Want Women To Hit On You? (New For Oct 10/16)


A few years ago while doing some work at a real jazz radio station in Toronto I had the pleasure of meeting Ken Burns of NPR fame. Ken (pictured above) who only looked about 15 at the time had just released his documentary on Jazz and was at the station as a special celebrity guest to help them out with their fundraising. While being interviewed by the know-it-all afternoon drive host it quickly became apparent that the guy had an axe to grind and had been laying in wait for Ken. In the very first few minutes of the interview, he literally tore into him about all the great players that he’d missed in his documentary but Ken claimed that he’d got them all and more. In fact, Ken said that he had interviewed everybody who was even remotely anybody. This only made the host even angrier so he loudly said, “are you trying to tell me that these guys aren’t anybody” then proceeded to read off a list that he must have prepared earlier. Ken heard him out and with a smile on his lips agreed that not only were they great players but that he’d actually interviewed each and every one of them. Unfortunately, Ken continued, they had nothing interesting to say so I had to leave them on the cutting room floor.


The more unique it is the more valuable it is.

The past exists only when you think about it.
It’s always good to think big while wallowing in life’s smallest pleasures.
OK by now there has to be one good thing to come out of consolidation. I’ll wait!
Brent Farris claims that dating girls who are 49ers fans is the best ’cause they love to party and aren’t expecting a ring anytime soon.
If you wanna be a radio star do your show only for those who are not listening.
A leader like an artist must have the ability to make others see what they see.
I wonder how many other countries also claim to be the best in the world.
Paraphrasing George Orwell a little, I believe that real news is when the newscaster tells me the truth about something that somebody else doesn’t want me to hear. The rest is just publicity.
How come being a straight white American male doesn’t feel as privileged and powerful as those who ain’t claim that I am?
In order to be a “has been” one needs to have been someone special.
One of the worst things that can happen to you us attaining your goal ’cause you must have aimed too low.
My heart goes out to all the people who suffer from some form of depression and to those who hang in there and love them.
Don’t you wish sometimes that you there was a special ladder that you could use to climb out of your life.

The instructions on how to think out of the box are unfortunately printed on the outside of the lid.

The thing that keeps sex special is women still claim that they have no idea what we’re talking about when we naughty talk ’em.

How come when you finally confess your love the unusual places where you used to make love immediately come off the … Let’s do it again list.

The only way to get women to hit on you in a public place is to walk in with a beautiful woman.They get to practice their flirting skills with you with no fear of you leaving her to hit on them.

To most women when they get married they are already living their dream whereas a man may just be beginning his.

How do college athletes afford hair extensions?

The people who complain the loudest and longest about how badly things are going probably the folks who caused most of the chaos.

Sports has never been about the players, the owners, or the fans, it’s always been about the game.

When John first heard “Lies” by the Knickerbockers he claimed that he didn’t remember recording it.

Sometimes my own needs get in the way of other people’s needs.

Have you ever heard the oil companies promise low prices if we allow them to drill in sensitive places, nope just their usual bullshit about how we always need more, no we don’t!

Good memories are the greatest gift one can ever receive.

Unfortunately Mr. Businessman can’t help himself so during hurricane Mathew some of them were charging triple room rates and $6-$9 for a gallon of gas.

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