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Occasionally, I’ll come across one of my old records on YouTube, which brings back many memories.
We were called The Jury, and when the Beatles invaded North America, even though we were all in our early 20s, we were one of the older Winnipeg bands.

The Beatles changed everything, and simply by changing singers, we managed to go from the Elvis era with Donny Burns to the British era with Bruce Walker.
Shortly thereafter, we went from being a bunch of guys sitting around listening to records to a bunch of guys who were cutting them.

By being one of the older groups, we kinda lucked out because we missed the drug era by a couple of years.
Our drug of choice back then was booze which may have caused us to misbehave a little ( a lot), but at least we’re still alive.

I only mention all of this because I belong to a Facebook group called the Manitoba Music Museum which is a very cool site.
I really love it because it displays pictures and stories of all the old groups I used to play with, but it also keeps me in touch with the Winnipeg music scene today.
Unfortunately, though, I’m now noticing that many of the younger-than-us groups are already missing a couple of members.
The members of The Jury miraculously are all still alive and probably still drinkin’ (The stories and incidents about what went on in those days will come shortly after the passing of my children.)

I, of course, being much wiser now, have switched from the hard stuff to a nice red that gives “good nose.”


Figuring out how to raise children is rather simple when you don’t have any.

How do we carve out all welfare scammers before they turn us against those who need our help?

Most men, unlike women, care about how things are rather than why they are. Sometimes, the only thing that makes sense is what makes no sense.

Does any other country have borders as porous as ours?

So what are we supposed to do with all the crazy people who walk amongst which the law makes it too difficult to commit them to a mental institution?

I get that when a woman says no, she means no. But what I don’t get is why she doesn’t say, “Not without wrapping that rascal, you don’t,” when she doesn’t.

Boldness and genius mixed together produce magic.

Don’t you think all colleges should be not-for-profit, thus giving everybody a shot at a college education? Hey, but what the hell do I know? I was educated at a poolroom in Transcona.

Just like we Canadians, don’t buy that Russia invented hockey; I also don’t buy that black folks created Rock and Roll.

You think being a woman is tough; try being the man who is responsible for everything.

Nothing stays a secret for very long.

Aren’t rating parties the best? What’s that, you say? They don’t have them anymore because there’s nothing to celebrate.

I wonder when it’s going to occur to Jerry Jones that he needs to fire the GM not the coaches?


Larry Dixon: George. Your comment about where to vacation when you’ve lived a few years in San Diego, and West Palm Beach reminded me of a quick story here.  Toward the end of my career, I worked at Salem Radio Network in affiliate sales, trying to place our talk programming on news/talk stations. One of my states was Hawaii. There was a guy on The Big Island that I enjoyed talking to. I called one day about this time of year and was informed by his secretary that he was on vacation. And I said when you live in Hawaii, where do you go on vacation, North Dakota?  And she said, actually, he went to Minnesota. Soo there ya go. I enjoy reading your stuff. (Benevolent Dictator)
Geo: Wow, the great Larry Dixon checks in. Thanks for the comment, Man.

Reid Reker: Yes, I was Peggy’s personal driver for every event because I was the only person her husband trusted. I’ll leave it to your imagination as to whether or not I was worthy of that. (I’ve Lived Everywhere, Man)
Geo: I think I’ll leave that one hanging, old friend.

Doug Herman: The Radio Wars back then were epic. Jack’s and my company working with you and a few other big-$$$, top-end programmers was the stuff that legends and life-long friendships are made of. Adrenaline and money were flying about everywhere. I’ve always thought that must be the same feeling NFL players have when they cash their checks and show up for work.  I can’t think of a single another thing I would rather have done with my time in the biz than The Last Contest, the Prize Catalog, the interactive telephone promotions, RAM Ratings (OK, that turned out to be a stiff, but mostly because everybody wanted it, we had a ton of clients, they just didn’t want to PAY for it….).  Can you imagine having done anything else with your life and career?  I certainly can’t.
Geo: I can’t imagine doing anything else, Doug.

Doug Erickson: I never heard your Canadian stations, George, but I was paying attention to KVIL when it became HUGE. You had THE BEST Air Talent in EVERY daypart; Ron Chapman, Bill Gardner, et al. Even your news people and traffic reporters were clearly better than anyone else in that market.
KVIL was the complete package 24/7, and I just never hear that anymore. How quickly could you capture any city if you were allowed to pay (hire) the best air talent anyone had ever heard?
Geo: In Canada, Doug, I was learning through trial and error, but by the time I hit Dallas, I knew how the diary worked. (It had started in Canada a few years earlier.) It was an unfair fight, and although we were exhilarated when we achieved the top position, Doug, it didn’t come unexpectedly.

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