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My good friend Bob Christy and I talked the other day about all the legendary radio stations that are going or already gone.
Great radio stations like KHJ in LA, KGO in San Francisco, WLS in Chicago, KJR in Seattle, CKLW in Detroit, WIBC and WNAP in Indianapolis, CKY in Winnipeg, and CHUM in Toronto.

The demise of all those radio stations can usually be traced back to new ownership, but I wonder how many folks spotted it when they were about to go south? 
I can still recall the day when I knew that KVIL in Dallas was about to fall.

When Blair bought KVIL, the only change was that Mr. Fairbanks was no longer involved.
Jim Hilliard was still in charge, and I remained as their consultant.

However, later on, when CBS purchased KVIL from Blair for around 86 million, Jim’s and my services were no longer required.
They, of course, knew better, so they put one of their guys in as the new program director.

The new PD told management that Chapman was killing him; he was much too old to do what he wanted to be done.
CBS realizing that Ron may still have some value, moved him to KLUV, their oldies station.

Lo and behold, the new PD turned out to be right because when the rating book came out, Ron killed him.
Not only was he fired, but KVIL never recovered and is still free-falling.

Upon Ron’s retirement and before he was inducted into three Radio Hall of Fames, Ron and his wife, Nance, fulfilled their lifelong dream.
They bought a two-bedroom Condo aboard the ship “The World,” which, of course, lived up to its name by sailing around the world.

While circumnavigating the globe, they docked at all the cities where major events were happening. 
The way it worked was each New Year’s Day, the Condo owners would vote on what city they would like to be docked at the next New Year’s.

Once the destination was agreed upon, the Captain would plot a course that would take them a full year to arrive. How cool was that?
However, the second time they cruised by the Great Wall of China, Ron turned to Nance and said, “Can you get me off this fucking Merry Go Round?”

(“The World” is pictured on top, and Ron & me are pictured below at the last KVIL reunion)



Sadly, the thing that a lot of folks in nursing homes have in common is the regret of not having taken more risks during their life. They realized that being cautious had imprisoned them in a boring life, which led to them living in a boring place where their boring lives would soon end.

Four of the most dangerous cities in the world are unbelievably right here in America. Isn’t that pathetic?

I recently took my Daughter Cami to see Stevie Nicks for her birthday and noticed three things, Cami was the youngest there, most of the audience were women, and everybody was white.

If I was in Chicago, I think I’d be safer with the Mob in Little Italy than with the thugs in the Southside. At least the Mob has a code of honor.

So goes CHR, so goes radio.

Do all women want abortion to be legal?

Happiness occurs when saying what you mean, meaning what you say, and doing what you say all come together.

There is no lack of ideas; everybody has one. The hard part is choosing the right one.

Why do radio executives make more money now than when radio was doing well?

In the real world, I’m nothing, but in my world, I’m everything. Hell, I’m a star in all my stories. 🙂

The harder to achieve, the bigger the reward.

I’m not a Biden fan, but I thought it was a brilliant move during his State of The Union address to claim that the Republicans wanted to do away with Medicare and Social Security.

Wow, the Chiefs come back to win the Super Bowl. I think Patrick Mahomes may have already earned a spot in the Hall of Fame.

In 1964, when the Beatles made their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, 73 million people watched, which must have included most criminals because the crime rate in America went down.


Robin Blair: Hi George – speaking of pregnancies, how lovely your daughters are. I have many thoughts on the abortion debate, and yes, if a woman carries a child to full term and new life – the one who did not wear a sleeve unless he wanted to be a father, helps to financially support the child and the one rearing that child. I am exhausted from all the birth control being the woman’s responsibility.
Why not have vasectomies for all men from age 15-16? The sperm would be cataloged and saved for when he wanted to be a father. No messing with hormones for either party in the baby-making or the pleasure-making event. Abortion debate over. Only make children when you decide to. And there always be the option not to have the vasectomy, but then you will surely be responsible for any pregnancies, and no excuses. And be ready for lots of “no thanks.”
Women have been called terrible names, disenfranchised from communities, and left to hold the huge changes in their lives alone because men just take off with the words, “I’m expecting…” and they disappear. I cannot tell you how many women I have listened to over the years whose men just – left. It is of course, complex, and I don’t mean to over-simplify, but seriously, fellas, your turn to be the birth control, intentional pregnancy person.
Ok, waiting for the guys to tell me how crazy this is. (Punished or Blessed?)
Geo: Not crazy at all, Robin, but being a man and dealing with the fact that we have no say in the matter while women have choices backed by laws doesn’t seem fair. Do you know how many women are trying to get professional athletes to impregnate them? Hey, if a woman wants to get pregnant, it’s done; they have the God-given power. Also, I think more Men than not take care of their responsibilities, I know I did.

