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As I do my Thanksgiving adventure to California which started out with e plane cancelations and being told about an hour out of LA that the train no longer stops in Burbank it reminded me of my trip across Canada with my brother Reg.
A few months ago, we decided to meet in Toronto, where we would hop on the Canadian. However, my getting to Toronto from West Palm Beach proved to be the trip from hell.

When I showed up at PBI, I was told that my passport and vaccination card weren’t enough; I also needed a “Travel-Can card.” WHAT!
Thankfully, with the help of some great A/A employees, I finally figured out how to get it, but had already missed my flight, so they rerouted me through Philadelphia. (Can Card pictured below) Unfortunately, my layover in Philly was a long one, so when I asked Dacia (pictured with me on top) where I could find a little wine to pass the time, little did I know that the future was about to slap me in the face.
Dacia directed me down the hall to a couple of bars, and once there, I discovered a nice wine bar that wasn’t crowded, so I sat down and looked around for a wine list.

When I asked Christian, the bartender, for a wine list, he told me that it was on the iPad in front of me.
Oh, oh, not being very computer literate, I wrestled with it for about 15 minutes before asking Christian for some help.

When he came around the bar and worked with the iPad for about 20 more minutes, I finally got a glass of wine.
When I asked him how long it would have taken if I could have just asked him for a glass of wine, he said, “About 2 minutes.”

Then, when I asked him how popular this method was, he said, “Not at all, and in fact, we’re losing customers with it, but the owners don’t care because it’s the future, Man!”


Why does saying goodbye sometimes not feel like sweet sorrow but more like you’re gonna die?

The government should charge a % tax on gasoline instead of the fixed cents per gallon they do now. That way, someone besides the oil companies would benefit from the price gouging.

Other than they’re paid to do so, why would the government bail out any big business?

Who do you trust enough to tell all your secrets to?  

I wish the pros would let us know what games they’re gonna lay down in so that we don’t have to pay those exorbitant ticket prices to watch them do so.

The person who complains the loudest about something is sometimes responsible for the problem.

I love how in almost every John Travolta movie,  there always seems to be a dance scene.

When you become a father of a daughter,  you realize very quickly that your job is to protect them from everything, including themselves.

How come when I hear the words, “You can trust me,” I begin to wonder?

Since we began using computers, everything has sped up, so we can solve problems much faster. Unfortunately, though, the problems seem to be getting more complicated.

The fewer people who can do what you do, the richer you’ll become.

So if you add up all the things that Scientists have created over the years, how do you think Father Time will judge them?

In the real world, I’m nothing, but in my world, I’m everything.

Whose better lookin’, a beautiful woman in a little black cocktail dress or a decent-looking guy in a custom-made Hugo Boss tuxedo?

Has a beautiful woman ever told you that she loved you, but you foolishly didn’t buy it, so you went out of your way to fuck it up? I did a couple of times. 🙁 

So, do I have this right, the fact that a man will give up his life to protect the woman he loves is just a given?

The only thing that can turn a big tough guy into mush is a little girl.

The only people who should lead us are those with the ability to do so but are reluctant to do so.

Every week for what seems like years, all I’ve heard is, “They’re closing in on Trump; looks like he’s done for,” and yet there he is still standing.

If you ever wonder about how great Paul McCartney is, ponder this. He does a three-hour stage show and doesn’t even come close to doing all of his music.

Speaking of Sir Paul, I wonder how pissed American artists are about the fact that they’ll never become Sir Anything, like Sir Mick, Sir Tom, Sir Van, and Sir Elton, to name a few.


Doug Herman: Your title of this piece brought to mind a line The Promotion Master Jack McCoy included in on-air promos for one of the station promotions we syndicated. I had to pick up a sizable bar tab when the whole office went out to celebrate “Money For Nothin’ and Checks For Free! That became the centerpiece of the whole promotion. Those were some high-adrenaline times! (Money For Nuthin’)
Geo: Radio could use some Jack McCoy magic at the moment, Doug.

JJ: The Russian Mafia is not holding up America. I think they are holding up the Biden administration. When the real truth comes out, people will know ‘the rest of the story! Plus, if we would only turn on our gas and oil, no country could hold us hostage. Why are the people not screaming about pumping our oil and gas? Electric cars are not the answer. (Money for Nuthin’)
Geo: Ahh, the ever lovely JJ checks in. I agree with you, Jenn, but my point about the Russian Mafia was with Russia falling in disfavor around the world, I think their days in America may be numbered.

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  1. Bruce Devine: George, the app is called Arrive-Can….actually it’s pretty easy & the USA has an equivalent. my summer place is in the 1000 Islands & the USA is less than a mile away. I go to the USA by boat quite a bit, I land in the USA & return to Canada without actually seeing a soul. the guy comes on my cell phone through the app & asks the usual questions via video chat & emails me my Proof of Entry…don’t have to go to some designated check-in location, line up, etc..they already know exactly where I am, they can see via my cell phone…Easy (The Future)
    Geo: Yep, it looked easy, Bruce, but two hours later, me and two AA check-in attendants were still struggling with it.

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