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Tonight, my Daughter Cami and I are heading to the Pompano Amphitheater to see the Steve Miller Band.
We both like a bunch of Steve’s songs, which is rare for a Father and a Daughter, so of course, we gotta go. Hell, we even text each other whenever one of Steve’s tunes comes on anywhere.

Also, another cool thing is before the show, we get to hang out with my new friend from the band, Kenny Lee Lewis.
Being an old rocker, I love talking shop with guys like Kenny, who is still out there rockin’ it.

When I was figuring out how to purchase the tickets online, I started thinking about the time I saw the Steve Miller Band at a Jazz Festival in Aspen, Colorado.
I was staying with my friends, the Hilliards, in their beautiful home near the top of the mountain.

Being an avid runner back then, I decided to go for a little run the morning of the concert.
However, before heading out, I arranged with Patricio, who took care of the house and stuff, to pick me up in about a half-hour somewhere near the bottom of the mountain. (The run down was going to be fun, but there was no way I could run it back up)

As I began my run, I couldn’t help but marvel at all the gorgeous scenery surrounding me as I sucked in the wonderful Mountain air.
About five minutes into my downward trek, the riff to Jet Airliner suddenly came blowing up the mountain at me. How cool was that?

My timing couldn’t have been better because I guess they were doing a soundcheck, and the mountain was a gigantic megaphone.
Jet Airliner only lasted about thirty seconds before they went right into The Joker, followed by Take The Money and Run, Abracadabra, Rock’n Me, Fly like Eagle, Swingtown, Jungle Love, and a bunch more.

As good as the concert was, later that night, there was no way it could live up to the mini concert I heard that morning.
Some of my all-time favorite tunes were wafting up at me as I ran down the mountain, so I couldn’t help but pick up the pace, which made the whole experience breathtaking in more ways than one.


Social Media is the new Wayne’s World; it tends to make losers look like winners.

You choose happiness. It doesn’t choose you.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Amadeus. It taught me the difference between creative people and gifted folks. If you don’t understand it, you can’t coach it.

Speaking of coaching, I always tried to convince the air talent that doing a good on-air bit is like trying to sell your house. If your entrance isn’t attention-getting, it will be a tough sell.

I don’t worry about just poor black people; I worry about all poor people.

What I love about songwriting is that when a new song is written, it occupies a space that never existed before. 

Why do people think that their tale of woe is unique? It ain’t. 

Is it nature or nurture?

I have my memories about how my parents raised me, so I can only wonder what my kid’s memories are gonna be.

The only thing better than being a kid at Christmas is your being Santa Clause.

We’re all running out of time, so we better get after it, huh?

If you liked John Legend as Jesus in “Jesus Christ Super Star,” you’ll love Tom Cruise as Martin Luther King in “I’ve Got a Dream.”

Now that Ryan Seacrest’s old co-host, Ellen K, is kicking his ass on the radio in LA, I wonder how excited he was when he was inducting her into the National Radio Hall of Fame? He probably thought, “Yeah, but they still pay me more.”

The biggest difference between someone being sexy or sensuous is I can handle sexy.

I’m a hell of a lot more creative when I’m angry.

One of the big differences between Men and Women is when a Man hits 40; his future is just beginning. However, when a Woman reaches 40 she’s already living in her future.

I’m not sure that having the ability to sing is a good thing. It’s a gift that doesn’t give you much. Hell, It’s easier to play in the NFL or the NBA than it is to make it as a singer.

Why isn’t President Biden speaking out against the oil companies like the rest of America?

I long for the days of Slick Willy and Ronnie. Trump’s too much, and Biden’s too little.

Once an affair is discovered, who hangs in there longer, the husband or the wife?

I love it when a singer is so good that their appearance doesn’t matter.

How many NBA or NFL players give back to their communities?

I remember a Fairbanks management conference where Jim Hilliard said, “Intelligent people reasonably informed seldom disagree.” There was silence in the room until KVIL’s Jerry Bobo said, “Jim, you lost me at intelligent.”

The media love to scare us; I just read that they’ve spotted an asteroid on the other side of the sun that may threaten Earth a thousand years from now. Color me terrified.

Not sure that it’s still true, but when I lived in Canada, lottery wins were tax-free.


George Ferko: King Edward?? The figurehead who abdicated the throne after 326 days as King? I’d say Wallis Simpson had little influence. Juan Peron and Evita?? Juan was elected el-Presidente in 1947, and Evita was a powerful influence during her husband’s first term. But she died in 1952. Juan, meanwhile, was elected to a second term. After a couple of military dictatorships, Juan was elected to a third term when he returned from exile in 1973. He thus became President long after Evita’s death. As far as Reagan listening to Nancy or Prince Harry (another figurehead) listening to Meghan, I have no idea what the wives’ influence was or is. Do you? Or is conjecture the best you can do? In any event, you miss the big picture. You can always find isolated instances of where a wife of a politician influenced her husband. Jill comes to mind. Michelle too. But the passage of the 19th Amendment passed the Senate 56-25 and the House 304-89. It was then ratified by the required 3/4ths of states in near record time. With the 19th Amendment, men voluntarily relinquished their monopoly on political power—by huge margins. This fact should not be overlooked. Let me apologize in advance for writing another dissertation. But things are not always as simple as you present them in your “Life-Liners.” (Radio Geo’s Media Blog)
Geo: No apology needed, George; I appreciate your comments. My Life-Liners are not intended to simplify life; I’m trying to provoke some out-of-the-box thinking instead of the usual far-right or ultra-left opinions we boringly have to suffer through. 

Geo: My goal was always to be at least one day ahead of you guys, Earl. “Tuff sleddin’.”

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3 thoughts on “Radio Geo’s Media Blog (The Joker) New 3/25/23

  1. Ricky Schultz: Let me know how many of his hit songs he plays. Some of these classic rock artists skip over their hits to play unknown new tunes. Some artists would rather have a hot poker in their eye than to play their hits. (The Joker)
    Geo: It was a beautiful night, Ricky, great venue, 80 degrees with a nice ocean breeze and Steve doing all his hits.

  2. Jed Duval: Thank God the 25th Amendment on Presidential incapacitation was passed in 1967. When Woodrow Wilson was stricken by a severe stroke in 1919, most historians believe that Mrs. Wilson acted as President behind closed doors until Warren G. Harding was sworn into office on March 4th, 1921. Wilson lingered until his death in 1924, outliving Harding, who may or may not have been poisoned by Mrs. Harding! (The Joker)
    Geo: Interesting stuff,Jed.

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