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During the winter I get to hang out with my buddy Big Bob Thomas who has a place down here in South Florida. (pictured above with a couple of our Duffy’s girlfriends and me) What Bob who is from Northern Pennsylvania and I like to do is search for funky bars all over West Palm Beach which also have great happy hours.

With getting happy in mind, we headed out to Johnny Longboats on Singer Island whose Happy Hour started at one. After having a little lunch and then enjoying ourselves there for a couple of hours with adult beverages, we decided to check out a recently renovated bar called The Old Florida Draft House on our way over to Duffy’s.

Once there and settled in at the bar, Amber (pictured on top) brought Bob a bottle of Coors Light and me a decent red. As we sat there drinking while watching her walk around behind the bar, we both agreed that they had done a hell of a job with the renovation. In fact, the place almost looked as good as Amber.

At some point, an attractive blonde sat down beside me and told Amber that she was there for a job interview. Amber said to her that there were two ahead of her, but she would alert the owner about her presence. I introduced myself, and she told me that her name was Holly and that she was from a town in Tennesee just outside of Nashville. As we chatted about how big Nashville was getting, a gentleman came over and said that he was John the owner, and he was ready to see her now.

However, being a nice person, Holly pointed to a guy who was sitting in a booth just in back of Bob and said, “I think he was here before me.” The owner thought she meant my buddy Bob, so he walked over, shook Bob’s hand and said, “And just what kind of work are you looking for big guy?” The astonished look on Bob’s face almost made me fall off my bar stool laughing.

After things got straightened out and Holly finally got to go back for her interview, John the owner came out a few minutes later and said to me, “Would you hire that girl?” When I said, “Absolutely,” he responded with, “I may have to make you my new personnel director ’cause I’m going to hire her, and I’m telling her that you made me do it.”

When Holly was on her way out, she came over and gave me a huge hug and said, “Thank you so much for your help.” I’ll probably be spending a lot of time in the future at The Old Florida Draft House because I’ve got a feeling that a warm welcome or two may be waiting for me there?


When the rest of showbiz, Hollywood, Broadway, and the music industry is looking for new leaders, I rather doubt that they search for them in the broadcast community. 
I understand that this season, each episode of GOT cost more to produce than the entire first season did. Thank God radio would never do anything that stupid, eh? 
Speaking of GOT, 17.4 million people watched the launch.

Nothing good ever happens after it’s announced that you have new owners.

All wives do not agree with alimony, ask the second.
There are only two gifts, you can sing or you can’t, you can draw or you can’t. You can pretty well learn how to do everything else.
Nothing much in the world ever got changed without there being guns involved. 
Just so you know, the far left posts a whole bunch, the center posts now and then, but the far right posts hardly at all. 
Even black folks don’t want to live in a black community.
The cross was involved in society long before Jesus showed up. In the beginning, it represented Earth Air Water & Fire. 

Marriage is a beautiful thing until the first wee one shows up and as impressive as that moment is, men suddenly go from being the king to becoming, assistant mom.

Oh and speaking of that beautiful marriage, just remember that when it begins to go south, the lawyers only job is to keep you fighting so that they can get all the money.

Speaking of divorce, is it appropriate at their next wedding to say, “Welcome back everyone?”

You know you’re getting old when you don’t recognize most of the cover songs on The Voice.

No matter what shape a country is in, or what kind of government is in power, whether it be, Liberal, Conservative, Socialist, Communist, Dictatorships, or Kings and Queens. The people in charge always manage to take good care of themselves financially.

Do liberals like anybody besides Black people, Arabs, and Mexicans and what do the Asians think of them getting so much government help?
Isn’t being politically correct incorrect because it’s a lie?
Is there anybody from the mid-west who wants to get rid of the Electoral College?
Wow, how come the pros all seem to tire so quickly?
Has Michelle Obama ever said anything nice about a white person? 
As we gain more and more freedom, the world seems to become more violent? 
think there is a lot more to America than just what the wealthy see. Who cares about what they see anyway, aren’t they only another whiny minority who need government protection? 
Are you saying that after surviving 800 years of revolutions, invasions, and World Wars, Notre Dame was brought down by some construction workers? I don’t buy it.
If Jon Snow’s birth father is who they say, doesn’t that mean Jon’s sleeping with his sister? 

Isn’t the newly discovered black hole the exact opposite of what a hole is?

Is it just me or is Meryl Streep starting to look more and more like Mrs. Doubtfire?

Is Jesus the only Jew who celebrates Christmas?

I think Gronk should stay in shape all year and then come out of retirement just in time for the playoffs. 
What a Boston Marathon, after 26 miles it came down to a photo finish.
Well, the Winnipeg Jets are done in six. Bummer!
Appreciation has an expiry date. 
Do you know what happens when you don’t take a chance? Nothing! 
Only losing demands a reason. 
You usually only stumble when you’re running away from something. 
Sometimes the only way to get rid of it is, you have to say it. 
A problem recognized is a problem half solved.


Men fantasize about women they know whereas women tend to fantasize about men they don’t know. 
One of the toughest things to accomplish is to get a beautiful woman to make love to you for the first time. However, the toughest thing for a woman to get done is to get you to do it again.
The most protective women in the world are your daughters.

Nothing much has changed in the last 100 years, their beauty still measures women, and men, their successes.

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3 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog. (Happy Hour) New 4/22/19

  1. Hey George! First of all, Political Correctness isn’t difficult at all unless your heart has something to hide. Take it a step further…Although I can’t afford it anymore, I still hang out with boating people. Is it a sign of prejudice or intelligence? When is the last time you heard about a drive-by shooting at the Yacht Club?

    As for Jesus, I don’t think it was Mary and Joseph…It was Maury and Josephine. Do you really think an innkeeper was going to rent a room to a laborer and his pregnant wife who suddenly showed up with a donkey and no reservations? It was a business decision! (Happy Hour)

    • Paul thanks for the read and comment old friend. I’m waiting for a comedian like Bob Newhart do a one-sided phone call from the night shift guy at the Inn where Mary and Joseph tried to check in to the GM whose at home. Can’t you hear him trying to explain what’s going on in the manger?

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