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Hey, Radio, here’s the real problem: you haven’t kept up with the changes, nor do you realize how much money there is lying around out here
But you keep on schlepping 60s and 30s for chump change anyway, which is so old school; shame on you!

Everything always changes, as did my daughter Cami in just a few short years at USF in Tampa.
(The picture on top shows how she looked like on her first day at USF. The next photo shows her when she graduated, and the final reveals what she’ll look like on her first day at South Florida University, where she’ll be studying for her Master’s Degree in Psychology.) Color me a proud Dad.

Meanwhile, here’s an example of how things have changed drastically in the advertising world.
Bing paid Ryan Seacrest a million dollars to stop saying Google and say Bing instead and spiffed iHeart a Mil to let him do it. No spots involved.

Where did that two million come from, and what was the cost per point on that deal?
Is there something your Superstar morning team may be able to mention that would be worth a few bucks? Just askin’.

Don’t you wonder what it costs to have a stadium named after a company so the media has to chant your name every time an event is held there?
Where did that money come from, and what targeting techniques did they want? What do you suppose, Mr. CPA?

Why are they paying millions of dollars to a bunch of athletes to use their product? Where did that money come from?
Hey, what about all those digital billboards you see in arenas, stadiums, and on the highways and byways? What the hell has that got to do with accountability, cost per point, or targeting?

Oh, and did you know that your superiors foolishly gave away your databases to Facebook?
Hey, radio had no idea what to do with it, but Facebook sure did.

Oh, and did you realize that they’re spending as much on advertising as they always have, if not more?
They’re just not spending it in the same old way.

Hello, Hello. Are You Sales Folks Awake in Yet Another Sales Meeting? 
Come on out into the sunshine; as I said up top, million-dollar bills are lying around out here just waiting to be harvested; I know ’cause I can smell ’em!


.Last week, I was talking to my friend Buzz Braman about why we made the trek to BJ’s.
Not a tough question to answer; hey, when the bartenders started to seem annoyed that we were back again, it was time to move on. Oh yeah, and it was never a place that you’d take a first date to, whereas BJ’s is.

Speaking of dates, if you’re at BJs in West Palm with a date or a friend and because you read Radio Geo’s Media Blog, say to your server for the next thirty days, “Hey, Geo’s buying our first round.” Oh, and if you’re all by yourself,  no problem, I’m still buying.

My family has always been more important to me than my country.(I’ve lived in three.)

It’s your attitude that determines whether you’re facing an obstacle or an opportunity.

I find it so strange how we won’t let animals suffer, but we don’t seem to mind if people do. 🙁

Speaking of suffering, what irritates me the most about the left and the right is the far right wants to ban abortions, and the extreme left wants to let boys who think their girls compete in female sports.
Unfortunately, they are both loud about their positions. (Can you use your inside voices, please?)

When my Class format was really hot, every time I’d travel to a new city to install it, the local sales folks would always greet me with, “What if it doesn’t work here,” and I’d always respond, “What if it does?

Most of my life is an open book, but I gotta keep some things under wraps; hey, I got daughters.

When I became a father, all I  wanted to be was to be a better father than my Dad was, which wasn’t a stretch. However, then again, maybe I was just a bad son.

Most people don’t care how much they pay for something as long as they think they’re getting more than they paid for.

Don’t ya hate it when companies email you their shit with no reply emails?

Did you know that Elvis sold out all of his concerts, 1684 of them? (I was at three of them, including his last.) Hell, even the Beatles didn’t do that.

So, whenever I’m arguing with a woman who manages to bring it to the point where I would punch her out if she were a guy,  I’d bring up sex.

This would usually back them off, but the new generation of women now is not intimidated by sex.

One can only wonder if the new generation of men who have been taught to treat women equally knows that even though she may deserve it, you never hit a woman.

When he sees a woman with a cigar, what man can’t help but think about Monika Lewinski?

Hey, Superman, what’s more critical, the world or your family?

Speaking of dying, I can only wonder how many young people have died. for some an old man’s dream?

When are the left and the right gonna realize that it’s the media that’s driving us apart?

The only thing that can stop you is you. 

Is there anything better than McDonald’s fries or In-N-Out Burgers?

How about those Lions going to Kansas City and upsetting the Superbowl Champs?

Speaking of Football, my Winnipeg Blue Bombers kicked the shit out of the Saskatchewan Roughriders to further entrench them in first place in the Western Division of the CFL. Go, Big Blue!

Can you imagine how exciting it was for Lois Lane to fall in love with Clark Kent and then get fuck Superman?

Hey, Mr. Policeman, when you say get on the fucking ground, and they resist instead of yellin’, just shoot them and save us some court time. However, if they do get on the ground quickly, back the fuck off. Are we fucking clear?

In my book “Guitars & Radio & Wild Wild Women,” one of the wild women I was involved with told me that even though she didn’t like heavy metal music, she always went to concerts anyway.
The reason she said was, “I just wanna fuck the Guitar Gods.”

Speaking of a Guitar Gods, check this out:


Wendy Holmes: George, I agree with your comment on Hockey players. They are tough as nails and provide that little extra with their fighting.
I have to say that Football players also have to be tough in order to survive all of that close contact their bodies endure. They add a little comedic relief for the fans each time they have achieved a good play on the field, which adds to their appeal. Not to mention all of that Spandex on those young men’s bodies, which adds allure for us women!! Naughty me! (C-Mo or L-Mo:)
Geo: I knew that naughty girl that I once knew was bound to show up again. Welcome back. 🙂

Brent Farris: Tell Cami that when it comes time for her thesis, she could try to get science to explain George Johns!!! (btw 19 days to go, but who’s counting? I owe everything to the two people who signed my Hall of Fame Award) Geo: Cami pretty well knows where my buttons are, Brent, and uses them at her convenience. 🙂  As for your goodbye radio party, I’m gonna have to raincheck it till we do the “Blow Out in The Desert.”

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2 thoughts on “Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Ch Ch Changes) New 9/11/23

  1. Jed DuvalGeorge: You did the one thing that was most important in life: Love and support your children. We sometimes stumble and fail, but you always tried to follow the right path as long as I have known you.
    Our youth take different directions that you or I may not understand on occasion, but hopefully, in the end, it comes around again. (Look Who Came Home)
    Geo: Jed, I had no idea that I wanted children, I think maybe Lana did. Hell, we were we we’re doing great. I was playing with The Jury and working part time at CKY, Lana was working, we were driving a brand-new convertible and had just bought the best house on the block.
    Then along came Candis and even though The Jury had the #1 Canadian Record on the charts there was still no decent money in sight, so when I was offered the Music Directors job at CKY, I quit the Jury and gave everything I had to radio because now what I cared about the most was my little girl.

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