Takin’ Care Of Business. (new for aug 17/15)


Back when my friend Gary Bachman was managing his brother’s band “Brave Belt” he told him that he had to lose the James Taylor sound.
What Gary (pictured with me) believed he should be doing was what he did best and that was rock and and he also needed go down town to hear Fred Turner sing “House Of The Rising Sun” to hear what he was talking about. There was only one problem, Fred was playing in a bar and Gary’s brother was a Mormon which meant that he could play in a bar, he couldn’t just go into one and hang out. Precisely at 10:00 PM Gary opened the fire escape door as Fred began to wail the Animals old standard and standing there listening in the parking lot was Randy Bachman. The legendary Bachman Turner Overdrive was born at that very moment.


I've always believed that somewhere there was a woman who could make me happy. The search though has been fun but also very expensive but now I can't even remember what  the hell I was  looking for.

One of the many differences between men and women is that women will only kill for their children whereas men will kill for their children and their women.

How come Asian Americans don't need the government's help.

The colors red white and blue make you think about how good it is to be free until you see them flashing in your rear view mirror.

In futuristic movies they always portray giant corporations as the #1 evil doers with governments a close 2nd. Maybe we need to get rid of them both right now while we can.

The reason a lotta marriages fail after the death of a child is because thats when a woman needs her man to be big and strong but there is no possible way he can be.

Loan sharks and Credit Card Companies charge about the same amount of interest so how come the police aren't running around shutting them down.

Voltair is a device that can hear radio stations that a lot of people can’t which produces inflated ratings. What the hell have at it the ratings have never been true anyway.

Wouldn't it be nice if the NAB still had those million of dollars they wasted fighting the satellite merger so they could promote the fact that well over 90% of Americans still listen to the radio.

We all need to start a company that distributes something that the government bans because once they do that it will cause the demand to skyrocket just as banning booze and heroin did.

If you talk on the radio then you better be local unless you're better than Rush and Howard.

People usually only care about one radio station and only owners care about groups but seeing as they can't participate in ratings, who cares..

I noticed that Urban and Hispanic ratings are on the wane again and one can only wonder how long it will be till Neilson fudges the numbers to prevent protests.

I doubt very much that black people back in the day used the "N" word to describe Dr King like they use it today to describe each other

How come when you accidently drop something sometimes it works better than ever but if you throw it out of disgust it never works again.

It's not what's behind you or in front of you that counts, it's what's in you.

Have you ever noticed that the folks who are the loudest about gun control are those who have them or at least always standing beside someone who does.

Our government thinks that if a country is free to vote all is well but I think there's a hell of a lot more to freedom than that. Hey Mexicans are free to vote aren't they.

I think LeBron James needs to take the off season and think about the fact that he doesn't get to decide if he's the best, we do.

Isn't it funny how the little bad stuff at the beginning of a deal seems to grow out of control as it nears the end.

When our favorite team wins we always refer to it joyously as … We won! But if they lose we refer to it as, they lost.

According to a portrait painter that I know, girls all lose the innocence in their eyes at around 14.

Does anything describe what men really want better than the song "Stand By Me".

Only the first step is difficult the rest is a cake walk.

Living your life exactly like you want to is the definition of real success.

Getting an education is expensive but not getting one costs even more.

I often wonder when someone gets an abortion who that person would have been.

How come Soccer doesn't have a flop rule.

When I was doing real well a lot of people were doing well but when they were doing real well, well not so much.

When someone who lets you down claims it wasn't their fault I don’t care it’s only the letting me down part I care about, the rest is just noise.

I think that Trump may be proving that being politically correct isn’t working well anymore plus he sure has a way of getting closet liberals to out themselves.

True Detective wore me out, I’m exhausted.

I wonder what Pete Carroll’s opening words to the Seahawks were at training camp this year.

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  1. When I worked in NYC 76-77, I sub-let (rented) an “inside” apartment “in the Village” on Barrow Street from someone that was in or involved with BTO. I don’t remember his name as this point. Great apartment when there was hot water and heat!

    I walked by the world famous Chumley’s (corner of Bedford and Barrow Streets?) on the way home from the subway stop.

    Those were the days my friends. . . .

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