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What if the photos above were true instead of being created by AI?
Or, what if George W’s advisors were lying to him and there were no WMDs in Iraq?” (Of course, they were)

Then again, how about the theory that there was more than one sniper taking part in JFK’s assassination?
Hey, what about the one that speculates that we knew about the pending attack on Pearl Harbor but did nothing so the public would be ok with us becoming involved in World War II?

Then, of course, there’s the rumor that the Air Force was hiding the remains of aliens from outer space in Area 51 when they crashed near Roswell, New Mexico.
Oh yeah, how about all those UFOs, Big Foot, and the Loch Ness Monster sightings?

Then there’s the conspiracy theory that claims we faked the Moon landing.
I used to think that most of the above was bullshit, just as I did the “House of Cards.”. Now I’m not so sure.


Doug Thompson: George, what about layovers and ‘puker’, aka ‘Ronnie Radio’? “Walking the post? You’ve got a splicing block and tape, but I didn’t see a one-sided razor blade. Of course, that may have meant something different once the FM stoners came along. Oh, and PSAs.(Jargon)
Geo: I knew there’d be more Dougie

Ray A Whitworth: The days of imagination, originality, creativity, and personality with innovation are gone. Their replacements are real estate brokers, AI, and account directors pretending to be Program Directors. Several internet radio stations have been born, and more to come. One station is Seacoast Radio, located in Maine. They only have TWO MINUTE BREAKS every 20 minutes. Just like it was 60 years ago. What was old and disregarded was an era of compelling creativity, and some internet stations are rebuilding that era. I have not tuned into a terrestrial radio station for information or entertainment since 2007. It left me, and I found internet radio, with no subscriptions to listen to. I hear Chickenman again, American Top 40 with Cassey Kassem, Firesign Theater, and special shows doing “Rockumenteries.” Corporate radio needs to wake up. (What Happened)
Geo: Those were the days, my friend; we thought they’d never end.

Jack Schell: Yo!, George! I forgive you for not including one of the major radio jargons, Dee-Jays. S’ok.  Y’know? (Jargon)
Geo: Had to leave a little something for ya, Jack; otherwise, I’d never hear from ya, Y’know. 🙂

Randy Kabrich: …”Speaking of the young, let’s turn a few radio signals over to some kids and see what they come up with.”.”Somewhere in the late 90s, after the Evergreen/Chancellor merger but before the Clear Channel/Chancellor merger, there was a long interview with Jim DeCastro who was then running Chancellor after Scott Ginsberg’s sudden departure. It was in R&R iirc and attempted to justify the ability to own 5 properties on a band. In essence, his argument for owning 5 signals was so the Companies could take more risk experimenting and programming one of the signals towards an underserved portion of the audience that did not have to be a winner. I could only laugh when reading the article and said to myself, “Is anyone buying into this?” Yes, that’s what investors and Wall Street want to hear, as it’s so good for stock prices! The FCC ate it up, though. In retrospect, it’s hard not to argue that the biggest risks were taken by Companies when their back were to the wall with one signal they had to invest in to get it right because there was no other option. Look at Evergreen with WLUP, KKBT, and even later with WKTU in New York. One signal. It was all in. No option but to make it work, yet these were not head-on attacks but finding an opening that wasn’t being served. And serving them. (Jargon)
Geo: As I learned years ago, Randy, rich guys only part with their money when they’re desperate. Back in the day of one AM and one FM per market, they thought they’d lose money if they weren’t #1. So, out of desperation, they’d turn their radio stations over to Mavericks.

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