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What a fucking day! It all began early in the morning when I discovered that I had some charges on my bank account that I wasn’t aware of.
After an hour on the phone with my bank, we discovered that it was some kind of music streaming service out of Paris.

Hell, I had no idea the French were musical; I thought they just painted. Can anyone hum a tune that was produced there? 
Anyway, the bank refunded the charges but also canceled my debit card, which means I can’t access my account for six to eight work days.

Even though the bank is open on Saturday, somehow that’s not a work day, nor are government holidays.
Lord knows when I will have access to cold hard cash again. This shit is enough to drive a man to drink.

Ok, with that out of the way, I head to BJs at noon to hook up with my pal Big Bob who is from Northern Pennsylvania but spends his winters down here.
From BJs, off we go to Hurricane Alley, a funky restaurant in Pompano Beach with huge sandwiches to die for, and I, of course, also ordered a Bloody Mary.

After lunch, we headed to the dock, where we lined up to board the “Tiki Taxi,” which not only cruises the intercoastal but it also has a bar on board.
Unfortunately, I have a pinched nerve in my leg, which makes standing very uncomfortable, and as the clock slowly ticked its way to the 3 o’clock departure time, I was in extreme pain.

Finally, it’s time to board, and as I hand a crew member my credit card, he fumbles the handoff, and we both watch my card slowly sink into the murky waters. 
Then, as I reached for another credit card, the Captain, standing nearby, said, “Not only are you riding free today, but you’re drinkin’ free too.”
It all started to spiral down from there because you don’t put a radio guy near a free bar.
(Big Bob and I are pictured on top enjoying one of many adult beverages aboard the Tiki Taxi.)


Turning data into useful information requires some creativity.

The big difference between Justin Trudeau and his father is the whole world listened when Pierre spoke.

It is said that having loved and lost is better than never having loved. However, how many lovers do you have to lose before you become a loser?

Hollywood doesn’t portray America as it is; they portray it as the way they want it to be.

A desperate man is the most dangerous man of all.

Radio should have never given up on selling cume. When clients asked how many people heard their commercial, radio should have replied, “Perhaps all of them.”

When someone says, “It’ll only be a minute; it’s never a minute.”

Why​ do blacks, who only represent 13.6% of the American population, have the government’s​ full attention​ and are promintly featured in most movies and TV commercials?

Is it just me, or do the people the police are seen beating, which has everyone upset, seem to be criminals?

Do you think a person who sells drugs to children should have any rights?

The folks​ I fear most are Muslims wearing backpacks. 

Every party needs a pooper.


Doug Thompson: Listen to “Hey Jude” one more time, George. At 2:57, just after the line, “Remember to let her under your skin,” I believe it’s Paul McCartney who says way in the background), “Oooh, fu**ing hell!). It’s been there forever. (This One’s For My Brother)
Geo: It takes a pair of award-winning ears to pick that stuff up, Dougie, and you’ve always had ’em.

Jody Dean: George, I Hope you had a great Christmas and that 2023 is off to a great start! Your PPM post reminded me of when we were already a few years into the system…and learned that PPMs weren’t registering spoken word because they listened for music. Ownership knew that almost from the start but didn’t tell talent. I Can’t imagine how many hosts failed to make their bonuses as a result. A class-action suit would not have been unjustified.
PS (and between the two of us); Every time I look at David Fields’ Audacy stock price, I’m tempted to buy a few thousand shares just to torment him. For the price of a cup of Starbucks, I could practically own the company…lol. (CFTR)
Geo: I ain’t saying a word, Jody.

Dave Charles: How boring, George! Geez. Please tell me you didn’t author this memo.
I grew up on PERSONALITY RADIO. Joey Reynolds, Dick Biondi, Wolfman Jack, The Greaseman, Howard Stern, Shotgun Tom Rivers, John Rode, Scott Carpenter, Hal Weaver. Even Cactus Jack Wells could blow this format shit out of the radio water!.
Time to burp the brain again! This is 2023, and radio needs a new playbook if you haven’t noticed.
Dave Charles (still crazy…..for great radio) (CFTR)
Radio Geo: ​If you had heard what I heard at CFTR in 1972,​ Dave, you would have understood. Most of the talent I worked with later in the US is in some Hall of Fame. (Ron Chapman’s in three of them.) Obviously, they didn’t get the memo.” 🙂

Brent Farris: Merry Christmas, George: We just finished Secret Santa, and I’m all wiped out. Enjoy the Holidays from your view at the top of the world. On behalf of everyone at KZST, you still inspire us to this day. Always have and Always will, your humble follower, Brent. (Seasons Greetings)
Geo: Thank you so much, Brent. It’s been an honor to work with you and the KZST staff for all these years, not to mention how excited I am about doing it again next year.

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