Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf) (revised geo Blog from 02/17)

My friend Tim Moore (pictured) recently wrote in his Blog that nobody became successful without the help of others. He went on to say that seeing as we are all running out of time there was no time like the present to thank those that helped you along the way. So with that in mind here I go…

Barry Levasseur and his gorgeous sister Carol who introduced me to my love of sports, Rock&Roll, and beautiful women all on the same day.

George Darenchukwho not only who gave me my first “A” but also encouraged me to stay in school.

Marshall Quelch and the rest of the crew at Pete’s pool room on the strip who gave me my real education.

Peter Proskurnikwho talked me into going to my first dance which changed my world.

My parents Sandy and Betty Johns who put up with a lot of very loud band practices in our rumpus room and for not totally freaking out when I turned down the GM’s job at a new bowling alley to become a part time board op at CKY.

Shayne who invited me to become a member of “Shayne and the Devines” which jump-started my musical career.

Rolly Blaquiere who helped me start all those bands which eventually led to us getting a recording contract.

Bruce Walker and Terry Kenny and the rest of The Jury without whom there wouldn’t have been any records.

Jim Quail and all of the Transcona Nationals who taught me how great it felt to be part of a great team and showed me what you could achieve in life with good teamwork.

Coach “Coby” Cockburn Who perhaps believed in me more than even my father did.

Bill Burdeyny who wrote about us in the Transcona News making me want to become somebody.

Mark Parr who tormented management until they gave me my first radio job at CKY in Winnipeg.

Jack Wells who convinced me that if I could handle him in the morning, I could handle anybody.

John Wells who made an otherwise very boring radio station fun which prevented me from leaving the business.

Jim Hilliard who spotted me early on and not only guided me my whole life but along with his beautiful wife Barbara is still my best friend.

Lana Johns who gave me a daughter who instantly took me from a boy to a man.

Chuck Riley who taught me what great production was all about and also how to handle talented people who are difficult.

Daryl “B” who along with Riley produced my first record and also got me promoted to Music Director of CKY which jump started my radio career.

George Dawes who hooked me up with CKOM in Saskatoon where I first learned to be a Program Director.

My dear friend Gary Russell (RIP) who helped me become a real PD.

Ralph Connor who made me realize that you can’t please everyone so you might as well please yourself

J Robert Wood who got me my first major market programming job at CFRA in Ottawa.

Joel Thompson who made my living in Ottawa tolerable in spite of our epic ratings.

Ted Rogers and Keith Dancy who let me put an experimental format on CFTR which just happened to be in Canada’s largest market.

Roger Klein, Keith Elshaw and Sharon Henwood who made CFTR sound so good that it got me a job in America as a National PD.

Cris Conner Who made this Canadian’s transition from not only his country but from being a PD to becoming a National PD a piece of cake.

All the “Hall of Fame” talent and those that should be who were on the air and in production at Fairbanks Broadcasting whom without I would be nothing.

Ron Chapman who showed me how big a dream could get.

Ed and Tom Shadek who made it possible for me to start my own consulting company plus get to realize my dream of living in California.

Jack McCoy who not only inspired me but let me have first shot at all his world class promotions.

Reg Johns & Reid Reker whom without there couldn’t have been a “Class” format.

Jim West who took “Class” national.

Bill Yde who got me into radio station ownership.

Tim Reever who showed me that if you mixed in a little running sometimes selling could be fun.

Bob Christy who not only has been at my side through many projects as a co-worker but has also been one of my closest and dearest friends along with his beautiful wife Janny Cakes.

Kari Summerfield who also gave me a daughter which gave me another shot at becoming an even better father.

Betsy Cameron who not only has helped me with many projects including getting me into my beautiful condo but is also one of my best friends too along with her husband, Barry Smith.

Gordon, Tom & Brent at KZST who for well over 30 years have kept me in good wine. Thank you, guys!

And last but definitely not least, my beautiful daughters Candis & Cami who have kept me young which allowed me to “have at it” all these years.

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