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Back when Barack Obama was President, he claimed that the economy was good, and Trump now says that it’s even better. My only question is, the good economy is good for whom?

Hell, when I grew up during the ’50s, the economy was much better. My Mom didn’t have to work, and my Dad bought a new car every two years. My Mom got one every three, and we built a new house every five, plus had a cabin at the lake.

Everything, including prescription drugs, was reasonably priced, and even though gas was only 20 cents a gallon, the oil barons still managed to become multi-millionaires

I believe that the economy was much better back then because it served all the people, not just a select few. Oh, and did I mention that there was also very little crime?

Hell, even the ’60s were better than now. Case in point, when I got married in the mid-sixties, I only worked part-time at a radio station and played with my band on the weekends. Not only did I have the biggest house on the block (shown above still standing after 50 years), but I also drove a brand new convertible. (shown above) What 23-year-old can do that today?

Today’s good economy must only be good for the 1% ers because I don’t see the rest of us smiling.

The thing I find the most amazing about living in America is that no matter what terrible things you’ve done, apologize, go to rehab, and all is forgiven. Amazing! 

Ford, The Beatles, and Jobs didn’t give us what we wanted; they gave us what they wanted us to have.

A lot of the nobodies who became somebody also turned out to be assholes because they couldn’t handle success. 

The first time your being on the earth becomes somewhat essential is when you have an impact on other people’s lives. 

Most radio GM’s version of your getting out in the community to serve the public is doing remotes at a tire store. 

If you need to get something done, give it to a person who is too busy to do it. 

A Muslim comedian recently said it best, “Hey, I’m a 7-11 Muslim, not a 9-11.” 

A leader’s first responsibility is to define the goal; his ultimate responsibility is to thank the crew for getting them there.

When I was growing up in Transcona, after walking our girlfriends home from the community club dances, my buddies and I would meet at the local Diner for a Burger before going back home. Then we didn’t?

Anyone can do a presentation to three people; it’s the thought of doing one to a hundred or so that keeps you up at night. 

Something to think about, Jesus wasn’t a Christian, Mohammad wasn’t a Muslim, and Budda wasn’t a Buddhist. Maybe we should follow who they were all following?

Rich people without rules tend to do the wrong thing.

What I like best about social media is that it exposes all the evil celebrities allowing karma to catch up with them a lot quicker.

It is so weird out there these days that I’d advise looking both ways before crossing a one-way street.

I wish Trump would stop talking and walk the talk instead.

Not having to buy into everything lame thing either party claims is the best thing about being a centrist.

Just trying harder doesn’t make bad stuff work any better.

Figuring out what you did right is a lot tougher than figuring out what you did wrong.

Is it true that Coronavirus has been listed on the Lysol can as one of the viruses it kills, for years?


Patrick Stelzner: “Remember when a sales person’s job was mostly to get the money? Now they also have to figure out how to get the money to fit the system.” Amen Bro (I Felt The Earth Move)

John McQuaker: Hi George: I enjoy reading your stories. I worked at CKY FM, and then CKY 580 from 1966-1971. Worked with some of the people you name, such as Frank Roberts, Bill Grogan, George Dawes, and Embree McDermid, probably many others whose names I don’t always remember. I got into the news side in about 1970, and I think John Pierce was the news director, these days it’s hard to imagine that the big 3 AM stations in WPG (CKY, CKRC, and CJOB) each had an eight-person news team. Keep up the excellent work. (Comments)

Jim Harper: Hey George,
I love this blog-post. Especially: “Radio should stop worrying about its image and just get on with the entertainment!”I’ve learned by listening as a civilian, that when a station runs an image promo for itself, it’s just noise and another interruption. The same goes for local TV. You’re already there…you’re already engaged, you don’t need to be sold on having made a good decision. (Fear)

