Geo’s Media Blog (Is Putin Deranged?) Special Edition 3/02/22

My Wife, Lana’s Grandparents, immigrated to Canada from the Ukraine, which means, of course, that both my Daughter Candis and my Grandson Nathaniel have Ukrainian blood running through their veins.
So as you can probably imagine, I’m watching the Russian invasion with great interest.

I think old Putin thought that the Ukrainian Army would drop to their knees like the Afganastans did when the Taliban showed up.
Instead, Putin’s army has been met with extreme resistance, and as the rest of the world began to turn against him, Putin felt compelled to rattle his nuclear sword. Hell, even the Ukrainian citizens are shouting obscenities and giving the finger to the Russian troops. (Idi Na Khuy)

I wonder what he thinks about the fact that Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian President (Pictured on top), has ascended to World Class hero status, which leaves Putin looking like nothing more than a deranged madman.

I’m pretty sure that Putin is learning from all this that we no longer live in a world ruled by warriors; we live instead in one led by money men.
These money guys’ weapons of choice are computers, and these computers destroy things at the speed of light. So far, they’ve already cut off the money supply to Russia.

I wonder when Putin’s old buddies from the KGB think? You remember them; they’re the thugs who took over all the businesses when the Soviet Union fell, so I’m pretty sure that they’ll be knocking on Putin’s door pretty soon to ask loudly, “What the fuck are you doing?”


Nothing good ever happens after hearing, “We need to talk?”

More than not, sometimes, out of chaos comes the next big thing.

Very convenient for the rest of the world that Ukraine wasn’t part of NATO.

Only the wealthy understand war.

I wonder if the Republicans will hire a few people to lie about how bad the Democrat’s choice for a Supreme Court Judge is like they did?

We all have a touch of blindness when it comes to seeing things we don’t want to see.

As they say, the heart wants what it wants, so the brain just stands down.

Why is it that every time a man gets pissed at his situation, he grows his hair long and/or a beard?

Do Lesbians really speak for all women or gays for men?

Only a politician is capable of fucking up a country rich in resources like Venezuela.

I think executives are overpaid. Can’t we just rent them?

Everybody has ideas, but only a few folks have the good ones.

You can only fix your problems by standing up to them.

Is the government too stupid to have a percentage tax on gasoline as they do on everything else? If they did, we could then get some benefit from gas spikes? Or is it just another way that they protect the Oil Barrons?

Here’s who I don’t trust, Big Business, Big Broadcasters, Big Pharma, Big Banks, Big Oil Companies, and Big Government. They only care about the kind of America they want; they don’t care at all about what we want.

When does imagination become a hallucination?

Unfortunately, most good discussions are interrupted by an argument.

Reassurance only calms you, whereas encouragement keeps you moving forward.

Growing up in Winnipeg, it seemed like everybody was in a band, and some of us were even making records, so it was all exhilarating. Nowadays, though, if you’re in a band, you’re on a slow train to nowhere.

When I was a PD, I only listened to a new song when it reached the top 30 in Billboard. The music research simply supplied me with the older tunes that the folks still liked. My job was to create the perfect flow, and I wonder how they do it today?

You Better have more in your toolbox than just being anti-Republican or anti-Democrat if you want to be taken seriously.

Do the Democrats who think Trump separated us really think that Biden has brought back together again?

It doesn’t matter what America thinks; it’s what the folks planning on voting think. Just as it doesn’t matter what you think about radio, it’s what the folks who would wear one of those PPM devices think.

I wish the people who are telling Biden what to do would run for President so we could tell them where to go.


Bill Gardner: Pardon me for the airline analogy again, but it’s why airlines vigorously fight to prevent raising the FAA maximum retirement age for airline Captains to above 65. Although usually in excellent health, they’re all the guys making the most money, and the airlines can’t wait to hire hungry younger replacements just as qualified but lacking those years of flight experience but starting at a fraction of the senior Captain’s salary. (And Then Along Came The PPM)
Geo: I hear ya, Bill; it’s like in my ho
metown of Transcona, where most of my friends worked for the CNR at a young age. Then when the railway discovered that they were top-heavy with guys, they couldn’t fire because of their seniority. The CN decided to offer them early retirement when they were only in their early fifties.

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