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Lately, my Brother and I have been talking a lot about all the stuff that went on when we were growing up in Transcona.
We’re ten years apart, so I’ve just recently learned how different our upbringings were. 

Our Father was a stern taskmaster, and his rules were what caused me to be rebellious, but after hearing some of Reg’s stories, It sure sounds like he had it much worse.
For various reasons, I’ve been angry at my Dad for most of my life, which I’m now just beginning to deal with.

My Dad died during the busiest time of my career, which meant that I now spent most of my time on airplanes.
During one of those long flights on my way home from lord knows where, I was just kinda gazing out of the window, sorta daydreaming as I looked at all the billowy clouds slipping by us below.

My mind was wandering all over the place, and for some unknown reason, I started thinking about my Dad, which brought a tear to my eye.
Suddenly from out of nowhere, I was startled by the sound of his voice saying, “Don’t be sad about me, Son, I’m very happy now and doing fine, but I’m not so sure about you.

I wish you were taking better care of yourself and hope you’ll start working on your own happiness instead of just working.
I love you and am very proud of you,” and with that, his voice was gone.

Since then, I’ve felt a little better about our relationship, or lack of said same, although I must admit it’s tough being an orphan at any age because sometimes I sure could use his help.
(Sandy Johns pictured on top.)


Even though there are 31 days in many months, why does a monthly supply consist of 30?

If you did all that you’re capable of doing, you’d only surprise yourself.

All great radio stations began with a cause; however, I doubt that paying down the debt was one of them. 

So who’s a bigger ass, Peter Cetera of Chicago, John Fogerty of CCR, or Paul McCartney of the Beatles? All of them let the business of rock and roll become bigger than them being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the rest of their mates.

Don’t we wish all women were like the ones they write songs about?

You can never let the engineers get in charge of the art.

Ubiquity is coming.

Have you ever noticed that when your computer fucks up, it’s always your fault, not the Geeks?

The way it works is, whatever you believe, I believe that there’s a News channel that agrees with you.

If I were a woman, I’d rather be equal to a beautiful woman than some guy.

How come the managers of the Rock Stars are richer than those they manage? 

There’s nothing more sensuous than a woman who wants to get pregnant.

I don’t accept accolades or criticisms from people I don’t know. It’s kinda like, “Don’t Bro me if you don’t know me.

If you knew you only had 24 hours to live, where would you like to spend it, and with whom?

My folks had a hell of a lot more to protest about than we do, but they were too busy working to do so.

If money was no object, what object would you love to have.?

What if women had to qualify before they could marry a great man? What would the qualifications be?

When I married my wife, I did it for her.

The next time I’ll do it for myself.

All we are, are our experiences.

The only thing that makes us equal is a gun. It will kill anyone.

Only humans live in the mystic; animals don’t.

I’m not afraid of women who are smarter than me, just the ones who think they are.

I believe a child should be with their natural parents no matter the consequences.

I don’t believe the color of their skin makes someone better or worse than others.

Every child who doesn’t have a Dad in their life will probably be fucked up.

Men must realize that women can only produce a child for about 20 years, so when they start running out of time, they begin to lower their standers. How many of us wanna be that guy?

Unfortunately, to make money in the music biz, you don’t have to know anything about music.

I’m not comfortable living in a world where for no apparent reason, millionaires become billionaires overnight.

Big corporations don’t give a damn about their image; they just keep on gouging.

Hey Canada, how come I never hear or read about Paul Ski? He became a much bigger deal than we so-called legends.

How many times have you said thank you when what you really mean is fuck off?

I wonder what John Glenn’s wife thought about him going into space. Did she ever tell him?

Do poor people think that the rest of us owe them?

Is there any government facility that doesn’t claim to be underfunded?

You can’t change the world without changing the rules.

Do brilliant people handle dying better than the rest of us?

Why somebody fucked you over is much more interesting to women than it is to men.

If the government ever found out who or what caused Covid, do you think they’d tell us?


Winnipeg Wendy: I think it’s repugnant when people find others attractive because of what they have instead of who they are. Money is only money, but being surrounded by those who love you is special! I know you have both, so that’s wonderful. (Ever Greens)
Radio Geo: The only women in my life that I could ever count on to have my best interest in mind, Wendy, were my daughters. Tough for some sweet young new thing to get by either of them.

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