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The other day for whatever reason, I started thinking about why I moved to America.
It wasn’t because Canada was a bad place to live; in fact, it’s quite the opposite except for the fact that the government takes too much of your earnings.

I’m not in America because I feel safer; I’m not. I’m not here because welfare is easy to get; I don’t need it. Nor am I here because if you’re different, the government will protect you; I’m not different enough.
I’m here for one reason, and one reason only. Opportunity!

America is probably the only place on earth where even if you’re not formally educated, didn’t come from a pedigree family, didn’t go to the right school, or aren’t connected, you still have a shot at becoming a millionaire.

America was created for the 23% of ambitious Americans. We invent more things here in America than any other place on earth and reward those who do anything extraordinary.

With all that in mind, here’s what I think should happen.
When someone turns eighteen years of age, somebody should sit down with them and explain the single best thing about being an American.

They should be told that nobody is going to stop them from being successful, try to get in their way or slow them down.
In fact, they’re going to be helped, and the reason we will help them is; we need their tax money.

It should be explained to all the potential millionaires before they leave for their future that the first thing they must do is sign this document promising to pay 10% of everything they earn to the government.
No cheating, no offshore accounts, no phony investments, no padding expenses, and above all, no whining.

We’re all hoping that a lot of them become millionaires because we need the money. We’ve got a lot of freeloaders in this country who think that they deserve a free ride. They don’t!
We’re betting on you, now sign this piece of paper and get the hell out of here and kick some major ass.


I wonder what the Russians who live in the US and Canada now think about the Russian invasion? I know what the Ukrainians think.

Speaking of Russia, Putin, I must admit has done one good thing, he’s united the rest of the world. 

Only the slimy Oil Barrons are greedy enough to try and make a few extra bucks off of the Ukrainian situation by raising gas prices.

Speaking of oil, why do countries import it and export it simultaneously?

Politicians better start thinking about our country instead of their pocketbook if they hope to survive.

Remember, it ain’t the general public making the politicians rich, so we only have their attention at election time which is the only time we have any power over them. Use your power wisely!

Life gets good as soon as you get gooder.

Even though I’m a slightly right-leaning Centrist to the Socialist Liberals, I’m on the far right. Hey, wait till they actually meet somebody from the far right; that should scare the shit out of them.

Have you ever wondered how corporations get the money to the politicians without a crime being involved? One of the many ways is to pay Barach Obama 65 million upfront for a book written by him. Hell, Hemingway never saw that kind of coin for his great works.

Speaking of politicians, I find it pitiful that both the Democrats and The Republicans send me emails every day begging for money. However, once they’re elected, I’ll never hear from them again.

Have you ever noticed that Uber and Lyft use the same clocks as the Airlines and Amtrak? There’s have longer minutes.

Our wishing to be politically correct has led us to say nothing with substance so that we appear to love one another. We don’t!

Nobody’s as deaf as those who don’t want to listen.

We’ve got to stop publicizing the extreme left and the far-right rants. Other than being very noisy, they don’t represent most of us.

Are you kidding me? Wheat prices are going up because of the conflict in Ukraine? Hell, they can grow enough wheat in North Dakota alone, not to mention Manitoba and Saskatchewan, to feed the whole world.

I wonder what the Russian troops are thinking about this invasion? However, Putin probably doesn’t care, just as our government didn’t when they sent our boys to Vietnam.

Just because I understand some things doesn’t mean that I like them.

If a woman expects to be treated like a Queen, she needs to treat her man like a King.

I wonder if the Russian people know that Russia is now the most hated country on earth?

Why do singers love to talk?

As patents are just another name for monopolies, Inflation is just another name for price gouging.

Has anybody ever heard of any oil companies helping the needy?

Speaking of oil, have you ever noticed that the Presidents only take credit for the price of gas when it’s down?

In Canada, a Hospital patient is an expense; in America, they’re a customer.

As Ricky Nelson sang, “You can’t please everyone, might as well please yourself.”

It’s the governments of the world who hate each other, not the people, so why don’t they just duel it out and leave the rest of us alone?

Too much of a good thing usually leads to the scarcity of great things. 

I bet if we started a rumor that the government was thinking about nationalizing oil, the price of gas would come tumbling down.

Speaking of oil, I think that the oil companies are gonna rank right up there with Putin pretty soon.

Speaking of Putin, when this is all over, he’s going to have to spend the rest of his life in isolation because a lot of snipers are already waiting for a nice clean shot.


Bill Gardner: And how lucky am I to have worked with and to call both George AND Reg Johns “friends.” Love you guys. (Do They Know You’re My Brother?)
Geo: Thank you for all those years of pretty ratings, Mr. Gardner.

Buster Bodine: Good stuff, my best to Reg. (Do They Know You’re My Brother?) Geo: Buster, when my brother Reg was first in radio back in Winnipeg, he used to have tapes of some of the Fairbanks Jocks, and you were one of his favorites; he even stole your name and gave it to one of his Jocks, Buster Beau Dean.
One of his many questions about you was, “Buster’s got an incredible production voice; how come he doesn’t use it on the air?” My response was, “We don’t do regular radio at Fairbanks, Reg.

Reid Reker: Remember it as if it were yesterday! (Baby Face)
Geo: Thanks for always being by my side, Buddy.

Chuck McCoy: Thanks for including me in your email. I love happy endings!
To two of my lifetime best friends and greatest influencers. Stay well and have a great 2022
Chuck (Merv Clark) (Do They Know You’re My Brother?)
Chuck, I’ll never forget when you were Merv Clark, and we were sitting around the record library at CKY trying to come up with a new name for you. Who could have predicted what became of us both?

Jim Wood: I have worked with both of the JOHNS brothers and found the experience to be rewarding and entertaining. Together we all found a way to be successful in a very difficult and competitive industry. Both Reg and You taught me a lot. (Do They Know?)
Geo: That’s very kind of you, Jim and I’ve enjoyed all of our conversations except for the one we had over Niagra Falls.
Doug Thompson: Having worked with Bob McAdorey at CHUM for 4 years, I don’t believe he could ever ‘sound a little stiff. (Birth Of AC)
Geo: The two biggest mistakes I made at CFTR, Dougie were, running the Last Contest too long and letting ‘Mac’ go.
Ron Below: So it finally comes out… It was you that killed Rock & Roll! (The Birth Of AC)
Geo: Only on the radio, Mr. Below. At home, I had the Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Led, Who, and The Guess Who.
Bruce Devine: I have one of those ‘Sounds Like a Bitch’ t-shirts somewhere…a little moth-eaten like me. I’d go shopping in Eaton’s with that thing on. The shoppers would part like the Red Sea. 🙂 (CFTR 1972)
Geo: We did have a little swagger, didn’t we, Bruce. 🙂
Stirling Faux: I still have mine as well Bruce! Damn proud of it too! (CFTR 1972)
Geo: Damn! Wish I had mine.

Greg Tantum: George your genius captured that Lightening and MAGIC in a bottle (in more ways than one….or two or…..). Maybe it’s time to go back into the lab. My golf game isn’t getting any better. (For The Good Times)
Geo: I think your right about getting back in the lab, Greg, but the other stuff I’m not so sure of. The thing of it is, my juices are flowing again and the only difference is, I’m wiser now.

Angela Manfredi: How did everyone do? Any memo-related casualties? (CFTR ’72)
Geo: Surprisingly, Angela, they all sounded great but when our mid-day guy said, “CFTR with The Chicago,” I knew I had some work to do.

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