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Hey, Radio, here’s the real problem: you haven’t kept up with the changes, nor do you realize how much money there is lying around out here
But you keep on schlepping 60s and 30s for chump change anyway, which is so old school; shame on you!

Everything always changes, as did my daughter Cami in just a few short years at USF in Tampa.
(The picture on top shows how she looked like on her first day at USF. The next photo shows her when she graduated, and the final reveals what she’ll look like on her first day at South Florida University, where she’ll be studying for her Master’s Degree in Psychology.) Color me a proud Dad.

Meanwhile, here’s an example of how things have changed drastically in the advertising world.
Bing paid Ryan Seacrest a million dollars to stop saying Google and say Bing instead and spiffed iHeart a Mil to let him do it. No spots involved.

Where did that two million come from, and what was the cost per point on that deal?
Is there something your Superstar morning team may be able to mention that would be worth a few bucks? Just askin’.

Don’t you wonder what it costs to have a stadium named after a company so the media has to chant your name every time an event is held there?
Where did that money come from, and what targeting techniques did they want? What do you suppose, Mr. CPA?

Why are they paying millions of dollars to a bunch of athletes to use their product? Where did that money come from?
Hey, what about all those digital billboards you see in arenas, stadiums, and on the highways and byways? What the hell has that got to do with accountability, cost per point, or targeting?

Oh, and did you know that your superiors foolishly gave away your databases to Facebook?
Hey, radio had no idea what to do with it, but Facebook sure did.

Oh, and did you realize that they’re spending as much on advertising as they always have, if not more?
They’re just not spending it in the same old way.

Hello, Hello. Are You Sales Folks Awake in Yet Another Sales Meeting? 
Come on out into the sunshine; as I said up top, million-dollar bills are lying around out here just waiting to be harvested; I know ’cause I can smell ’em!


.Last week, I was talking to my friend Buzz Braman about why we made the trek to BJ’s.
Not a tough question to answer; hey, when the bartenders started to seem annoyed that we were back again, it was time to move on. Oh yeah, and it was never a place that you’d take a first date to, whereas BJ’s is.

Speaking of dates, if you’re at BJs in West Palm with a date or a friend and because you read Radio Geo’s Media Blog, say to your server for the next thirty days, “Hey, Geo’s buying our first round.” Oh, and if you’re all by yourself,  no problem, I’m still buying.

My family has always been more important to me than my country.(I’ve lived in three.)

It’s your attitude that determines whether you’re facing an obstacle or an opportunity.

I find it so strange how we won’t let animals suffer, but we don’t seem to mind if people do. 🙁

Speaking of suffering, what irritates me the most about the left and the right is the far right wants to ban abortions, and the extreme left wants to let boys who think their girls compete in female sports.
Unfortunately, they are both loud about their positions. (Can you use your inside voices, please?)

When my Class format was really hot, every time I’d travel to a new city to install it, the local sales folks would always greet me with, “What if it doesn’t work here,” and I’d always respond, “What if it does?

Most of my life is an open book, but I gotta keep some things under wraps; hey, I got daughters.

When I became a father, all I  wanted to be was to be a better father than my Dad was, which wasn’t a stretch. However, then again, maybe I was just a bad son.

Most people don’t care how much they pay for something as long as they think they’re getting more than they paid for.

Don’t ya hate it when companies email you their shit with no reply emails?

Did you know that Elvis sold out all of his concerts, 1684 of them? (I was at three of them, including his last.) Hell, even the Beatles didn’t do that.

So, whenever I’m arguing with a woman who manages to bring it to the point where I would punch her out if she were a guy,  I’d bring up sex.

This would usually back them off, but the new generation of women now is not intimidated by sex.

One can only wonder if the new generation of men who have been taught to treat women equally knows that even though she may deserve it, you never hit a woman.

When he sees a woman with a cigar, what man can’t help but think about Monika Lewinski?

Hey, Superman, what’s more critical, the world or your family?

Speaking of dying, I can only wonder how many young people have died. for some an old man’s dream?

When are the left and the right gonna realize that it’s the media that’s driving us apart?

The only thing that can stop you is you. 