Buzz Barnett: RadioGeo, Travel back in time to September 2004 as Hurricane Frances approached Palm Beach & WRMF went into Emergency Broadcast mode inside a Control Room core that was wrapped tightly by thick plywood sheets put up by Ric Rieke…..Mike Calhoun prepped His coverage team after Paul Cavenaugh purchased supplies at the Publix next door on Congress Ave….baloney & bread….mayo & mustard….cheese & crackers….chips & dips (sorry, Amy)….hundreds of $$$ in booze…. it was never revealed just Who provided the soothing sweet smoke that got Us thru the 72-hours spent together as Frances churned & howled & nearly blew Our legendary house down….& it was only a warm-up as Hurricane Jeanne jumped ashore some three weeks later @ 120-mph sustained! (Hurricane Mathew)

Nat Humphries: “If what one has to say is not better than silence, then one should keep silent”- Confucius, 511 BC 
“Ask yourself if that bit you’re about to do is better than ‘Hey, Jude.’ If it’s not, play ‘Hey, Jude’”. – George Johns, 1974 AD.

Tim Moore: George, the velvet sensitivity you bring to this global malady is appreciated. Depression hides in dark corners, and I’m guessing many more suffer from it than we know. I’m so fortunate never to have known it, but thinking about friends and colleagues, like you, I can now see patterns. Life can become a forced march through a minefield if we see it that way. Some don’t have much choice. Joni Mitchell may have had this in mind in the lyrics of a long lost ballad: “Dark with darker moods is he…and not a golden prince has come, of columbines and wizardry to talk of castles in the sun. In a Bleeker Street Cafe, she found someone to love today.” (Which Way Ya Going Billy Part Deux)

Wilson Parasiuk: Hi Cami, Congratulations on your graduation – from another product of the hallowed town of Transcona. Your Dad George was a curious, courageous guy who made his way in the big wide world. But he never forgot his roots and he never forgot the little guy. Go for it. Curiosity and zest for life will make your life fuller and meaningful. Willy. (Camera Graduates)

David Wolfe: Reunion Pre-amble…George – do I qualify?  I spent three years at Fairwest – went to STAR in Milwaukee to handle the incoming police calls and keep Cat calm, went to Norfolk with the gift catalog, went to Montreal with the interactive phone, went to Kansas with the credit card affinity program, went to Transtar to oversee the Music of Your Life music rotation and keep Gary calm, and on weekends ran 10ks with you via Reg’s Mercedes (the Mercedes went to Texas). San Diego would be a good location. (Class Reunion)

Geo: Nobody represents Class better than you do, David.

Grover: I think that everything posted made a great deal of sense. But what about this? What if you added a little information? I ain’t saying your content isn’t solid, however, suppose you added a title that makes people want more? I mean, Live From The Field Geo's Media Blog is a little vanilla. You should peek at Yahoo’s home page and note how they create news headlines to grab viewers interested. You might try adding a video or a pic or two to get readers interested about everything you’ve written. In my opinion, it might make your website a little livelier.

Geo: Thanks for all the input, Grover, but “Live From The Field” is not a Blog, it’s just a picture that I’m storing for future use in a real Blog. (Live From The Field)

Margaret Mayer: Nice one Geo- and great pics of you and Ermanno, Ed, and Willy. I also enjoyed the quotes, with the exception of the elbow to women. I will keep marching every year to remind you. I think Wilma and Lilly will too. See you at the Super Bowl!
xoxoxo with Love from the Berkeley Hills, looking over the San Francisco Bay. (Making Movies)
Geo: Back at ya, Margarita.

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4 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (Our Good Economy Is Good For Whom?) New for 3/02/20

  1. Plus, George, our parents and grandparents not only built our interstate highway system and most of the major dams and bridges in the country, but they rebuilt Europe and Japan after WW2, and still managed to prosper despite much higher taxes. The rich stayed rich with a 70% tax rate on their income. The only thing that trickles down in the trickle down tax plan is inherited wealth.

  2. Red Robison: George Keep on punching I read your stuff all the time. Good radio was always in the hands of people like you. What happened to radio is happening in newspapers and magazines. They have taken the low road. Hey, they are corporations and you better toe the line or get out now.

    Geo: Thanks for the read, Red. Hey, what I can’t understand is when I was a kid and my folks would drive from Winnipeg to Vancouver for vacation and I’d listen to you on the radio. How is it that we’re about the same age now? (Our Good Economy Is Good For Whom?)

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