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Last week, I wrote about hearing my Dad’s voice as I was flying home from a client visit.
He said that I shouldn’t be sad because he was very happy now and just wanted me to work on my own happiness.

That was a very strange moment, but not the only one; something strange had happened twice before.
The first unexplainable event happened when I was the Program Director of CFRA in Ottawa, and my wife Lana and I decided to adopt a baby boy.

After doing all the paperwork, there was nothing to do but wait, so while doing so, we decided to visit our friends, the Hilliards, in Indianapolis.
While in Indy, we went to a new restaurant Barbara Hilliard was very excited about because they had a Sand Reader, and sure enough, right after dinner, a guy carrying a tray of sand showed up.

Once there, he told Lana to sign her name into the sand with her finger, and when she did, he suddenly looked at her in disbelief.
Then he said, “Hey, I only say what I see in the sand, and as ridiculous as this may sound, what I see is you becoming a brand new mother in the next few days.”

Sure enough, when we got back to Ottawa, we discovered that the adoption agency had been trying to get ahold of us for a couple of days to pick up our three-month-old son, Curtis Allen Johns.
The second strange event of this kind happened many years later at the State Fair in San Diego.

I was there with Jamie Gold, and when she spotted the tent of a Tarot Card Reader, she wanted to have her palm read, so what the hell, me too.
I can’t remember what the Pysic told Jamie, but I sure remember what she told me. “Ahh”, she said, “It looks as if there’s a baby girl in your future, but it won’t happen for another decade.

When I looked at Jamie, she said, “Don’t look at me; I’m not gonna have any kids.”
I never thought anything more about it until ten years later, almost to the day the beautiful Camera Anne Johns Summerfield was born.
(Cami is shown right below, and my baby boy Curtis is pictured on top with me)


Does anybody know what the black ladies think about the rich black dudes who date nothing but white chicks?

If you work both sides of the road, the grass is always greener.

Having the right to be wrong produces more rights than wrongs.

Doing something special is never convenient.

Most times, the life of the party doesn’t have a good life.

Normal is relative.

Only tech guys get away with no timelines.

When things are going well, nobody needs advice.

Is it just me, or since Covid, do most service people suck?

As Troy Aikman recently said, “The NFL is much better at figuring out new ways to make money than they are at putting a better product on the field.

Why do singers always want to talk when they perform?

Talent is never enough.

Every parent wants their kids to be happy, but how to do it is the question.

You become much smarter the moment you realize how stupid you are.

How lucky were the women the Super Stars fell in love with?

Being afraid to lose is a great motivator.

I was telling a friend about having a cold and saying that the worst part is, “I’m not good at feeling bad.” But then I thought, “That’s a great song title; I should give it to my old friends, Burton Cummings, and Randy Bachman; they’re the best at creating a hit song from just one line.

The only people who take radio seriously today are radio people.

Justifying a failure makes the failure twice as bad.

In a relationship, why is it always the man who has to change?

Jumping to conclusions rarely has a soft landing.


W.T.: George, one thing I always admired about your stations is that you never put slogans on the air about what kind of station it was or what kind of music it played. Listeners were trusted to figure out what it was, and if they liked it, nothing else mattered. After all, a lot of people might say, “I like rock,” or “I like country music,” but nobody ever said, “I like Adult Contemporary music.” (Evergreens)
Radio Geo: I think the reason we never used slogans, W.T., may have been because we didn’t know what the hell it was either. Oh, and you’re absolutely right about AC because there’s no such thing. No Artist ever went into the studio to cut an AC record.

Jennifer Randal: Geo, I love your Grandfatherly advice, right on.  I told my younger son that he didn’t have to get married as all his friends were doing. He actually listened! He tied the knot at 35. (The Secret of Life)
Geo: JJ, not only does he have a good-lookin’ mama bear, he has a very wise one.

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