Is there anything better than McDonald’s fries or In-N-Out Burgers?

How about those Lions going to Kansas City and upsetting the Superbowl Champs?

Speaking of Football, my Winnipeg Blue Bombers kicked the shit out of the Saskatchewan Roughriders to further entrench them in first place in the Western Division of the CFL. Go, Big Blue!

Can you imagine how exciting it was for Lois Lane to fall in love with Clark Kent and then get fuck Superman?

Hey, Mr. Policeman, when you say get on the fucking ground, and they resist instead of yellin’, just shoot them and save us some court time. However, if they do get on the ground quickly, back the fuck off. Are we fucking clear?

In my book “Guitars & Radio & Wild Wild Women,” one of the wild women I was involved with told me that even though she didn’t like heavy metal music, she always went to concerts anyway.
The reason she said was, “I just wanna fuck the Guitar Gods.”

Speaking of a Guitar Gods, check this out:


Wendy Holmes: George, I agree with your comment on Hockey players. They are tough as nails and provide that little extra with their fighting.
I have to say that Football players also have to be tough in order to survive all of that close contact their bodies endure. They add a little comedic relief for the fans each time they have achieved a good play on the field, which adds to their appeal. Not to mention all of that Spandex on those young men’s bodies, which adds allure for us women!! Naughty me! (C-Mo or L-Mo:)
Geo: I knew that naughty girl that I once knew was bound to show up again. Welcome back. 🙂

Brent Farris: Tell Cami that when it comes time for her thesis, she could try to get science to explain George Johns!!! (btw 19 days to go, but who’s counting? I owe everything to the two people who signed my Hall of Fame Award) Geo: Cami pretty well knows where my buttons are, Brent, and uses them at her convenience. 🙂  As for your goodbye radio party, I’m gonna have to raincheck it till we do the “Blow Out in The Desert.”

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Geo’s Media Blog (Who the Hell Are You Guys?)

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The other day I had lunch with my friend Buzz Bfaman whom I’ve known for at least ten years.
Buzz and I met at Duffy’s, which I used to frequent, and we started chatting because we’re both into blues guitarists.

Anyway, at lunch, Buzz and I started laughing about how we were both national figures in our chosen professions, but in our hometowns, they wondered what ever happened to us.
Now we both live in West Palm Beach, Florida, where nobody knows or cares who we are.

For many years, Buzz was the assistant coach for the Philadelphia 76ers before moving on to the Orlando Magic, where he coached Shaq and Penny Hardaway and was known as “The Shot Doc.”
After about twenty-five years, he retired from the NBA and rejoined the family business in South Florida, Braman Motors.

At Braman, the employees have no idea who Buzz is other than they think he’s just one of the lucky sperm club members.
Braman Motors is huge in South Florida and they sell luxury cars such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, BMWs, and Porches, to name but a few.

Buzz’s Uncle Norm owns Braman and not only is the company worth about 8 Billion Dollars, but it’s also big enough to hold its own convention.
Every year they gather all the employees and their families together at the West Palm Beach Convention Center where each new employee has to bring a video of them that explains who they are and what they’re all about.

Buzz, being a new employee, was no exception and here’s what he brought.


Don’t you hate hearing that the people dying lately are younger than you?

Every country is beautiful if you’re rich or your friends who live there are.

Everybody says that they don’t give a shit about money, but everybody gives a shit about money.

What if you knew something about a family member that would put them in jail? What would you do?

I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then.

Why do rich people think they deserve loopholes?

So, when I heard that Robbie Robertson of the band died, I definitely had to check in with my band, the Jury, who are much older than him; thankfully, they’re all still alive.

Asking the right questions usually leads to success.

I learned my ABCs early; “Always Be Cool.”

The first thing you notice when you’re no longer the boss is folks don’t return your calls as quickly as they used to.

The reason men do stupid things can be traced back to a woman.

Inside every man is a better man.

Sex is great, but it’s even better when you are in love.

Why is the law appear to be on the side of the criminals?

Good writers care more about the story than the people in the story.

Is it true that Best Buy now requires its staff to be made up of 1/3 Black people, 1/3 Women, and 1/3 Other?

Fear is always a more significant motivator than greed.