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6 thoughts on “Radio Geo’s Media Blog (“The World”) Another Ron Chapman story. 2/13/23

  1. I think you generalize far too much about care home patients! It has been my experience that many adventurers have sadly ended up in care for reasons beyond their control.

    Also, to all the ladies out there, most of us want equality. With equality comes responsibility and it is so important to except responsibility with regards to procreation. Birth control is so accessible these days and must be utilized in order to protect one’s self. It’s not rocket science!

  2. Ron Below: George, did you forget that WNAP is one of the great stations that are now gone? As I traveled the Midwest as a record promo-man, whenever PDs/MDs learned I was from Indianapolis before moving to Chicago, they would start asking about NAP.
    Sadly, another one bit the dust. (The World)
    Geo: Thanks, Ron; it’s been corrected, and I’m sure I also missed a bunch of others.

  3. HI MR. George, I want to comment on those companies you mentioned alearlier, for any business to collapse, one reason is ignorance, 2 timing 3 poor marketing strategy. For a example, when you are walking on the slippery floor, it’s up to you to be more careful .

  4. George: Since October of 2022, I have been living in a studio apartment at an assisted living facility on the southside of Indianapolis. Most of the residents are older than I am, and most require more medical assistance. The ages range from 60 to 94, and women out-number the men. Most that I have gotten to know are slowly losing their memories and health, although at age 72, I am lucky in that I can still walk with a cane and drive. Many of my neighbors here are dependent on walkers and mobile scooters and C.N.A.s for their meds. Sadly, I have observed that one or two residents pass away or are moved to hospice every month. Every individual here at The Hellenic has a story. For me, my cataracts were removed last year, and I see better, but I still must be careful driving at night. While I think I am in good health, my doctors tell me otherwise. I do not know if these individuals are living their lives in regrets; however, many enjoy the scheduled activities and events, especially bingo. The 150 residents seen to greatly enjoy their meals in the pleasant dining room from what I observe, and the food is usually very good. Every day, I spend three or four hours in my former condo about a couple of miles away, boxing up the stuff that I have accumulated in my life. I am a pack rat, but parting with the stuff is painful. Too many memories for me, which triggers the decisions that today I deeply regret and the people I dearly miss. What is left of my family (adult son, nephews, nieces and cousins) don’t want my stuff. I did locate a foundation that does accept former broadcast stuff. My late wife’s antique furniture that she carefully purchased over the years during our travels apparently has little value today. So, about 30 percent of my stuff is given away (Goodwill, D.A.V., Salvation Army), 30 percent goes into storage (which will be curated at a later time), and I move the 30 percent I want with me to the apartment. The rest is recycled (papers and electronics). I will admit to being mentally paralyzed at times, but I shall be out of “The Cave of Horrors” by the 20th of March. I have some help, especially lifting boxes of books, tapes, CDs / DVDs and LPs as I can only muster so much lifting. I never knew I could cram so much stuff in 1,000 square feet ! My point is I cared too much about stuff…my late wife said that even as a manager, I read newspapers with a pair of scissors to clip out stuff, even though I stopped “producing” shows in 1985 ! I realized too late that “LESS IS MORE”.

    George, you are one of the most interesting individuals that I have ever met. I treasure your stories, insights and observations, as do those whose lives have been changed by your work and friendships. Godspeed and PEACE !

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