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Now that Kay-Ville is back rating-wise to where she was when I first met her, it’s time to discuss who was responsible for her success and then who killed her.
The success part is easy; it had to have been Richard M Fairbanks; they wouldn’t give all that money to the wrong person, would they, Jim?

Next in line for credit has to go to Ron Chapman and his excellent staff, most of whom deservedly are in the Radio Hall of Fame. (Ron’s in three of them)
Jerry Bobo also deserves much credit for figuring out how to bill more money than our excellent ratings claimed we deserved.

As you can see, there are a bunch of people who rightfully deserve the credit for KVIL’s success, but there’s only one person who deserves all the credit for its demise: Mel Karmazin. Hey, he did it his way.


Recently, I was thinking about the old TV series “Happy Days,” a fun show about the ’50s. They got it right for most cities except Transcona because most of the guys when I lived there looked like the Fonz; if you didn’t, you left town. 

Why does Hollywood always portray women or black folks as being in charge?

Only those who don’t want power should have it.

Why do women insist on showing us their cleavage instead of what we really want to see?

Why would anyone want to do what the government wants us to do?

More scrutiny of big business instead of us would be a good thing.

Had Ronnie not closed most insane asylums, I wonder if Antonio Brown might be locked up there.

Diplomacy doesn’t work until it does.

If you’re not a little bit frightened, you’re not living up to your potential.

A lot of folks who look happy ain’t.

Has any druggy ever admitted that they do drugs?

Sometimes the best is not the best.

Does anybody remember Beta Max?

Has anybody done a poll asking how many Americans are for the guys who think they’re girls being able to compete in female sports?

How did Titos get so big so fast?

If I could, I would live on a train and only get off in places where the people seemed interesting.

You can fall down the ladder but never up.

Why am I always hearing, “You should have been here last week.”

Never trust anyone who handles your insulting them without reacting.

Why does the media consider the folks who go to rehab heroes, whereas I consider those who don’t have to, the real heroes?

Most Canadians always felt inferior to Americans, whereas most Australians feel superior. Both are wrong.

Why you did something never justifies your doing it.

Unfortunately, most men aren’t attracted to smart women; they like the pretty ones; if they’re smart too, that’s the marrying kind.

The first sign you may be growing old is when pretty Asisans and Russian girls want to be your Facebook friend.

Now that we all have cameras, have you noticed that there are fewer photos of UFOs?

Unless you’re prepared to walk away from it, it’ll never be a good deal.

Few things have ever been accomplished without some sort of compromise.

It’s all the small stuff that ends up taking most of your time.

Even though the sales ladies at a radio station make twice as much as the air talent, I’ve never seen them pick up a tab. What’s equal about that?

If you’re not dying, it ain’t fucking serious.

It takes talent to make money but brains to keep it.

The people paid to protect us must follow the rules, but those who want to hurt us don’t. What’s wrong with that picture?

There’s no sense in having money if you don’t have anybody to share it with.

When things get nasty, philosophical conversations usually disappear. 

Speaking of nasty, I loved the conclusion of “Billions.”

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers finished first in their division. Go, Big Blue!


Bill Gardner: Hi George! Your elevator story reminded me of mine.
I was doing “swing shift” fill-ins on air at “Famous 56” WFIL Philadelphia, and this night I was doing overnights…..home of the every-hour, FIFTEEN-minute newscasts (daily news commitments had to be dumped somewhere!).    Pretty sure our mutual friend Jim Hilliard had already left the Program Director chair at that time. During the 3.15 AM newscast, I took the elevator to our cafeteria and grabbed a vending machine snack. On the return, the elevator screeches to a halt mid-floor! It’s almost 3.30 AM in Philly, I’m due back on the air in minutes, but I’m stuck in the elevator. What now? The elevator DID have a phone, I would assume to handle my exact challenge.    Legendary Top 40 WFIL had incredible engineers, or “board ops,” so I thought, “Hey, I’ll call super board op Freddie Moore’s phone extension, and I’ll bet he can figure out how to put the elevator’s phone on the air AND also get me sprung.  Both things eventually happened, but I did almost an hour of my WFIL radio show from the elevator on the phone until a repair crew rescued me!    I guess everyone’s famous for something, and that’s undoubtedly the only “fame” I achieved during my time at WFIL Philadelphia! (Questions)
Geo: When I told my daughter Cami about being stuck in the elevator for over 15 minutes, Bill, she said she wouldn’t have lasted a minute before calling 911. Duh, I never even thought of that.
Bill Gardner: I’m with your daughter!  I’d have called 911, too, if someone had only invented cell phones back then 🙂 Pretty sure the elevator phone only called WFIL in-house extensions.