Sometimes if you pretend to be somebody else long enough, you are.

When you hang out with people who are more intelligent and wealthier than you., you end up being the smart guy.

Speaking of being rich, would you rather be a guy married to a rich woman or a woman married to a rich guy?

I was never raised or trained to be a Father, but becoming a decent one is all I’ve ever cared about.

The thing that separates talented people is only the ones who work hard become successful.

How do the people who grew up on welfare and are still on it think they have the right to protest?

Remember when you were set for life if you had a million dollars? Now it will barely get you a decent place to live in California.

The best part about growing old is you no longer have to respect the authority of those who don’t deserve it. I stared down a security guard the other night who was harassing my daughter. He wasn’t sure if I had a gun or not, so he backed off.

The only folks who love Hurricanes that are approaching are grocery stores. We should name some of them after them.

I find it so weird that in today’s world that I’m hesitant to mention how much I adore little girls lest I be looked at as a pervert.

Does anybody have any facts about how being politically correct has made anything better?

The more ya sweat, the luckier you get.


Bruce Munson: George, toss great quotes around like confetti. My new favorite of yours:”When you understand why they put a round pizza in a square box and serve it as a triangle, you’ll understand women.”
Geo: Bruce, I’ve been studying women my whole life and even have two daughters, but I was closer to understanding them before I started studying them.

Wendy Holmes: George, Get your head out of the sand! Regarding your life liner, “Being a good-looking guy gets you laid; being a beautiful woman gets you a lot more.” Wow, time to get with the program and realize that the women of today have a lot more to offer a man than a good roll in the hay!!
We are better educated, have well-paying careers, and still take care of our families while adding to the family income.  Remember the old saying, “It takes two to Tango”?  Geez, time to smell the coffee, my dear! (Pretty Privileged)

Geo: You may have missed my intent, Wendy; only women are “Pretty Privileged,” being pretty doesn’t help men that much.

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Geo’s Media Blog under construction

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My name is George
and I’ve got a Johns attitude.
I was kinda a rock star
and a radio guru,
And for that,
I’ve much gratitude.

However, it’s time
to leave it behind
and write about things
I have on my mind

Regrets, yeah,
I gotta few
I did a few things
one shouldn’t do.

Like lookin’ for love
in all the wrong places
Hey, how the hell
was I supposed to resist
all those pretty faces

Fell in love
about six times
but only once
did I hear the chimes.

I guess I shoulda
stayed at home
but unfortunately, I think
I was born to roam.

Married only once
but engaged two times
And yes, now I’m alone.
but feelin’ fine

Candis and Curtis
live on the west coast
As does my Grandson Nathanial
of whom I love to boast.

I live in Florida
with a beauty on the 19th floor
She’s only twenty-seven
but the one I adore

Her name is Cami,
and she’s
my protective daughter
So, if anyone’s thinking
about being
I rather doubt
it’ll  be worth the bother

Sadly I’m in the last quarter
of my time on this earth
So I’m gonna
live it up
for all it’s worth.

To be continued… 

Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Tax Man) New 8/14/23

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When I moved to San Diego in August of ’81, I met my now lifelong buddy Reid Reker for the first time.
Now my moving to San Diego was a lifelong dream come true for me. Hey, the Beach, Palm trees, Mountains, and the Desert all in one place; it sure doesn’t get much better than that. 

So, with all that in mind, you can only imagine how shocked I was to hear Reid say to me one day that he hated San Diego.
When I queried him why, he said, “Because every day, I see all the things I can’t have, and it torments me.” (Reid shown above with me and Cat Simon)

I now know what he was talking about because two of my children still live in California, my son Curtis is in San Diego, and my daughter Candis lives in LA, and they, as Reid said, can’t have most of what they see.

I, for one, can’t help but wonder why the people of California put up with the price of gas, around $6 a gallon, State income tax almost 13%, sales tax 10.75% not to mention not to mention the price of real estate. What do they get in return?
The folks in Canada are overtaxed too, but at least they get free health care; California gets homeless camps.


The maniacs always create the best art.

Speaking of artists and such, why do they think that because we like their art, we also like their politics?

