You Can Change The World By Just Fooling Around!

I had lunch today with Jarl Mohn ( Lee Masters) who was looking very “spiffy” in his Brandon Wheat Kings Jersey. Jarl told me he was very lucky that I was unsuccessful in hiring him those many years ago. Had he joined us he reasoned he probably would have had a way too much fun and would never have gone to WNBC in New York. WNBC it turned out wouldn’t let him do any of his stuff so he quit and started E ! Entertainment.

Speaking of Jarl, he told me that Bob Pittman the new big guy at Clear Channel is absolutely the best Presenter he has ever seen. Jarl claimed agency folks cant resist buying what ever he’s sellin’.

I understand the fans in Chicago were burning Jay Cutler’s Jersey out in the parking lot after the Bears loss because they finally figured out like the Denver folks did a while ago that he’s a wimp.

Speaking of Cutler, Josh behind the bar at Duffys Sports Grill says Jay better have an operation on that leg or he wont get out of town alive.

Boy this is as low profile as ever seen from Randy Michaels. Be afraid be very afraid. But then again maybe he’s just sitting out a “no can talk” part of his contract.

Everything you do on the radio should sound like you don’t quite have enough time to do it.

I predict American Idol will still be big but definitely not a phenomenon anymore.

I think a good marriage is only possible when both parties not only love each other but also like each other.

In most relationships the woman thinks her man would be better with a few changes The man prays that his woman never changes. The reverse is what usually happens.

3 legends that I know of Elvis, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis produced a whole new style of music while taking a break from what they were in the studio specifically to do. During the break they each started fooling around and their “fooling around” changed music and perhaps the whole world forever. I would suggest that maybe we should all take a break and fool around a little.

The only music that sounds too loud is music you don’t like.

I love the on air talent who have a little off air swagger. Most management folk though seem to prefer the “needy” types.

What I like best about Running is the more you run the Lighter and Stronger you get which is a very powerful combination. OK, and hey the free drugs ain’t bad either.

Speaking of Running the math is very weird, skip 1 day and you get better, skip 2 days in a row and it takes you 4 days to get back to the same fitness level.

Somewhere between the Owners and the Unions lies the truth.

Keith James after reading my comment about how Jaguar XKE’s now just look funny on those skinny tires said we all looked funny and skinny back then.

Speaking of back then I used to love the 4 week books because I got to play Santa Clause. I was The National PD for Fairbanks Broadcasting and would show up at the pre book meetings in D/FW at KVIL with some very nice gifts for Ron Chapman. These special gifts would include things like a new Heller jingle package, some wonderful art work for a big new Billboard showing, a couple of huge bags of cash for the giant contest we had dreamed up, a limo that would take Ron to work in the morning, and even sometimes a great new sounding swing jock who was a way too good just to be doing weekends. None of Ron’s on air talent though ever seemed to get sick after his arrival so we hardly ever got to use him.

Women are born with what men want, unfortunately we have to become what they want.

Just once I would like to see how women would handle all of their natural instincts becoming illegal.

OK I’ll check again ! Nope It’s till the same … It’s what’s above the line that causes the bottom line according to Socrates but what the hell did he ever know he never had a MBA.

Radio sales folks don’t want product they just want ratings. (See above)

Have you ever noticed that big companies don’t take chances on us being computer savvy when they want our money. Huge, click here signs. Little companies must think we are all geeks maybe because they are. Good luck on figuring out what to do on their pages, I wonder how much money that’s costing them.

I find myself lately working on so much free stuff for some folks that I don’t have any time left over to work on the things which produce money.

So if your called prejudiced if you think someone is bad just because of their race, what are you called if you think someone is good just because of their race.


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