, and Wilma Parasiuk.
I’m also hoping that Rolly Blaquiere the co-founder of the Jury will be there along with Marc LaFrance from Randy Bachman’s band to hoist a few.

The following day, Reg and I’ll catch an Air Canada flight to San Francisco where we’ll hang out with the Hilliards and the Smiths before making our way back to our respective homes.

(To see what Reg and I will be experiencing, click on the link below.)


More laws create more criminals.

There is no reward for laziness.

With what’s going on in Ukraine the media is having a tough time continuing to try and keep us frightened about Covid and Climate Change stuff.

Speaking of Ukraine, I wonder why instead of just defending themselves, figure out how to attack Moscow, seeing as the Russian troops are all in Ukraine, that would scare the shit out of them.

I wonder what the Oil Barrens did with all that gas we didn’t use for a year and a half?

After not listening to country music for a minute, and then watching the ACMs, I realized that I must have missed the transition.

Know what you’re doing rather than trying to act like you do.

When 300-pound linemen can run the 40 in 4.5 I thank God that I no longer play football.

If you don’t dream about it, you don’t have a future.

Most criticism is about you, not your work.

One of the biggest mistakes Trump made was trying to make Putin our friend. He should have scared him like Ronnie scared his predecessor.

Having the ability to do something that few can do leads you to a place where the very few can live.

Isn’t it weird how years later you find out that on the court, Lary Bird was a “Smart Ass” and on the rink, Gordie Howe was a “Bad Ass.”

According to my friend Tim Moore, there is nothing less conclusive than the half-time score.

Genetics trump nurturing every time.

New discoveries were not created logically.

While reading about Tiger Wood’s induction into the Golf Hall of Fame by his 14-year-old daughter, the author couldn’t help but throw in the words, the too white PGA. My immediate reaction was, you mean like the too black NBA and the too black NFL?

I wish that businesses had as many people answering their phones as they do calling us.

Being born a female is special but not special enough, you have to earn the rest.

Some people are too busy belly laughing to bitch.


Bill Gardner: And HOW did you and Austin in Boston connect? One afternoon during my time at KVIL Dallas-Ft. Worth, my phone rang, and it was my friend George Johns! George said, “Bill, you know all kinds of radio guys across the U.S.A. I’m looking for a morning guy for F-105 Boston….but I need an absolute maniac!”  I said, “Boy, do I have JUST the right guy for you.  Let me connect you with my friend Greg Aust, (soon to be Austin in Boston.)”
I have known Greg since 1969 in his hometown of Kansas City. I helped him get on KVI Seattle when he visited me during my KING-AM Seattle time. I hired him myself for weekends and production while I was PD/Morning Man at K-101 San Francisco.
When he showed up, our beautiful and classy receptionist called my office and said, “Bill, there’s a drunken guy in our lobby with food all over his shirt, but he SWEARS he’s here to see YOU!” Yep, my old friend Greg. But what an air talent. R.I.P., old friend. (Dirty Tricks)
Geo: An incredible talent, Bill, but as you also know, also incredibly scary. However, I loved the extra 100 thousand he added to our cume.

Greg Tantum: Thank you, George! I got to play in both sandboxes. The Radio Magazine on KOGO and Class on FM. Oh yeah and then for added fun trusted Joe Gillespie to build an all-news format from the ground up! (all fueled a bit with our after work “conferences” in your office) (Do They Know?)
Geo: I believe we did our best work in those after 5 conferences, Greg.

Jay Williams: Hi George, Fortunately, all those nightmares from those Austin in Boston days are over. I remember almost literally tearing the shower curtain off trying to get to a phone more than once—but the most terrifying was when he was talking to this very nice lady—at 7:05 a.m. in the l970s about bussing in Boston. Finally, she asked, “Are you black?” He responded, “would that matter…” I thought that before I could get there—as he was on the phone so he couldn’t/wouldn’t answer it—that WVBF would be turned into a car wash. It was riveting radio, though.
Another time Austin got pissed off and threw newsman Mark Davis out of the studio and wouldn’t let him back in. Then he called one of his CKLW 20-20 news buddies and he read two-minute Boston-oriented “if it bleeds it leads” newscasts down the line and on the air. All morning long. Stuff like, “A car slammed into a woman on Boylston Street sending her 30 feet into the air and impaling her baby on the hood ornament of the oncoming car…”
That’s when radio was great. Great to see this again!
Geo: I feel your pain, Jay, but only my quest was to get at least one good promo out of every morning show. Austin gave me more than I could possibly use.

Doug Thompson: NO recipes? You are a cruel taskmaster, George. (CFTR 1972)
Geo: When I did the same format in Dallas a little over a year later, Doug, it was much looser. The jocks I had at TR except for Magic, had never done top 40 formatics before but they’d all done recipes so I had to tighten them all up. Scary times.

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