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While traveling across Canada on the train with my brother Reg recently, when we got to Winnipeg, we got off for three days so that we could hang out with family and friends.
While there, we stayed at the gorgeous Fort Garry Hotel, where we had a ball visiting with everyone. However, on our last day, we decided that it was time to revisit our old stomping grounds in Transcona.
Then after renting a car, we spent a couple of hours driving by all the houses we used to live in and the schools we went to; we also popped into the Royal George.
Now back when I was growing up, the Royal George was just one of the many beer parlors in Transcona that the men who worked in the CNR went to get a couple of cold ones before heading home for supper. (Women weren’t allowed in Beer Parlors back then)

Once inside, I was surprised and delighted to see a bunch of Rock & Roll memorabilia hanging everywhere.
Guitars, posters, and hundreds of records made the place look like a funky Hard Rock Cafe (The proud owner of the Royal George, Greg Pesker, pictured above with just some of the memorabilia)

However, what was most amazing to me was that everything in there was by Winnipeg artists, including two of my records with the Jury. (Pictured below) Good on ya, Mr.Pester.Until I saw all those records, I had no idea how much talent came out of Winnipeg.
I, of course, was well aware of Neil Young, The Guess Who, BTO, Burton Cummings, Terry Jacks, and The Crash Test Dummies, but how cool was it that so many others were also knocking at fame’s door?

So with all that in mind, I only have one question, why isn’t the Canadian Hall of Fame in Winnipeg?
Hey, even Neil Young claims that Winnipeg is the Rock & Roll Capital of Canada. Why the hell is it in Calgary? Who the fuck ever came out of Calgary?


The next thing you should do is that which you’re the most afraid to do.

I wonder if Ryan has noticed yet that his former co-host, Ellen K, is kicking his ass in LA.

The rich man is blamed for a lot of what’s wrong with America, and that’s tough to disagree with, but the winner has to be the government; who else would be stupid enough to think that they can change the culture with laws?

In the history of radio, has any new owner ever made an already great radio station better?

There is nobody that can ruin a radio station faster than an accountant; they win it going away.

Speaking of accountants, are there any of them in the Radio Hall of Fame?

Say what, LeBron? It’s America’s fault that WNBA player Brittney Griner is in trouble in Russia, pray tell.

Some Democrats are now saying that Biden is merely a position holder. For whom is running in place would be my question, as I’m sure would be true for about three hundred million other Americans.

Giving those who desire it your attention always speeds things up. Hey, it may even work on those who don’t desire it.

Shouldn’t growing old take longer than this?

Do they still have ratings parties these days?

Does it hurt less when you hear, “It’s not personal; it’s just business?”

What the world is in real short supply of is real leaders.

I just read somewhere that the Hockey Hall of Fame is in Toronto because it’s the only way the Maple Leaf Fans are ever going to see the Stanley Cup.

I remember when the owners were not only afraid of the FCC but also of not being #1, so they put ​characters like me​ in charge of their radio stations.

Speaking of radio, ​​I never believed in fair fights,​ so I always recruited the folks who I thought would end up in the Radio Hall of Fame.

Everything comes to an end; even Sir Paul ends “Hey Jude” on stage.

I’m all for equal rights unless I become less equal in the process.

Boy, “Awesome” has sure lasted longer than “Right On” and “Far Out,” huh? But then again, it’s not in the league of Canada’s EH!

You learn nothing from your victories, only from your defeats. Case in point, my first ski instructor said, “Mr. Johns, until you fall down, you’ll never learn to ski; take your time.”

Miracles like deals with the devil come with strings attached.

All religions have flaws.

I remember when if you acted weird in any way, two guys wearing white smocks would jump out of a van and whisk you away. Now not only do the weird have the right to walk amongst us, but they also have the right to buy guns.

I believe in God but am very suspicious of all the humans who claim that he talks to them.

As bad as things may seem to be, they’re still better than they’ve ever been.

Even a bad plan is a good plan when there’s no plan.

Wow! The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are 7-0 so far this season. Go Big Blue!

If your daughter was raped, what kind of a plea bargain deal would you agree to for her rapist?

I’m all for equal rights as long as my rights don’t become less equal in the process.


