Geo’s Media Blog (I Wish I Could Have Patented It) 10/03/22

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The late Ted Rogers once told me that in order to become even more successful than you already are, sometimes you have to leave behind those that brung ya.
I ended up doing that when I left for America with a format that we created in Toronto tucked under my arm. (Mr. Rogers shown above)

However, I now realize that it would have been much more fun if all my Canadian radio buddies like #GaryRussell, #RogerKlein, #MichaelCranston #KeithElshaw, #WoodyCooper #DocHarris #RickMoranis, #SandyHoyt, #Earl Mann, #SharonHenwood, #JoelThompson, #KenSebastionSinger, and #StirlingFaux, had been at my side when I launched the format in Dallas on KVIL and forty other radio stations across America.

It all started back in Saskatoon, where I was a rookie PD, and because of all the government regulations I was faced with, I began thinking about how to get around them.
Eventually, I left Saskatoon for CKSO in Sudbury and then on to CFRA in Ottawa, where I tried out a few of the elements of the new format before doing the whole thing for real at CFTR in Toronto.

The above-mentioned folks were not only very special, but they were also part of what became the most listened to Radio format on the planet, Adult Contemporary. (AC)


I see a lot of beautiful young ladies driving Bentleys, Mercedes, Jaguars, and BMWs. However, I seldom see young guys doing the same; where’s the equality in that?

Which of our many Presidents had as much dignity or class as the Queen? So how do Dads handle the fact that their daughters ended up on the pole?

You can’t argue pain away.

Back in the day, if somebody were acting crazy, two big guys wearing white hospital smocks would show up, and after putting them in a special jacket with extra long sleeves, they’d whisk them away in a van. Now they’re on the internet ranting.

I’m not sure what women think when a beautiful woman walks in the room, but I do know that the men are thinking, “I wonder who’s fucking her?

I loved smoking, but when the tests said that it was bad for you, I quit. However, I was hoping that  Mr. Fairbanks was right when he said, “Maybe we just need stronger test rats.”

Ain’t it funny when poor people get money, they act exactly like the people they most detest?

I think my next favorite QB after Brady is “Wonderboy,” Justin Herbert of LAC.

Speaking of football, how has inserting women into the TV mix worked out so far? Are any women watching yet?

So far, Top Gun Maverick has taken in 1.3 Billion even though China and Russia have banned it. Didn’t they also ban Rock & Roll and Blue Jeans too? How did that work out?

I love America except for their guilt; get over it.

My Grandson, who wants to go to Harvard, is in the upper half percent of American students, plays violin for the Pasadena Philharmonic, plays varsity football and soccer, runs track, is on the debate team, etc., etc. He should be a shoo-in, right? Nope, he’s a white kid.

Speaking of white kids, I wonder how many of the folks who got to jump in front of them because they were minorities became anything?

I find it amazing watching “House of The Dragon” that even though nobody back then had oil or electricity, they still managed to not only survive but also traveled the world.

What are all those updates we get for our phones and computer supposed to do?

Does anybody know how handing out scholarships to minorities is turning out? They still seemed pissed.

Just ’cause you don’t see it don’t mean it ain’t there.

Do rules really accomplish anything other than then making us want to figure out how to break them?

I can’t believe how “yesterday” Trump is looking these days, but then again, Biden looks prehistoric. Are these guys the best you can come up with, Washington?

Hey California, when are you gonna use some of that money you’re extorting with your high taxes to help the homeless?

The government can take you from poverty to the middle class, but they can’t make you rich; only you can do that.

Ahh, is that the smell of risk in the air? Success must be on its way.

Don’t you love how they love to tell you the stadium’s name and assume that we know what city it’s in?

I would rather have less government and more regulations than more government and fewer regulations.

My favorite part of the Elvis movie was when Elvis defied the Colonel after the embarrassing Steve  Allen show and became himself again.

Speaking of mismanagement, you would think that the Beatles would be smarter than a poor southern boy. NOT!

My favorite thing about Elvis was how he shared with his friends. However, I can only wonder if Scotty, Bill, DJ Fontana, the Jordanaires, the Stampedes, and the Sweet Inspirations had any idea what the hell was going on.

