It’s The Middle Class Stupid!

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So ponder me this grasshopper … As we all know the government not only help the poor but they also help the rich. Their theory being that it is the rich who create companies thus creating jobs but I beg to differ. It’s not the rich who create huge companies it’s always been the the middle class. How rich do you suppose Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were not to mention the hundreds of other middle class people who also started great companies with very little money. The rich usually only get involved in a company by buying it not creating it, and they fire employees not hire them. There’s gotta be some other reason why the Democrats and Republicans who agree on very little both believe the wealthy still need their help.

Speaking of the middle class most politicians must not have any middle class friends so they only get to stay at rich people’s homes when they come to town.

If you married your first choice your likely having a pretty good life. If you didn’t you probably have a pretty good idea of what prison feels like.

Much as I admire the NFL experts (former players) trying to cover for Richard Sherman by claiming his comments on TV were made in the heat of the moment. Unfortunately they’re full of s**t coz victory doesn’t produce rage it produces joy! I think the Seahawks are going to be so busy arguing with each other during the Super Bowl about whose the best that they are going to miss the game winning touchdown as Peyton lobs the ball over the Shermster’s head right into Welker’s waiting arms to win the game. This pass will achieve several things one of them being putting Peyton in the “Hall but will also block his baby Brother Eli from getting in because the committee will figure there are enough Mannings in there already. They will also be relieved that Sherman blew it because they weren’t looking forward to his acceptance speech.

Speaking of Peyton Manning I must be a genius because I managed to figure out a long time ago that he was one of the very best without him ever telling me so.

The one positive thing that Robert Sherman has done for the big game though is line up some more fans for Denver who may have been totally disinterested in the Super Bowl because they didn’t have a dog in the fight but they sure do now.

Seeing as the Democrats and Republicans both have their crazies you can only imagine how many crazies there must be in Canada where there are even more Political parties.

Few people who live in the USA realize America is not a Democracy it’s a Republic.

It must be horrific to wake up one day and discover it’s too late to become whatever you always wanted to be.

Human beings are the only species on earth stupid enough to give up what they cherish the most out of pride.

I wonder if we turned out anything like Mother Nature had in mind.

Two of your strongest instincts do battle with each other everyday. One wants to impart advice the other tends to resist listening to it. Which one wins the battle decides who and what you are.

Contrary to popular opinion the opposite of play is not work … It’s depression!

We really have to take a little time away from all the whiners for a moment or two so we may applaud the achievers and doers who seek nothing from us but opportunity.

Doing countless little things usually adds up to doing something that really counts.

The ability to stay focused when a beautiful Woman walks in the room qualifies you to achieve everything you want from life except her.

God didn’t invent Religion, Man did!

I’m a lot better at being the other guy than I am at being the guy. When I’m the guy I spend a way too much time worrying about who the hell the other guy is.

There’s nothing special about being a minority only some special people are special.

Money always trumps Art. It’s the people who figure out how to sell the Art that make all the money, not the people who create it.

Going from failure to failure eventually leads to victory as that will be all that’s left.

If your ship is taking too long to come in you may want to row out and get it.

You had to have been somebody in order to make a comeback.



3 thoughts on “It’s The Middle Class Stupid!

  1. George,
    Good stuff, we understand that it is the middle class that makes the country work, but when the plan on their (currents in office) part is to “fundamentally change America” to a socialist goulag, there becomes a derailed train running at high speeds that no one has the fortitude to stop. It is after all, as you said a Republic, Politicians are not known to have balls in their sack or a bone up their back. And so it goes…..

    Thanks for all the George(isms)


    • Thanks for checking in Tim. Unfortunately nobody speaks for the middle class Tim because we stupidly don’t let them. If we ever banded together like most smaller groups do are we would change America coz we could.

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