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1236663_10151848705814935_737992015_nA few years ago, I enjoyed having breakfast with Dion and talk show host Joyce Kaufman at a cool Diner in South Florida.
Dion, a great storyteller, told us about his lucky day when he almost got on the airplane that took the lives of Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and the Big Bopper, which was a very lucky day for him.

He also told us another lucky story that occurred when his first record was climbing up the charts while he was still attending high school in the Bronx. How cool was that?
When he came home from school one day, he discovered a bunch of “Soprano” type guys sitting around the kitchen table with his Father.

The one who appeared to be the boss man said to him, “Hey Dion, your old man here was braggin’ on ya down at the club last night.
He claims that you have a big record out or something, and as you probably know, we can help you with that sorta stuff, but first, I gotta hear the record.

About halfway through the tune, he takes the needle off the record, then turns to Dion’s Dad and says, “Your Son sounds like he is singing through a dish rag,” and with that, they all got up and left. Can you spell l-u-c-k-y?


Have you ever noticed that there are no stories about good guys or nice ladies? I guess they’re not that interesting.

If pro athletes have a salary cap, why not executives?

This is an absolute; all good-looking women sleep with someone; the only question is, whom?

I think women care more about the wedding than they do their marriage.

What good resulted in taking down the signs that read, “All looters will be shot?”

If you could buy anything you wanted, regardless of cost, what would it be?

The stars aren’t as big as they used to be; they’ve been demoted.

Always stand up for what you believe in, no matter the consequences.

I have lots of money-making ideas, but unless I can figure out how to patent, copywrite, or service mark any of them, I’ll keep them to myself.

Wives and lovers are replaceable e but not daughters.

As unfair as it is, nothing’s changed, men who have multiple lovers are called studs, and women who do the same are called sluts.

Band-Aid solutions usually lead to more problems.

Unfortunately, it appears as though those that enjoy much also suffer much.

According to Chris Rock, The Republicans lie, and the Democrats leave out the truth. So there you go, then.

Anger is a great motivator. I prefer the breasts God gave women much more than the ones they get from Doctors, no matter their size.

The need for a little money now keeps you from having a lot of money in the future.

As I said earlier, the only good ideas are those that can be patented, service marked, or copyrighted; the rest are worthless.

It seems to me that there’s an equal amount of people who are for something as there are against it, which is why nothing happens.

Why does Hollywood always go out of their way to depict all white people as being bad?

Is any love as pure as a father’s love for his daughter?

Speaking of daughters, of which I have two, why is it so tough for me to let them be as tough as they are?

Pain nourishes your courage to create.

Why is it easier to stop abortion than stop the time change?

The only men women find mysterious are the ones they want.

In this age of equality, I wonder when women are gonna start picking up the odd tab.

I believe in God, but I don’t believe in the self-appointed disciples; they all need money, but God doesn’t.

A lot of good knowledge comes from a lot of bad judgments.


“I can’t be the only one that realizes that the protests about the Viet Nam war weren’t about the war but the draft. We’re still fighting the same bullshit wars, but when you look around, do you see any protesters?”
Steve Eberhart – I think many people aren’t interested in wars, but they are very interested in their kids having to fight them. (Tantalizing Temptations)
Geo: So true, Steve. The only people fighting wars now, it seems, are those who want to. Dave Charles: Hey there, Georgie Boy. Isn’t that a song by the Seekers?

Dave Charles: I hope you’re well and enjoying FLA. I was in Sarasota the last couple of weeks to take in some Spring training baseball. No ugly shootings, thank God!
Have you checked out RadioGPT from Futuri? BOT radio is here. Yikes.
My friend, Daniel Anstandig of Futuri, is out there promoting this version of radio. Love to hear your comments.
You behave. Be well and have fun. (Tantalizing Temptations)
Geo: Thanks for the read, Dave. Yes, I’ve been reading about Radio Bot. However, what I can’t figure out is how’s that gonna produce the next Rush Limbaugh or Howard Stern, which radio needs so badly?

Tim Moore: Major Wars appear to be out of fashion. But maintaining the World’s best military helps keep it that way!
My Dad flew 48 missions in WW2, piloting our fastest Bomber at that time (Martin’s B-26). Then, after coming home and finishing his Degree, he was recalled by SAC (Strategic Air Command) for Korea. He never resented it though It sure created havoc with his early coaching career! (Tantalizing Temptations)
Geo: I agree with maintaining our military status, Tim, but as I’ve said many times, “We have to support our troops, but we don’t have to support the fools who keep sending them to war.” I remember when folks used to say, “Hey, what if there aren’t any WMDs in Iraq?” Now they argue about Transgenders instead.

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  1. Alex Paylor: I have heard Waylon Jennings was supposed to be on the aircraft but gave up his seat to the Big Bopper. (The Wanderer)
    Geo: That may be true, Alex, because Waylon was one of the crickets then, and Buddy was the one who rented the plane.

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