King John’s Son. (New Sept 26/16) #8 of my 12 most read Blogs for 2016

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While dining one evening with the Hilliard’s (pictured) at the Ritz Carlton in Aspen, I asked our server whether he recommended the salmon or the chicken. With a holier than thou British accent he replied, “only the Colonel makes good chicken sir.” Not being able to distinguish between the various accents of the Brits, I asked where he was from and when he proudly replied Wales I couldn’t resist telling him that I had a Welsh name. Without missing a beat and through clenched teeth he queried “and just what Welsh name would that be sir.” When I replied Johns, he said … Ahh, the son of King John! This, of course, ended any research I may have had on the subject.


I predict that the NFL players who don’t stand for the national anthem won’t ever be inducted into the Hall of Fame. I also predict that a bunch of them won’t have any money at the end of their career because as smart as they appear to be about their rights, some will be too dumb to wear a condom. Can you say tons of child support!

There is no greedier woman than a scorned one.

Won’t is 10 times stronger than will.

Can’t is also right up there.

You first have to decide what you want out of life before you begin to go after it.

The most creative thing about radio today is what they name the format.

Some stereotyping is well deserved.

Would you care about breaking the law if it meant you had a shot at saving your child’s life?

Just because you haven’t personally seen it doesn’t mean it does not exist.

Gifted people are only comfortable hanging out with each other but creative people can hang with anybody.

An apology with an excuse is not an apology.
Why do people who never take advice insist on giving it?

Listening to advice requires a lot more brainpower than giving it does.

Nature has a way of reminding you of how small you really are.

Fear is a great motivator but you have to learn how to master it or it will master you.

Money doesn’t make an ugly woman pretty but it works wonders for a man.

Refraining from saying something you mean or saying something you don’t mean is called acting in Hollywood but not tolerated elsewhere.

Love and hate are closely related but indifference sure ain’t.

I only get angry with the people I care about.

How can anybody miss the fact that the first part of show business begins with show?

The new big idea is everything until the smallest of details brings you to your knees.

Even though over 300 million listen to radio and yet the leaders of radio can’t figure out how to make a buck. Time for new fools I figure.

When you see the movie “Spotlight” it kinda makes you look at religion differently huh?

Has anybody thought to ask where all those protesters in Charolotte came from?

Being old and wise has a very short shelf life.

Wow the hunny bunny just turned 33, don’t remember having a plan for that.

There’s not a lot of growth available for know-it-alls.

So if The Dolphins and Texans can’t beat New England’s 3rd string Quarterback, what the hell is the rest of the NFL gonna do when Brady comes back rested and also pissed.

I’m much better than all of my enemies but not yet equal to most of my friends.

Sad, Arnie and Chong are both gone.

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