Interestingly, Shania Twain thanks everyone for her success except Mutt Lange.

Unfortunately, when a man falls in love, he no longer listens to his brain; he follows his heart.

Who do you think handled their humble beginnings better, Dolly or Whitney?

Speaking of Dolly and Whitney, Dolly said that when she wrote and recorded “I Will Always Love You,” she bought a new car. But when Whitney recorded it, she bought a new home. 

If you had to, do you have anyone you could call right now?

You’re in charge of what you want to have happen.

Everybody’s got something to lose.

It takes a bunch of little things to create something huge.

The quieter you are at the start, the louder you can be at the end.

Even billionaires don’t have as much money as the CIA.

Is there any human braver than a fourteen-year-old girl?

I remember when we used to think of each state by its beauty, but now we think about it by its political leanings. Sad.

America’s heroes have always been bad guys, which might give you some insight into Trump’s appeal.

As long as I don’t look in the mirror, I don’t have to let the old man in.

The only women who don’t need to know how to cook are the pretty ones.

Now that the wife is out of the way, Kevin, can we finish up Yellowstone?

How come only men think women are innocent? 

The only women I trust are my daughters.

Do the liberals think that any of their accusations have any effect?

You can’t change where you’ve been, but you sure can change where you’re going. 

Has anyone accomplished more since the beginning of time than a white male? Hey, and they did it without dancing after every success.

When you understand why they put a round pizza in a square box and serve it up as a triangle, you’ll understand women.

There is no good excuse for laziness.

Did you know that 50% of bankruptcies in America are medically related?

Never always takes longer than always.

To become successful, one must become ambitious.

I work better when I’m angry.

I bought my first home when I was 23 and have owned seven more since. Unfortunately, my kids probably won’t own even one.

So if we turn the world over to women, can they do it without shrieking at the first scary thing that shows up?

Radio was much bigger before the Beatles.

Lowering your standards may save the moment, but it may also kill your future.

Just because the extreme left makes a lot of noise about something doesn’t mean ya gotta listen.

Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets replaced instead of greased.

There is no truth about the future, only hope.

Failure only occurs when you quit trying.

I wonder why CSX Railway hired an Automobile guy instead of a railway guy to run their railroad; it sure didn’t work out for radio when we went outside of our industry for our current leaders.

Speaking of CSX, I noticed the stock is also falling; what the hell else did you do?

Speaking of falling stock prices, it looks like Anheuser Busch can’t win for losing. First, they get involved with the Transgender movement, which upsets the right who stop buying their brands. Next, they decide to pull way back from that stance which upsets the left, so they also stop buying beers like Bud Light, etc.
I wouldn’t recommend buying Anheuser Busch stock at the moment.

Did you know that the best Chinese restaurant in Detroit is actually in Canada? I know; who gives a shit?

Speaking of giving a shit, there is no mention of homosexuals in the bible, and seeing as, at the time, they were everywhere; obviously, nobody gave a shit, so maybe we shouldn’t either.

Being a good-looking guy just gets you laid; being a good-looking woman gets you a hell of a lot more than that.

Wow, Robbie Robertson of the Band is gone.


Hugh Waley: Losing a parent is always tough to bear. Condolences and prayers to Cami and you in this time of grief and remembrance. (Kari & Cami through the years)
Geo: Thank you, Hugh.

Candis: Such beautiful photos. She will be very missed. Love you, Cami! (Kari & Cami through the years)
Dad: Thank you, honey.

Radio Geo’s Media Blog is a politically incorrect inside look at Radio, TV, Music, Movies, Books, Social Media, Politics, and Religion, but it’s mostly about Life, primarily written with men in mind.
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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Sure I would) Under construction

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The times they are a-changin’.
The other night, I was out with my daughter Cami and her friends Zack and Katherine (Sure I would).

We were at some redneck karaoke bar Called Willy’s in North Palm Beach, where after flirting with Katherine for a little bit, she told me that she had a musician boyfriend. (Much later, we actually got thrown out of the bar, but that’s another story for another time.)

