Who The Hell Do They Poll? (new geo Blog for the week of April 30/18

I love hanging out at the bar in Duffy’s in West Palm Beach because you never know who you’re gonna run into. I’ve had a few beers and some great conversations with Superior Court Judges, Admirals, Generals, Major League Scouts, Pro Athletes and even Politicians like Rudy Guiliani. However, one of the most interesting people I’ve met there is Buzz Braman. Buzz’s uncle Norm owns Braman Motors in South Florida which is billion dollar big, but I would guess that he may be the black sheep of the family. Early on Buzz developed a love for basketball which led him to become an assistant coach in Philly with the 76rs and a few others before finishing up with the Orlando Magic where he was known as the “Shot Doc.”
Even though Buzz is now back in the family business, he still hangs with Superstars like Shaq and Penny Hardaway who not only buy Bentleys and Rollers from him; they also hire him to teach the art of shooting to their kids. On one such occasion, Penny asked if Buzz could come back to Orlando for a couple of days to shoot some hoops with his son. When Buzz arrived and found out that Penny was being ripped off for a couple of grand to rent a gym, Buzz said, “No fucking way!”
After asking around, someone told them that there were some outdoor basketball courts nearby as long as they didn’t mind the rough neighborhood where they were located. On their drive over they couldn’t help but notice all the graffiti on everything not to mention more than a few gang members staring at them as they drove by. When they finally arrived at their destination and began to warm up, within a few minutes they noticed a few low riders slowly pulling into the adjacent parking lot, and Buzz thought to himself, “Oh oh!” Nothing happened for a while, but when they got out of their rides and began to swagger over, Buzz told Penny that he had spotted the leader who was all tatted up and sporting a doo-rag and then said. “I’m carrying so if worst comes to worst you and your son need to hang back behind me, and I’ll take out the boss man first, and we’ll see where it goes from there.”
As the bangers showing attitude got closer, suddenly the main guy looks at Penny and says, “You’re fucking Penny Hardaway man, wow, you’re my all-time favorite player, bring it in!” For the rest of the afternoon, the gang members whooped and hollered after every shot proving once again that it’s always good to hang out with the rich and famous.
The more time you spend planning, the less you’ll spend executing.
You hear about a new poll almost every day but who the hell are they polling? Have you ever been asked for your opinion about anything?
Have you ever noticed that the only place that you ever see a man cry is in a film?
Freedom of speech like justice is a myth. The only place you can say what you want in America without consequences is in the middle of a field where nobody can hear you.
My parents weren’t as free as I am but they were sure a hell of a lot safer.
Am I the only one in the world who didn’t realize that like Snopes, Facebook is liberal?
How can anybody who thinks the minimum wage is too low in America be against tariffs on the goods produced by rich people in other countries who pay their workers pennies an hour?
The only positive thing that consolidation produced (if you can call it that) was the fees made by the money men for the refinancing and the buying and selling of radio stations.
Who gets more breaks in life than a beautiful woman?
I may be somewhat liberal, but I’m not a socialist.
Other than the lucky sperm club, it seems to me that most people who made it had no other choice but to do so.
Hiding from the truth doesn’t make it go away. 
Who has a better life, a woman with a rich man or a man with a rich woman?
Sometimes it’s the folks who start out with nothing who end up with everything.
I wonder if LeBron has somehow forgotten that he managed to buy his mama a brand new Hummer before he left high school. Ain’t America great?
Winners don’t keep regular hours.
I think the East in Canada should begin in the eastern suburbs of Toronto.
Speaking of Canada, shouldn’t every city have an NHL team?
Most guys at some point would love to own a pickup truck.
My new goal is to make it out of my condo each day without having to come back for keys, glasses, phone, wallet, etc.
I always wondered why you would ever need a new roof until I realized that I’d never lived anywhere long enough to require one.
What makes a woman think that she can say “f**k you” to anyone at any time without fear of retaliation?
Can anyone tell me how a skateboard follows the person when they leap several feet in the air?
Helping others get what they want helps you get what you want.
Is it just me or does the FBI always seem to be involved in all the bad events that have happened lately but did nothing to prevent them?
Things are how they are not how we wish them to be and the reason that they are doesn’t change that.
Laws don’t prevent bad things from happening; evil doesn’t obey laws.

The only thing I have in common with Shakespear is that he too wrote for the common man.

Stephen Hawking claimed that there is no God and according to God there’s bo Stephen Hawking.

Speaking of God, the Pope now claims there’s no hell.

Wow, just watched a video of the two leaders of South and North Korea holding hands as they crossed into each other’s country. Damn!

Jets and predators head back to Winnipeg for game 3 all tied up. Go Jets!

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