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Unfortunately, a lot of very gifted people seen to flame out early in their career. The reason may be because they have no idea where their gift came from so they’re always worrying about what they’re going to do if it disappears. And, because they have no way of knowing how to get it back if it vanishes, they eventually freak out or start using drugs.
However, recently I watched an excellent documentary about a very gifted man from Jamaica by the name of Usain Bolt. Usain who is the greatest sprinter who ever lived set world records and won gold medals in three different Olympics, 2008, 2012, and 2016, for a total of nine. He knew precisely where his gifts came from he trained his ass off for them.
Unless your next break on the radio has an attention-getting open, some drama in the middle, and a killer close, I’d suggest using about the same amount of words that you’d use in a tweet. 

Until salespeople believe in radio, why would their clients?

Getting big ratings doesn’t make selling radio any easier, the rates just go up.

Consolidation changed a lot of things, like the fact that the salespeople are now selling the same number over and over again. They may look different on each station but it always adds up the same.

Until radio starts doing everything for its clients and listeners, it will just continue running in place.

When did product exclusivity in a stop set stop working for the client?

Oh, and when did our trying to get the folks to listen longer and more often stop working?

The only new concept that radio is interested in hearing about today is the one that can be done cheaper.

So what new programming have the current radio programmers created lately?


When things are going well, you have a lot of friends but when they’re not, you finally know who they are.

Just because you’re good don’t mean you’re good enough!

You’ll only become that which you can see.

Greatness is usually the result of having a plan but not enough time.

Being the best at something is the most secure you’ll ever be.

When you go the extra mile the road to success ain’t very crowded.

If I’m lucky enough to meet God in the afterlife, I have a few questions for him about his handling of children.


Your reputation will far outlive you.

I’m not sure what makes me happy, but I’m never sad when I’m excited, so I only pursue that what excites me.

I only find it slightly amusing that Hollywood writers depict most gays, women, blacks, and children as smarter than straight white guys. Only in the movies baby!

In the past, most people who came to America were ambitious. Not sure that’s true today.

If your book wise you don’t need to be street smart.

Reverse racism is still racism.
Beautiful women are only afraid of beautiful young women.
You mostly imagined the worst times in your life.

If it ain’t true, don’t say it.

The Winnipeg Jets finally won a playoff game. Go Jets!

Speaking of comebacks, how about Tiger’s?

Why is it when black folks talk about athletes or musical stars they only mention black people. How could they possibly miss Larry Bird, Wayne Gretzky, and Tom Brady, not to mention, Frank, Elvis, and The Beatles?

Why do the perps seem to have more rights than the victims? 
Why do prosecutors have the right to make plea deals without the victims or their family’s permission? 

Who did away with all the signs that read, “Looters will be shot,” they appeared to be working well.

How do the women from foreign countries who friend you on Facebook seem to fall in love so easily?

How come I’ve never heard a black person acknowledge that a white person may have helped them?

Speaking of women, have you ever noticed how quickly they respond to a text when you say what they want you to say?

Is there any country on the planet where people aren’t whining? I’m so tired of it.

If we paid politicians more would there be less corruption? Not likely me thinks.

Why do the laws seem to be written to protect Mr. Businessman from the likes of us rather than the other way around?

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4 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (Lightning Bolts) 4/15/19

  1. George: I feel very sorry for those young people whom became child actors and then lost their way when the grew up when they weren’t as cute as they once were, and then find out that their managers and / or parents spent all of that “big” money while they were still working. It must be very difficult when the roar of the crowd stops, phone calls for roles never come and the bank account is hovering near zero. – Jed
    By the way, the amazing thing about Bill Gardner (and Ron Chapman) was that they could almost always say something meaningful within 140-words ! That’s what practicing all of the joke punchlines does for a professional.

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