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I love driving up the beautiful California coast, which I’ve done several times while consulting KZST in Santa Rosa.
Two of those trips are very memorable because even though my Daughters are more than twenty years apart in age, I did the drive with them both when they were fifteen.

What made those trips so memorable, though, was even though my Daughters were not much alike, their attitudes at fifteen were identical.
You know what I’m talking about; walk ten paces behind me, don’t talk to my friends, sit at a different table when we’re eating out; this will be fine; drop me off right here (Two blocks from school) and, could you drive us to the mall, I’ll text you when it’s time to pick us up.

However, I’m pretty sure I handled being an embarrassment much better the 2nd time around.
But I guess because I didn’t follow Cami’s instructions to the letter, she seemed annoyed at me most times.
Thankfully, though, around the same time, I was privileged to overhear a conversation between my two daughters.
Candis was saying to Cami that she hoped she could be there the day Cami discovered just how brilliant her Father was, which she discovered herself many years ago. Cami looked at her like she was crazy!


Sometimes questions are good, but most times, they’re only self-serving.

The only thing about having daughters that’s not wonderful is the realization that you’ve got to protect them for the rest of your life.

I gotta believe that with the millions and millions of dollars, we’re sending to Ukraine, corruption must be running rampant; how could it not be?

Ignoring the existence of a problem, unfortunately, is much easier than solving it.

Much as we love them, no man ever falls in love with a BJ.

Most women know exactly what we want but hope we give them what they want long before giving us what we want if at all.

Did you notice that the World Champion Canadian Junior Hockey players didn’t kneel during the Canadian National Anthem?

If you could reconnect with an old love, what would you say?

So answer me this; why should you take anybody seriously who spends their mornings painting themselves and their afternoons getting Botox?

The only way you can predict the future is by creating it.

Men spend most of their money on women; women spend most of theirs on shoes, and neither makes much sense.

Did Harry marry Mehgan to get a green card?

Beautiful women aren’t any smarter than the rest; they’re just richer.

So, when do we get to respond to all those who claim all white people are bad?

Does anybody know what causes racism or makes people prejudiced?

Whenever “booty” gets involved in a deal, the deal is f*cked, right, John?

Kids are only cool if they’re yours.




Jed Duval: George, as someone who had the honor and privilege to try to implement and oversee many of the promotions you created for 1070 / WIBC-AM, I would like to add that a successful promotion is not only one that the air talent loves but one that shows forethought, preparation, and investment. The key to buy-in is belief in the simplicity and impact in audience response.  Your promotional ideas were easily understood and embraced by our listeners. Thank you. (Gordon Zlot)
Geo: No, thank you, Jed. However, the hardest part for me was getting the promotions past Hilliard. After that, the rest was easy.
According to, amongst other things, publisher Jerry Del Colliano, the time to stop chasing your dream is never.
Jerry Del Colliano: Thank you for the mention — I love to read your stuff to escape virtual reality and return to reality, if even for a few minutes, and after working at WFIL with Jim Hilliard, I share your love for this man and his brilliance. Keep going, my friend!
Jerry Del Colliano Professor Music Business Program
NYU Steinhardt Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions
Geo: Thanks for the read, Jerry; I hope all is well.

Wendy Homes: Hmmm, I wonder what a man’s shelf life is??? (Evergreens)
Radio Geo: As long as women think we have money, Wendy, we will remain attractive. Just ask the Asian and Russian ladies who hit on us daily.

Bill Gardner: I still remember when you hired me for the launch of KVIL (recently out of mornings at flame-throwing rock legend KCBQ San Diego), you told me KVIL Dallas was going to be a “middle-of-the-road” station appealing primarily to women.  I thought that meant when I got there, I’d be playing cover versions of all the hits by cover bands like Ray Coniff and “finger snappers” like John Davidson, Jerry Vale, Al Martino, Tony Bennett, etc.
Boy, did I have a LOT to learn about the definition of “middle of the road?
And one more time, thank you to legendary program director Jack McCoy for telling me while we were both at Bartell’s WMYQ-FM Miami, “there are some good radio people I want you to meet.” (Evergreens)
Radio Geo: Bill, it really was M-O-R Bill; I just used hit records to get the same texture. I’m not sure who came up with the term Adult Contemporary.
Bill Gardner: I don’t know who came up with the TERM “adult contemporary” either, but there’s absolutely no doubt who INVENTED the adult contemporary.SOUND and FORMAT…George Johns. Period!

Ron Below: George, did you forget that WNAP is one of the great stations that are now gone? As I traveled the Midwest as a record promo-man, whenever PDs/MDs learned I was from Indianapolis before moving to Chicago, they would start asking about NAP. Sadly, another one bit the dust. (The World)
Geo: Thanks, Ron; it’s been corrected, but I’m sure I missed many others too.
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