As bad as the Colonial turned out to be, one can only assume that if the superstars just managed themselves, how could it turn out any worse? Hey, my friends, The Guess Who had a vendor machine guy managing them??

Things must be getting really lean in radio, now they’re chopping Presidents.

Is there a line that, when crossed, you’re no longer required to treat a woman like a lady?

Even the smartest men in the world aren’t smart enough not to be distracted by a beautiful woman.

Rich people, no matter their race, are exactly the same. Greedy!

“Hey, give me more of that national radio stuff,” said no listener ever.

Chasing profit and taking care of the environment at the same time don’t go together.

I find it amazing that Elvis was always uncomfortable before every show. I wonder if the Beatles were?

Speaking of the Beatles, as “cheeky” as they claimed to be about meeting Elvis, they, like us, were blown away.

Can you imagine how wonderful the lives of Elvis and The Beatles would have been if they had the balls to tell management that they needed the same amount of time off between gigs as a pro athlete?

The best things in life don’t have a price tag, they’re priceless.

Things happen for a reason, but according to Bobby Cole, not all the reasons are good.

The only men who get to hang out with beautiful women whenever they want are those who don’t need to.

Being physically strong is not near tough enough.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers win another one to stay on top of the western division. Go, Big Blue!

Speaking of football, Grandson Nathaniel scored another touchdown for the Polytech Panthers on  Friday night. Go, Nathaniel.


Bruce Buchanan: Yes, KVIL, WRMF. (Buppa Reveals Some Secrets)
Geo: I have to disagree, Bruce; KVIL died and now has the same ratings they had when Fairbanks first bought it. WRMF, after suffering a few bad years, retooled and is doing well now.

Buzz Barnet:…..& apparently, the chump known as Trump is still strong enough to make Your blog! Stop that!@ (Nothin’ But!)
Geo: I’m amazed by all the press coverage he gets, Buzzy. We should have used some of his tricks when we were playing radio.

Jed Duvall: Time-Warner is now owned by the people who own the Discovery Channel and their affiliated cable/streaming channels that usually play it straight down the middle, like Jim Hilliard and Johnny Mercer. In addition of trying to end the profligate spending at Warner (which A.T.&T. never got a true handle on), Discovery C.E.O. wants his acquisition to do two things:  Be profitable and keep the ratings up. So, for C.N.N., over-the-top partisanship is tempered down, and C.N.N. will go back to the days of Bernard Shaw and Peter Arnett.  Station owner NextStar (also the owner of WGN-AM) is taking portions of what used to be “WGN America” and also offering a balanced commentary news channel, “NewsNation”.  (I love their morning news show, “Morning in America”.  The only mistake they have made was hiring Chris Cuomo, who was probably directly hired by the guy NextStar put in charge of the channel, Michael Corn, who had been the Senior VP and producer of A.B.C.-TV “Good Morning America” but was politely pushed out by A.B.C.’s attorneys after years of complaints of sexual harassment of staffers (so NextStar has two serial TV news people with a very sordid harassment history). (Nothin’ But!)
Geo: Only you would know all this stuff, Jed.

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4 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (I Wish I Could Have Patented It) 10/03/22

  1. Doug Thompson: A Vice President at CHUM Toronto often said to me: “Don’t care more than the owners.” I always thought that was bullshit…and still do.
    Geo: Jim Hilliard used to say, Mr. Fairbanks may own the joint, but we run it, so it bears our name, treat it accordingly.

  2. Dave Charles:Would love to have worked with Ted Rogers in my career. Lucky you. I’m partnering with John Perras if SFI (Sales Fundamentals Inc.) The big hurt for radio is sales training and sales marketing. John has some great successes behind him on the radio and brand side. We’re also going to provide our clients with ‘TEXT SALES TACTICS.’ Lots of fun! Hope you didn’t get any damage in the latest hurricane. What a bloody mess! (Patented It)
    Geo: Good for you on staying active, Dave. Yes, Ted was a true visionary, no fear. Oh, and the storm, very bad; glad it missed me.

  3. Michael Cranston:Is it too late for you to hire me in Dallas??? (Patented it.)
    You would have sounded great, Man!

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