Alan Sterger: Hey George, What is the story behind the young lady painting your portrait? Is she painting from a photograph in her left hand? Was it a commissioned painting? (Memorable II)
Geo: Not sure, Alan, someone sent it to me.

Wendy Holmes: What’s a BJ? (Annoying)
Geo: It’s the name of my favorite bar here in West Palm, Wendy. -:)

Paul Cavenaugh: Hi George, Everyone enjoys a good BJ! But only a good one…
All white people aren’t bad, only those over the age of 70! The older you are, the more racist you become.
Fear causes Prejudice. Prejudice causes Hatred. Hatred causes racism. When the fear is stoked by such entities as FOX News, it becomes magnified. (Annoying)
Geo: Well said, Mr.Paul.

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6 thoughts on “Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Miss Kay Ville) 10/30/23

  1. Larry Macinnis: George, I must be the male exception. I am ONLY attracted to smart women. There is nothing more unattractive than stupidity – be it a man or woman. Beauty fades. Stupidity is forever.
    Geo: I hear ya, Larry, my problem is, I fall in love with the smart ones.

  2. Bill Gardner: Interesting statement on Mel Karmazin and the fall of KVIL.
    I learned TWO times that like him or not, Mel is a bottom-line businessman.
    First, while I was the top-rated afternoon drive personality on KVIL in ’89 or ’90 with two to one shares over number two, I heard Mel was coming to Dallas for a visit. After his departure, a staff member asked me how I enjoyed meeting him. I told them “He never came to see me….he seemed to just like the sales department.” I figured they’re income to him, I’m purely an expense. I’m no one that he needs to talk to or meet. 🙂
    Second time was even more interesting and surprising. My teammate “Shotgun Tom” Kelly was leading the drive for a standing monument to the legendary Top 40 KCBQ-AM along Mission Gorge Road in Santee with all our names on it, where the studio and towers once stood. These days, it was no longer a huge vacant field. A large strip center with several big businesses and restaurants were on the once vacant land. Tom told me he had to get permission from the landlord to erect the monument. Even though their stores were where the proposed monument stood, the landlord wasn’t Lowe’s, Kohls, In-N-Out Burger, or Chick Fil A, the landowner was Mel Karmazin! So he may have sold KCBQ’s license, but he kept that once barren LAND for himself, hoping for development and boy did he win! (Miss Kay Ville)
    Geo: What I find most interesting about Mel is you always hear about his successes but little about his failures, Bill.

  3. Robert W. Olson: George, how do I buy your shirt?
    Geo: You’ll have to ask my daughter Cami, Robert, she dresses me.

  4. Wendy Holmes: George,
    Are you telling me you don’t like cleavage??? What’s up with that??? One has to start somewhere my dear. It’s called advertising and it’s pretty basic!
    Geo: I love all the ornaments women come with, Wendy, but nobody died in a knife fight over “cleavage.” 🙂 

  5. Ron Below: Does anybody remember Beta Max? Yep, me. Bought a Sony Beta Max combo in a beautiful cabinet. Extra nice Sony TV picture, only one problem… 1 hour playback limit and worse yet… very few tapes. I had a Paul McCarthy and one other I can’t remember (might be other reasons for that). I often wonder who ended up with this boat anchor. (Miss Kaye Ville)
    Geo: I heard that Beta Max had better quality, but I feel your pain, Mr. Below, most porn is longer than an hour.

  6. Nat Humphreys: George; I’ll bet this has happened to all of us here…more than once.
    While luxuriating over Sunday Brunch this morning at one of my favorite eateries I quickly became aware that emanating from the ceiling was 100% WIBC’s playlist from the ‘70s.
    Better, all around me the wait staff was either humming along or whispering the lyrics.
    I’m not sure Glenn Miller or even Frank enjoyed such an afterlife.
    Rightly or wrongly, in that moment I hit upon the thought that some part of your success should be laid at the feet of an extraordinarily creative and palatable musical era that coincided with your masterful instinct to know what to do with it.
    No sucking up here, just a truth.
    So this morning was beyond comforting, sitting there over eggs in the waning days of 2023 while basking in the soundtrack of a Golden Age many of us here got to be a part of.
    Geo: Now you’ve done it, Nat, ya got me blushing! Yep, we kinda kicked Frank and his pack aside and let the Carpenters in. Fun times, Nat.

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