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When the Righteous Brothers recorded “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” the writers Mann and Weil didn’t have an ending so Phil Spector came up with … Whoah whoa ho! He shares 1/3 of the writer’s royalties from the 28 million collected so far. Now that’s what I call a big ending.

Inside all of us lives a much younger person wondering what the hell went wrong!

I never knew how racist Harry Belafonte was until I watched him induct Public Enemy into the Rock & Roll Hall of fame.

Are politicians the best in the world at taking full responsibility of a situation that happened on their watch while accepting absolutely no blame.

Speaking of politicians, Brent Farris claims that whenever you see a Congress Man on TV even if you can’t hear what he’s saying you just know it can’t be good.

Most people work so hard preparing for failure that they miss the victory party.

No action is a hell of a lot more expensive than any action is.

Somebody else is always standing by ready to grab up all of your missed opportunities.

Boy the Colts and the Saints sure sucked didn’t they.

But The 49rs and Manning in Denver showed them how it should be done.

Beautiful Women only fear one thing … Young Women!

Men are a lot more selective than we appear to be but still no where near as selective as Women are.

Seeing as the past and the future don’t exist you might as well live in the “Now”

Why is the explanation of why I can’t have what I want take so long.
Ok I checked again and it’s still the same … Any other words other than yes really mean no.

Wow John Hogan is out at Clear Channel.

Our memories of how great Radio was back in the day are far superior to how it actually sounded.

All that counts is what you did say not what you meant to say.

If your station isn’t getting any listener complaints then I guess boring would be the perfect word used to describe your current sound.

In 1927 H M Warner of Warner Brothers said … Who the hell wants to hear the actors talk! I think he’s in Radio now.

Have you noticed they never use the word genius to describe government workers including our President.

Speaking of government they must be the only ones who believe the press releases from the oil companies, banks and pharmaceuticals.

The best location for the studios of a Radio Station are where the morning man gets to bring the listeners to work and the afternoon drive person gets to send them back to the burbs.

As quickly as cars nowadays go from 0 – 60 why the hell does it take so long to move after the light goes green.

Speaking of lights going green that’s why they put horns in cars so the driver behind you can alert you when to stop texting.

The easiest ratings to get are by simply turning people who like you into people who love you.

Radio also needs to turn hearing into listening which the PPM device doesn’t measure but revenue sure does.

You are absolutely right if you think you can or cannot!

Women tend to be a lot more current than Men.




4 thoughts on “YOUNG WOMEN

  1. George,

    Elvis has his name as co-writer on a great many songs (but not on any Leiber & Stoller written songs), yet Elvis never wrote a word or a note. That was the deal the publishers and Colonel Parker made with most writers if they wanted Elvis to record their song.
    Years ago, when I interviewed Atlantic Records honcho./producer Jerry Wexler, he told me that in 1967, he was recording a song with Aretha Franklin written by Carole King & Gerry Goffin. The song was called “A Natural Woman”. Wexler suggested to King and Goffin that they ought to call it (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman”. The duo gave Wexler 33 1/3% of the writing royalties for those 5 words (and two brackets).

    What might those royalties be worth today?

  2. So Dougie there sits Phil in jail still collecting his royalties which only proves John and Paul were so right when they said to Ringo … You better start writing some tunes Bud or you’ll be touring your whole life!

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