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Even though Newspapers are fading away, there are still some great ones, like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the LA Times, and the Washington Post.

A few years ago, I remember attending a radio convention in DC with Jamie Gold, who, before she got into electronic journalism, used to work for the Washington Post.
When Jamie asked if I would like a tour of the Post, I said hell yes, who wouldn’t want to visit the place where Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein brought Nixon down?

Upon our arrival, we discovered a big lineup at the door, but because the guards recognized Jamie, they waved us on through.
When we got to what I believe was the third floor, she showed me the desks where Woodward and Berstein had sat as they unraveled Watergate. Wow, how cool was that?

Another thing that she showed me that I found amazing was the evergreen room.
This, Jamie explained, is where they store news stories of various shapes and sizes, which they used to fill in all the spaces between the ads.

What, I said, “Are you telling me that all the stories in the great Washington Post aren’t current?” “Nope,” she said; “In fact, some may be a couple of years old, but they don’t read old; that’s why they call them evergreens.” Color me shocked.

On the way out, I noticed that the line at the door had grown even longer, but, surprisingly, they weren’t lined up to see the inner workings of the Washington Post; they wanted to watch the teletype as it printed out the news from all over the world.
Unlike we radio folks who were tired of putting another roll of paper in the machine or unjamming it, they found it amazing. (See photo on top)


Every week, I receive an email from some company claiming that they deposited another $9950.99 in my bank account, but I’ve yet to see any of it. They wouldn’t be trying to scam me, would they?

The one sport Canadians are the best at is hockey; in fact, they’re world-class. In fact, Canadians are so good at hockey that I think Canada should have more NHL teams. How about some teams in Victoria, Kelowna, Regina, Saskatoon, Hamilton, Quebec City, and Halifax? How exciting would that be, Eh! 

Athletes and beautiful women have something in common, they both have a shelf life of about twenty years.

Just because the radical left and the religious right are loud doesn’t mean we’re listening. In fact, trying to figure out how we can let them have at each other. However, they have to promise to leave us out of it.

In 1972 when we launched a brand new format on CFTR in Toronto, everyone in the radio business thought we’d gone rock. Then when we did it again on KVIL in Dallas in 1973, all the radio folk there also thought that the station had gone rock. The only people who knew we hadn’t were the ladies in both cities. The new format soon became known as Adult Contemporary, and after forty years, it’s still the most popular format in the whole world.

To me, if it’s not rated ‘R,’ it’s a fantasy movie intended for kids.

When I asked why America is more upset about slavery than they are about the Holocaust, I was told that it was because Holocaust didn’t happen on our shores.

Do computer geeks have groupies?

We always hear about the women who helped their man’s careers, but I’m thinkin’ that there must be some who ruined them.

The love between a man and a woman is always conditional.

How old do you have to become until you no longer have to be practical?

Hey, radio heads, ponder this. “The more talented you are, the less local you have to be; however, if you’re both, you’re unbeatable.”

Creativity begins at the boundaries.

I find it amazing that Neil Simon, as he was growing up, would keep a few notes about his life which he later turned into award-winning Broadway Plays.

Before Social Media, I felt uninformed; now, I mostly feel misinformed.

Would an NFL coach lie to the press about a player’s injury? Of course not.

What I dislike about most governments is how they create things to scare us, and then they try to persuade us that only they can protect us from what they created.

Speaking of scaring us, the TV stations in South Florida, while doing the weather, spend most of their time warning us about all the Hurricanes that claim may appear during the summer months. I guess they’ve figured out that when the Hurricanes don’t show up, we’ll be happy, so we won’t say, “Hey, man, what the hell happened to the Hurricanes you predicted?” 

Men indeed outnumber women in the upper 1%, but they also outnumber them in the bottom 1%.

So, has all the pandering and political correctness fixed anything yet?

Hey Joe, how’s it going for you? For us, not so good, but thanks for asking. We’re a little pissed that the oil companies gouging us, product shortages, interest rates rising, and inflation is climbing as Wall Street drops. Oh, and the homeless are still living in the streets. But then again, I guess it’s not all bad; at least you made it possible for the guys who think they’re girls to play for the girls’ teams now.

I’m kinda ok with the rich; it’s the wealthy who need to be investigated.

Do people fighting for their lives really use politically correct words to describe their adversary?

Hey Toronto, I think the only way the Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup is by putting an NHL team in Hamilton. Then they’d have to win something to be able to sell season tickets. 

Everybody’s stupid about something. 

One of the strange things about being white is, unlike other races, when asked to describe ourselves, we don’t begin with, “I’m a white male.”

So, who has to be in power before you’ll die for your country? 

I find it very convenient that the bad stuff our government has done is always classified.

Is anybody automatically treated with respect? 

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