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With the chatter getting louder about another KVIL reunion in Dallas, it got me thinking about when I was the National PD of Fairbanks Broadcasting which owned KVIL. Jim Hilliard (pictured with me above) who ran the company, always reminded the corporate staff that one of our most important jobs was to keep our owner, Richard M Fairbanks (pictured right above) from making a decision. In order to do so, his advice was to stay out of his office. However, if we were ever summoned for a meeting in there, we were to blame whatever Mr. F wanted on Jim and then get the hell out of the office as fast as we could.
The main problem we had with Mr. Fairbanks’ decision making was that once he decided to do something, it was forever. Occasionally though, Jim would be unavailable so if we needed a quick decision on something, we had no choice but to go to Mr. Fairbanks. He loved those moments because he was always more than ready to jump in as he did big time in Big ‘D’ on one occasion.
At that time, the only real players on FM in Dallas were KNUS which was owned by the McClendons, and KVIL which Mr. Fairbanks owned. Even though our formats were quite different, we chased some of the same demos, which forced us to be somewhat competitive. However, our competitiveness was good for the then-new FM band, because it brought attention to it.
Anyway, one day when Jim was out of the country, I was told that KNUS had bought a bunch of billboards that ringed Dallas, claiming that they were the big Banana in town. When I told Mr. Fairbanks about it, he said, “No worries, I’ll take care of it.”
And take care of it he did. He personally designed a billboard sat in front of all of theirs (see newspaper photo on top) that not only was the worst looking board we’d ever put up, it was also the most devastating. Shortly after making their appearance, KNUS gave up competing with us which proved once again that it’s not wise to mess with folks who play the game with million dollar bills.
Why does it take until your fifty-fifth birthday for you to realize that the media is overly obsessed with 25-54-year-olds? 
Radio today is too timid, it makes the listeners nervous.
It’s one thing to go after what you want, but it’s another figuring out how to enjoy it once you get it. 
There is nothing more powerful than a good story. 
The Demons use your voice when they to lie to you.
If you want to get a cop’s attention, threaten his overtime or pension. 
Sometimes you need to have voluntary amnesia. 
Eight years ago Cersei stated, “If you play the Game Of Thrones, you must be prepared to die,” and die she did.
Simplifying merely means eliminating the unnecessary. 
Brandon, the broken, becoming King reminds me of participation trophies. 
There is not enough money in the world to shut Social Media up. 
Drunks start fights; stoners start bands. 
I can’t believe that I actually spent eight years of my life watching GOT but thankfully, unlike most of the characters, I’m still alive. 

It’s he who pays for the poll that the results tend to side with.

I’m only impressed by the people who can do things that I can’t.

Most folks don’t become or stay “good people” when treated badly by bad people.

In Indiana, a dollar is worth $1.11, in New York and California, it’s worth $.87.

People may hear what we say but they only believe what they see.


Women started the sexual revolution.

I wonder why women feel they have a right to hit a man?

I think the women whose eyebrows match the hair on their head are much more attractive.

If God wanted us to end up looking the same, why did he start us out so differently?

Isn’t it weird that no matter how poor a country is, their politicians can still afford to ride around in limousines and stay at 5-star hotels?

While living in Canada and visiting the US, I was always amazed by how proud the people were of being Americans. However, I don’t feel that now, what the hell happened?

I know fathers dream about having their sons in the family business but do mothers have the same dream about their daughters?

Speaking of dreams, when you’re you’re reading a book in your dream, who wrote it?


I think the only reason our government cares what the politics of other countries are is so they can decide whether or not to put coke machines into them.

The way the government got us to stop protesting their wars was to simply cancel the draft.

The north may have been the ones who freed the slaves but it doesn’t appear that they liked them very much.

Wouldn’t it be great if the politicians were as passionate about politics as the rest of us?

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  1. George…the style of KNUS’ billboard looks mighty familiar. Did you guys end up stealing their agency’s graphic designer?

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