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The other day, I heard “A Taste of Honey ” by Herb Alpert and the Tiauna Brass on the radio, which brought back memories of my Dad, who loved TJB, and a vivid memory of legendary promotion guy Charlie Minor. (Pictured above)

Charlie and I are walking across the lot of A&M Records right after meeting with his boss, Herb Alpert.
I proposed a joint venture between A&M Records and the Class FM radio stations where we’d produce a “Love Songs” Album using tunes A&M already had in their vault.

As we walked toward Charlie’s office, I asked him how he thought the meeting went.
He said, “I could tell the boss liked you, and I think he found your proposal interesting.” “Great,” I responded, “So what happens now?”

“Absolutely nothing,” he replied, and when I asked him what he meant, he said, “George, what you want would require a lot of work, and Herb would rather have fun.”
“Fun,” I questioned, “Yeah,” Charlie said; “He’d prefer going into the studio with some unknown group to record an unknown tune than look up who owns the songs you want for your album.”

“Wow,” I said, “Charlie, I think there’s a lot of money waiting for us with this project.”
“I think you’re right,” he responded, “But what you don’t understand is when guys like Herb record new stuff, nine times out of ten, they’re wrong, but they’re still multi-millionaires.”


The price you pay for success is that which you have to give up to achieve it.

Selfishness is always followed by even more selfishness. He, who is not becoming wiser with each passing day, is dying.

According to Einstein, reality doesn’t have a mathematical equation, so it may not even exist.

Besides the lucky sperm club, I don’t think luck has much to do with anything..

Sitting here slightly right of center as a centrist, there is no doubt the left is afraid of Trump. If he’s as bad as they claim, you’d think they’d want to run against him?

Every generation is charged with passing down wisdom to their children. Luckily, all my children are smarter than me.

If it’s true that the highlights of your life pass before your eyes as you’re dying, I’m gonna have a slow death. 

Patents are monopolies, and monopolies are un-American.

How stupid are the people who own women’s clothing stores and don’t provide a chair for the guy who’s gonna pay for all that shit?

Happiness shared is real happiness.

I’m unsure who was impressed when they began calling the radio sales folks account executives, but it certainly wasn’t me.

Hey, Mr. Politician, there’s a bunch of pretty not-so-innocent 20-year-old interns working in DC, but if you touch them, they can ruin your career.

Whatever happened to former Prince Harry, and old what’s her face?

Success, to me, is internal satisfaction.

Try as they might, no politician or rich person has ever been able to conquer or control love.

Remember when “overnight” used to be fast?

Hey, Singer Island, in South Florida, do you have any idea how much money you’d save if your zip code and Riviera Beach were different?

I wonder how long the American people will tolerate the politicians, executives, and athletes making all that huge money when they can’t afford to buy a home. How long did it go on in France before the guillotine came out?

Do you find it strange as I do that the only people who want the government’s help are the rich and poor?

Speaking of wants and needs, before marrying, a man better figure out if the woman he’s involved with wants or just needs him. If it’s both, the marriage has a shot; otherwise, it’s doomed. 

Why is everything going up except wages?

The biggest media failures so far have to be Consolidation, HD Radio, and 3D TV.

Unlike humans, AI can’t visualize the future.


Jerry Kiefer: How’d you forget the prize closet? You got all the rest… (Jargon)
Geo: Had to leave a little something for ya, Jerry.

Steve Eberhart: “..why not turn over some radio signals to kids?” Interesting question because “back in the day” when radio was great, weren’t we all just kids running these multi-million-dollar properties? Look at stations today; there aren’t many 19 or even 25-year-old air talent out there, much less 25-year-old program directors with fresh from-the-street ideas that lead to greatness.  Many 55+ program directors and managers don’t have ANY fresh ideas other than reducing costs to temporarily make the bottom line look better to the board of directors. (Jargon)
Geo: You’re so right, Steve; when I was in my early thirties, Ted Rogers turned his radio station in Toronto over to me so I could put a new format on the air that had never been heard before. One of us had to have been crazy.

Mike Buxser: We lived by the motto, if we can dream it, we can do it. Working in radio was a labor of love.  It wasn’t a job; it was an all-in way of life. We lived and breathed it.  When we weren’t in the station creating great radio, we were hanging out with each other at a local watering hole talking radio. That passion, energy, and commitment to excellence is gone. We were proud to be in radio. Today, it seems so corporate and emotionally dead. There’s a sameness to what you hear.  I was blessed to have spent 50 years doing radio from 1968-2018. I miss what it was, but I was happy to get out when I did. It’s time to let the corporate geeks finish ruining the business. George, keep up the good work. (What Happened)
Geo: Well said, Mike.

Randy Kabrich: 50 years ago, 14-18 minutes of spots were standard, as were breaks between almost every song. The circle is complete. (What Happened.)
Geo: In the late ’70s, Randy, we ran 19 spots an hour and had a 19 share in Indy. The difference was I had the power to pull the spots I didn’t like.

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