Warren: George…you would know this. Based on what I’ve just read here, it appears that Fairbanks might well have been The CHUM of America. BTW Jed. Thank you once again for Your Hospitality many years ago when Pat Martin suggested we meet as I was driving across the U.S. to California. (1% Club)
Geo: Hey Warren, Jed Duval was one of those behind-the-scenes giants at WIBC who made it possible for me to attend to KVIL and the rest of the Fairbanks properties. As for Fairbanks being the CHUM of America, in stature, maybe.

Josie Thomas: Hey George. Enjoyed your critique of David Letterman. No one can top Johnny Carson.
He used humor to bring out the best in his guests, not fawning over them for what purpose, I don’t know. Pandering at its best!
Loved your comment on the possible reason.
Going down on them? So funny!! *The 1% Club)
Geo: Thanks for the read, Josie; you keep big Bob under control as best you can now. 🙂

Chris McCarty: If nothing else, George, you got to admit Letterman grows a pretty darn good beard. Since I’m posting, I put a link in the website section to a 30-sec radio spot I recorded for a restaurant/bar here in Nashville, and besides writing the copy and putting some music in it from a song recording of mine, it was cool to be doing some voice over work again. Ain’t nothing like talking into a really good mic, huh? (1% Club)​​
Geo: I like Santa’s beard more than David’s, Chris, and he also seems a nicer guy.
As for the mic, none of them made me sound any good, so I stuck with coaching. Speaking of coaching, it sounds like you could use a little. Thanks for the read, Man!

(Unfortunately, as you can see, Chris, my blog didn’t like your link. 🙁 )

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5 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (The Royal George) 7/25/22

  1. Bill Gardner: You know I love the Johns brothers, George AND Reg! And maybe Winnipeg and Transcona too. But I also love Calgary, where my wife and I spent our 40th anniversary in 2019 and the home of at least two great bands, Loverboy and the Stampeders!
    Must confess I’m listening to “Workin’ For The Weekend,” “Turn Me Loose,” and “Sweet City Woman” on Spotify on my daily round trip to work.
    I guess I understand city rivalries. Pittsburgh is a great Pennsylvania city, but I always thought it can’t hold a candle to my hometown of Philly. (The Royal George)
    Geo: Reg and I both feel your love, Bill, but including Winnipeg and Transcona as part of that love you may be pushing it a little. 🙂
    As far as Calgary goes, I love Calgary, it’s Canada’s Dallas but with a much better view. However, as you succinctly put it, “The talent in Calgary can’t hold a candle to my hometown of Winnipeg/Transcona.”

    • You’re absolutely right about the Winnipeg/Transcona talent pool…more, bigger, better known, and no doubt more charted songs. But remember, your Calgary question was “Who?!?!”

  2. Doug Herman:“​I remember when the owners were not only afraid of the FCC but also of not being #1, so they put ​characters like me​ in charge of their radio stations.” And hired top-tier FCC attorneys. You and I both had one of the very best, John King. Neither of us ever lost a license or did any time in The Big House. Thanks, John! (The check’s in the mail.) (The Royal George)
    Uh Huh, Doug! I remember when I created a promotion called “The Magic Ticket,” and a competitor turned us into the FCC. We had to send them every promo and liners that mentioned the contest. Thank God, with Mr. King’s help, we were cleared.
    However, when we put “The Magic Ticket” into syndication, the copy of course read, “The only contest that not only improves ratings and revenue but it’s also approved by the FCC.”

  3. Dave Charles: Hey George,
    How’s life in the excited States of America? Hope you’re well and safe.
    I’m on board to do a tribute to our friend Roy Hennessey with Red Robinson and others in Vancouver.
    I was wondering if you had any REAL Roy Hennessey photos in your archives that I might submit to the committee putting this tribute together. Please let me know. (The Royal George)
    Geo: I didn’t know him that well, Dave, so I have nothing. I was introduced to him in Vancouver many moons ago by Daryl ‘B’.
    As for the Excited States, it’s only exciting on TV and in Facebook. In the streets, it’s very boring.

  4. Doug Thompson: GEORGE wrote: “Hey, even Neil Young claims that Winnipeg is the Rock & Roll Capital of Canada. Why the hell is it in Calgary? Who the fuck ever came out of Calgary?”
    That would be The Stampeders, Keith Hampshire, and Jann Arden, to name three. (The Royal George)
    Geo: Not a big enough list to have the “Hall” in Calgary, I’m thinkin’, Dougie.

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