Who Do I Have To F#*k. (New for Oct 03/16) #4 of my 12 most read Blogs in 2016

When Randy Bachman left The Guess Who he formed a group called Brave Belt along with Chad Allan the former front man of the Guess Who. Randy’s brother Gary (pictured with me) who managed the band finally felt that he had to tell Randy that it was time for him to lose the James Taylor shit and do what he did best and what he had always done best was to rock. He also suggested that his brother needed to check out Frend Turner at a local Winnipeg club as soon as he could to hear him sing “The House Of The Rising Sun.” Yhe only thing wrong with that plan was that Randy who was a Morman wasn’t allowed to go into a club unless he was playing in it. Gary solved the dilema by throwing open the fire escape doors at exactly 10:00 PM the next night so Randy who was standing in the parking lot could hear Fred sing the Animals legindary tune and Bachman Turner Overdrive was born at that very moment.
In order to get it you may need to deserve it.
You should do your radio show for the type of people you want listening to it.
I remember when other nations used to wait for America to invent a new radio format, now they try to sell us theirs.
The way it usually works is when a radio person sells a campaign it was good salesmanship that got it done but when they lose one it was always about bad ratings.
Speaking of sales I believe that most people advertise to move product not because commercials are cheap.
A radio station’s financial success is based on how much you can charge for a commercial not how little..
At the age of 30 most women lose their appetite for bars and new music.
There are actually six sides to every story not two.
If you control the language you control the room and the budget.
Firing people is a lot easier than starting fires in them.
Nobody will ever offer you a piece of the rock you always have to ask for it.
The fastest way to get the billing up on a radio station is by hiring more sales people.
Rich guys only like to share the downside.
Surrounding yourself with people smarter than you makes you the smartest person in the room. 
Speaking of smart, every time you realise that something is possible you just got a whole lot smarter.
The brain only has so much capacity for memories so in order to remember something you have to forget something. What would you like to forget?
The reason there is so much negativity in the world is because the dark side is 10 times more powerful than the brighter side.
Being normal gets you a free ticket to nowhere.
Most successful people owe their success to a lot of other people.
It’s easy to make a good living if you’re doing what you love doing.
If you wanna make a lot of money you have to be the best in the world at something.
The quest of a man should be to become what his 4-year old already thinks he is.
To most people opportunity just looks like more work.
Unhappiness may be best be described as being in the place between what you have and what you have not.
I know of no beautiful woman searching for equality.
My obligation to a woman shows up when she claims that she loves me. 
You can’t go around or sidestep failure, you’ve gotta blast right through it.
You only need to do one thing really well in order to become successful.

When I was a kid I wanted my hair to look like Tony Curtis’ but I never even got close. RIP Tony.

Speaking of Tony Curtis legend has it that when he and Kirk Douglas and were doing an epic desert movie together they were sitting in their deck chairs underneath the boiling sun waiting to be called as a thousand extras were riding back and forth across the sand. Wiping the sweat and sand off his brow Kirk finally turned to Tony and said, “who the hell do I have to f##k to get off this movie set”.

Joe Amaturo was the one who suggested that my attending the Manitoba Institute of Technology was too many words and needed to be shortened for my resume to MIT.

I loved how at Vin Scully’s special night at Dodger stadium when each player came up to bat they took off their hat and saluted Vin up in the broadcast booth.

Watching the debate I realized that I was just watching two rich people arguing about how they were gonna distribute my money because they’ve already got theirs protected.

Hey DC we the middle class are the economy so we don’t ask we demand representation or we’re gonna scare the hell out of you. (looks like we did huh)

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8 thoughts on “Who Do I Have To F#*k. (New for Oct 03/16) #4 of my 12 most read Blogs in 2016

    • Gary is in Real Estate so I guess it’s an early bird thing. People look at things differently Bruce which we always thought were black and white or right and wrong, then along came grey.

    • Thanks for the read Bill and also the birthday wishes. I’m glad that you got a few chuckles out of my Blog even though it’s a little light in the flying humor because as you well know I find nothing at all funny about flying. 🙂

      • I believe your exact words when I flew you to Dallas from San Antonio were, “I’m going to keep my eyes peeled on these gauges and never look out the window. If any of them go in the red, I’m going to start screaming. You pilots keep calm with a straight face right down to the crash!”

        I can hear those who know you saying, “That sounds like George.”

        We made it successfully of course.

        You lived you see THIS birthday….a good thing!

        • I think the reason I’m still here Bill may be because I prayed to the airplane gods often and didn’t ride in planes as often as I could of. I was in Jack McCoy’s plane once when the pilot let one tank go dry before he restarted the engine on the new tank. Scared the shit out of me!

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