The three things I know I have in common with guys like Randy Bachman, Fred Turner, Burton Cummings and Neil Young are (1) We all grew up in Winnipeg (2) We all put records out (3) We all vividly remember hearing our records on the radio for the first time. Radio is still the only thing in the world that can provide a very magical moment like that.

Wow old friend Dennis Jon Bailey just won Radio Personality Of The Year at the NAB/RAB Radio Show in Chicago. Good for you DJB!

What if the talent were in charge of Mr. Business Man’s salary how much would they pay him do you suppose. He is worthy but he cant sing, dance, write, rhyme, act, sculpt, paint, weave, rap, design, mold, draw, perform, or make us laugh. What he does do you can learn to do at school. I’m not sure what the gifted would pay him but I’m guessing a lot less.

Bob Christy was telling me that he was listening to Willie’s Road House on Satellite radio where the host asked Waylon Jenning’s son if there was anything more country than Cowboy sleeping with his cousin he answered yeah it’s even more country if he marries her.

Your freedom of speech ends at the doors to your office building and your human rights end at the tip of my nose.

Wow the Bo-Sox finally won a game.

Bill Stovin who gave me my first PD job at CKOM in Saskatoon passed away recently and I can only hope the industry forgave him long ago.

I think some women are even more sexist than men. The type of woman I’m referring to often use strong words that if a man used when talking to another man would lead to extreme violence. Because they are women they expect to get away with it. What could be more sexist than that.

The top 5 regrets from people with very little time left to live.                                               1. I wish I’d had the courage to live like I wanted to instead of how others expected me to. 2. I wish I didn’t work so hard. 3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings. 4. I wish I would have stayed in touch with my friends. 5. I wish I had let myself be happier.

I grew up in had two cousins Ben and Irving I was close to and were all about year apart with me being the youngest. I remember always wishing to be as old as they were. I no longer wish that.

Speaking about growing up my two daughters Candis and Cami are throwing me a little Birthday Party in San Diego and have invited a few friends to what they call a “Toast & Roast” The part that has me concerned is how over excited some folks seem to be about the roasting part which includes Cami amongst them.

What’s up with the race reporters in NASCAR wearing drivers suits they almost looks as silly as Baseball Managers.

Lee Abrams said its business that makes radio rock but it’s content that makes it roll.

Warren Cosford saw a survey that pointed out who the coolest nationalities on the planet are. 1. Americans 2. Brazilians 3. Spanish 4. Italians 5. French. The not so cool Nationalities are 1. Belgians 2. Poles 3. Turks 4. Canadians 5. Germans

Venus Williams says to this day she still finds the rain very comforting. When she was a child she had to practice Tennis 5 hours a day so whenever it rained she finally got a break.

The weaker your signal the more unique your programming must be.

Laws are for Judges and Lawyers the intent of the law is what the people are interested in.

I understand the legendary Bill Gardner is about to become V/P & General Manager of a huge furniture store in Arizona. I don’t see the connection but good for him I guess.

Bad Boy Bobby Cole says the month of August is done and oh what a month it was.



  1. “The weaker your signal the more unique your programming must be.”

    Love this! I employed this concept when I was faced with a 400-watt AM signal that could escape the HDBA. Decided to program Black Gospel music. And the station got its first listing in an Arbitron rating book in years. (The All Sports format was pulling a big goose egg.)

  2. My high school football coach and history teacher often said, “your freedom ends where my nose begins.” Some of us have more freedom based on the size of our nose?

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