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IMG_595811A few years ago when my daughter Cami’s train was delayed while she was attempting to come home from college, struck up a conversation with a guy who was also waiting for it. When the train finally arrived at their station in Tampa, he invited her to sit next to him so they wouldn’t get stuck sitting with all the weird people. About halfway through their journey to West Palm Beach, he excused himself and went to the restroom. When he came back a while later, he looked like this. (see photo above)


Have you noticed that the only time you ever hear any positive words used to describe a radio station and/or a radio company is uttered by a very recent hire?
The long journey towards becoming wise begins at young and stupid.
Patience and courage are learned through adversity.
My parents always believed our nation’s leaders would never lie to us but I for some reason do not hold the same belief.
A lot of what we were taught by our parents and teachers was simply not true so just like with computers, garbage in garbage out.
Rivalry makes the world go round!
If you have to use a funny voice to try and make something funny, it’s not funny.
It’s tough enough to make good radio without also worrying about a subplot going so forget about all that drama. But then again, “What have ya heard?”
Pessimism is a natural state whereas optimism must be conjured up.
Arguments are won by being skillful which is almost impossible to do when one is in the middle of a rant or tantrum.
You can’t fake courage it must be manufactured.
The first station I ever consulted was in LA and when the Sales Manager picked me up in his fire red Ferrari on my first visit I thought, “Maybe this market is different?”
People call all the things that they don’t like on the radio, commercials.
There is nothing fine waiting for you in the fine print.
My Daughter Candis told me that an organized student will always get better grades than an unorganized smarter student which means my Grandson Nathaniel never had a choice.
The story Exodus has about as much chance being true as does the story of Noah’s Ark. Other than a bunch of movies, there are no artifacts from either.
Did anyone ever call you up to give you something?
Holistic healing only works if you believe it does.
Growing up in the ’60s in Canada, I remember Prime Minister Trudeau advising high school students to take a year off before entering college. He wanted them to hitchhike across Canada, claiming that they would learn more from their journey than they would ever learn in college. Can you imagine your kids doing that today, what went wrong?
Systems accomplish two things, they eliminate a lot of the downside, but unfortunately, they also eliminate an equal amount of the upside.
Joe Walsh of The Eagles claims the music today is too perfect and that a lot of hits from the past became popular because of the imperfections.
Can you imagine Hitler”s rant must have been like when he woke up to hear that Japan had just bombed Pearl Harbor bringing the US into the war?
The torrid tale of a lusty night written by a man is much longer than the event itself was, whereas the woman’s account is usually much shorter than the event actually was.
Nielson seems to be in the business of measuring listeners who don’t buy anything.
Fear is the PD of most radio stations today.
Unfortunately, the instructions about how to think out of the box are written on the outside of the lid.
The only difference between making 50,000 dollars a year and 50, thousand a month is the knowledge it takes to do so.
Beating last years numbers means nothing, the whole world is a different place in a years time.
You eventually become who you act like.
How you language stuff is a huge factor in how it all turns out.



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  1. Actually you hit it right on the button. Hitler did indeed have one of his famous hissy fits upon learning that the Japanese had bombed Hawaii…..with absolutely no advance warning to Der Fuhrer. He supposedly said some rather unflattering things about their race, hinting that sneakiness was what you get when you were dealing with ‘non Anglo Saxons’ (Poland as well as Josef Stalin would probably take issue with that comment, considering Germany’s deceit against both of them.) What happened next though was unemotional and methodical….and perhaps Hitler’s greatest blunder. He was convinced he would be fighting America eventually….FDR had already firmly planted our policies in favor of Great Britain. So he referred to the Tripartite Act between the Axis powers…which was mostly just a marketing scheme and didn’t require automatic belligerent obligation….and almost matter of factly declared war on the US by December 11th. Now, instead of a nearly crushed, exhausted island nation as his sole western enemy, he had a massive industrial and resource rich nation beyond the reach of his lethal Luftwaffe that was about to use England as its’ unsinkable aircraft carrier to bring the war to him.

    His post-Pearl hissy fit would not be the last. That would come 41 months later in a bunker in the ruins of Berlin.

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