Anyway, back to Katherine’s musician boyfriend, who wasn’t there to defend himself when I asked, “Does he have records hanging on the wall like I do,” she just laughed.
Then  I asked if she knew what his intentions were, and she said, “Well, I’m pretty sure he wants to fuck me.”
(Cami and Katherine are pictured on top)


Why do bad people always make more money than good folks?

So who’s more powerful in the city, the Mayor or the Godfather?

Once an employee sleeps with the boss, everyone knows that she’s now the assistant boss.

Everything you do has ramifications.

Sometimes you just need a shot of Whiskey.

Does anybody think that any soldiers fighting in the desert are worried about being politically correct?

The one thing you shouldn’t do is do nothing.

Why are liberals not against Transgenders competing in Women’s sports?

You can have all the talent in the world, but it won’t end well if you don’t do the work.

Un-fucking believable; I’m watching a tennis documentary where a player accuses the referee of calling his shot out because he was black.

Eventually, the spotlight will either burn out or burn you up.

How long do you suppose it will be until the rest of the world thinks of America as a black country, like they mistakingly think Canada is French?

Most people think they know more than they do.

Ain’t it strange how beautiful women always fall in love with successful men?

All you have is right now.

When I lived in Canada, I used to think that black people were superior to whites. Now that I live in America, not so much.

I wasted a lot of my life trying to impress my parents. Unfortunately, when I became one of the best at what I did, they had no idea what that was.

What father is anxious for his little girl to turn into a woman?

Why is being cool always slightly out of reach?

The real truth is women seduce men, not the other way around.

If the far left is against it, I’m definitely for it.

Only one percenters owned slaves; go fuck with them and leave the rest of us alone.

When you think that Jason Aldean’s record is worse than all the racist and sexist rap records, you’re fucked.

The only thing more powerful than beautiful women are rock stars.

Jesus wasn’t a Christian.

Always hang out with extraordinary people.

Explaining why you hurt someone doesn’t ease their pain.

 As I grow older, one of the things I’ve learned was never to give your daughters parenting or tattoo advice.

Men must learn to be fathers; women were born knowing

If you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, the ending is very predictable.

The only folks afraid of rich people is the government. I sure ain’t, are you?

The only way to keep secrets is by not having any.

Ordinary people don’t usually accomplish anything extraordinary.

One thing that Trump accomplished was getting more of us interested in politics, but I’m not sure that’s a good thing either.

Wealthy men like to decorate themselves with beautiful women, and beautiful women love to be decorations.

You don’t have to graduate from Harvard or MIT to develop something that will help the world.

Unfortunately, when women use their beauty to succeed, they become trapped in a world that will soon disappear.

Does anybody have a bigger ego than a General?

I wish my children could see themselves through my eyes.

Success is the result of doing many little things over and over and over again.

Most people are easy, but family ain’t.

Just cause you can doesn’t mean you should.

Do unions only care about the past?

How can you not become racist when a black kid is put in front of your kid at an Ivy League School because of their skin color?

I don’t think just having the right to vote is enough.

What could be better than winning a gold medal at the Olympics?

A smart person can help you fix something, whereas an intellectual probably can’t.

It’s easier to become comfortable with being uncomfortable than it is trying to be comfortable.

If no is not an option, then there are no options.


J2: Uncle Geo, The picture of Tay-Tay is AI pornification (a new term referring to the fact that young men, when armed with new tech, will always produce pornography) and not the actual photo: don’t believe you intended to do this, yet it will drive traffic to your blog! (Pretty Privileged)
Geo: Jim, I did later see the accurate picture where she was wearing a white bathing suit top under a see-through blouse. Somehow those naughty lads managed to make the white top disappear and replaced it with better boobs than she probably possesses.

Doug Thompson: In the 1960s, Jeff Barry took a Montreal teenage singer/songwriter under his wing, who did pretty, pretty, pretty good. That was Andy Kim, who also co-wrote “Sugar Sugar.” (Sugar Sugar)
Geo: Whew! I bet the royalties from that record were enough to keep them in fine wine for the rest of their lives.

Hugh Whaley: I agree with Bruce’s comment. That was a great quote. Can I steal it? I will give you credit, of course. (Who the Hell Are You Guys?)
Geo: Absolutely, Hugh, I probably stole it from someone, have at it.

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