Geo’s Media Blog (Ladies Of The Nite) A Repost

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RAIJANNA+633_ppRecently I’ve been contacted by yet another pretty little songbird of the nite who needs my help.
Her name is Raijanna (pictured) and she is presently playing love songs on KZST in Santa Rosa but now wants to turn her game a way up. The reason that she wants my help is because she now wants to become the new Delilah for a whole new generation of women.

As you may remember though, I wrote in one of my blogs recently that I no longer accept a wink and a knowing smile from all the damsels in distress as payment for my services.
However, before I could even begin to say … Will that be cash or sex, Ma’am, the station jumped in and paid me. Damn!


I love beautiful Women but I have learned from painful experience that I can only handle one of them at a time and sometimes not even that.

Speaking of beautiful, a police officer by the name of Kari Pallotto once told me that the way the system works is you get a speeding ticket every 45th time you speed. The fact that someone in the next lane to you was actually driving faster has absolutely nothing to do your ticket, it just wasn’t his turn.

“When a Man Loves A Woman” two things happen, first he starts protecting her with his life then he tries to make her happy which of course is an impossible task so the whole affair may just be God’s way of giving himself a little chuckle.

Even though I am attracted to beautiful women of all ages, my favorites have to be the forty-year-olds because that’s when the mind and body come together. Whew!

There are four types of death. 1. You stop learning. 2. You stop making love. 3. The Child inside you dies 4. You stop breathing. 

Another one of the many things Women have over Men is they don’t waste a lot of time or money on sex. 

Have you ever noticed that most of the “Yes Men” only have the power to say no?

Has any great radio format ever got its start in a major market?

McDonald’s creates a new meal every once in a while just so they can get excited about saying McDonald’s again. I would suggest Radio do the same.

Hey, it looks like my buddy from Transcona, Ermanno Barone is going to build a huge film studio in Winnipeg hoping to attract the Hollywood crowd to my hometown.

Years ago when I asked Cami what had happened to my little girl, her reply was … She went to pictures Daddy!

Speaking of Cami I remember once when she asked me how come the parents who insist that the kids need to be closely supervised whenever they go to the mall never seem to have the time to participate in the supervision.

There are very few salespeople left in Radio because they mostly call on agencies. I think a degree in accounting would now better prepare them for their presentations.

My father was on his own and earning a living when he was only 14 and as smart as my kids are I couldn’t imagine me let alone them being able to do that at the age of 14.

When I was a kid I was afraid of my Father so when I became one I made sure my kids weren’t afraid of me but I may have even over succeeded somewhat.

When I was about 15 years of age and living some very cold winters in Transcona my “California Dreaming” began and I finally made it just in time for my 40th birthday party. Recently, my Daughter, Candis remarked … Dad, you dragged the whole Johns family to California and now you’re the only one not still here. What’s up with that? 

I think one of the big problems in life is you go from Da Da to Daddy on to Dad then to Dude and all the way back to my favorite which is “Daddy” but you do it in the blink of an eye!

When I was based at WIBC in Indianapolis we loved being sold out because the station sounded so much better because we used 3 codes for the commercials (A) Great Sounding (B) Good Sounding (C) OK. As we approached being sold out we started replacing the C’s with A’s and when we were completely sold out we replaced the B’s with A’s.

I think to make a station sound great you need to program it like a symphony. When the music soars you have to slowly bring it back down to the softer ballads then begin to take it back up once again to a crescendo. Now fitting the commercials into that without ruining your symphony takes some doing because the sales department prefers the spots be an island but unfortunately there are no islands in a symphony!

I’ve never liked Dee Jays but I love gifted characters and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to listen and work with a bunch of them over the years.

If you use fear as your motivator, know this. Whoever is afraid of you at the moment will spend most of their day plotting how to get rid of you before you can get rid of them.

Most of America will hear a Radio Station next week but few will be listening.

A lot of Radio people do Radio for other Radio people which makes them very beatable.

Why do Broadcasters who are notoriously bad bill payers get so upset over their own collection problems you would think they would be a little more understanding.

Why is it when the GSM gets GM stripes they want to start picking the tunes and design a new logo.

Radio which is in the advertising business doesn’t seem to believe much in advertising itself.

Jim Hilliard recently said to me … Johns, you have always been a poet. Is that a good thing?

When I was growing up I was always told I better curb my tongue before it adversely affected my future. Well, now it’s too late because I’m already in the future so you better stand back ’cause I’m not sure how mean this tongue is gonna get. In fact, I’m starting to feel the need to name names.

When you’re on hold and you hear “your call is very important to us, thank you for holding” Do you think they really mean it!

I was told that when Gay marriage became legal in Canada, very few got married.

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5 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (Ladies Of The Nite) A Repost

  1. Well said and done, George. Very well!
    Along those lines (“When you’re on hold and you hear “your call is very important to us, thank you for holding” Do you think they really mean it!), whenever I hear the on-hold recorded speaker – for the tenth time – say, “…someone will be with you momentarily.”, I usually shout, “WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF MOMENTARILY?” Y’know?

    • Thanks for the read Mr. Schell. Have you also noticed that the reason there are no staff members looking after us anymore is because we’re doing all the work and we’re not even making minimum wage?

      • BINGO, Geo! If I could get 7-fifty (that is, $7.50) per hour, I might be able to help those dear folks who create the on-hold/”momentarily” recorded messages. All I might do, to add some reality to it all, would be to change the copy to say, “…someone or some Thing will be with you at some POINT…we suggest that you put your phone on speaker and busy yourself for awhile. Capeesh?” (Are you chuckling?…yes?…GOOD!)

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