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I remember once listening to an interview with Frank Zappa where he was talking about driving through Hollywood on the way to a meeting with his record company in Burbank when he had to stop for a red light.
Sitting there with the top down enjoying the California sunshine while singing along with the radio he noticed that the couple in the next car were staring at him horrified. Frank suddenly realized that he’d been singing along rather loudly to “Sugar Sugar” by the Archies.


It must be amazing when the type of music you do isn’t what’s popular today but because you’re so talented you change the whole game. 

When I told Joe Amaturo that I finished school at the Manitoba Institute Of Technology he told me that I needed to shorten it up to MIT.

The automobile is as old as radio but somehow they are still pretty cool where as radio isn’t. How did they manage that do you suppose.

Most people appear to be pretty smart on an e mail, text, or private message, that’s why the Millenniums don’t use the phone, too much pressure.

I came to the scary realization recently that any tunes recorded in 2010 or before are oldies to my daughter Cami.

There is no sales department nor a system strong enough to sell a radio station that no one listens to.

It’s better to be awful on the radio than it is to be boring.

All radio stations eventually end up sounding like their PD. How cool is yours huh! 

Have you ever noticed that the people who have never ever been funny end up on the radio telling jokes.

Jim Hilliard used to say that we didn’t have a license to bore.

If the folks who live in America had to pay to listen to radio what % do you think would. Right now about 90% do each week but I’m thinking it’s because it’s free not because it’s good.

I’ve heard the term sales friendly used in many sales meetings but I’ve yet to hear programming friendly used at a sales meeting.

America always had a way too many choices except when it comes to presidential candidates.

As long as your company has a lot of income you can f**k with the books and make them say pretty well anything you want them to say. But If you don’t a lotta income and you’re still making the books sing your tune … It’s jail time baby!

If you take into account how much time is spent and how many people from all the charities and government agencies are involved with helping the poor you start to realize that the poor are a huge industry.

Success in radio and most of the rest of showbiz comes down to having a fan base.

Success is based on an equal partnership between Attitude & Ability. 

The music biz has always been a step or two behind the consumers needs.

Most times the simplest of solutions is the best.

You never hear about bad mothers only bad fathers, surely there must have been a couple.

I feel sorry for daughters whose Mom is not their best friend now that they are grown.

No women is ever gonna offer up naughty talk or erotic photos, for that you’re gonna have to learn how to beg.

A B-25 Bomber crashed into the 76th floor of the Empire State building on July 28th 1945 and it never collapsed. Hmmmmm.

Sometimes you’re so busy working on and planning our future that you forgot to live your life and before you know it there you are stuck in the future with no plan.

The only people who will ever tell you the real truth about yourself are your angry enemies.

It’s hard to blend in when you kinda stand out.

It is very dangerous to play it safe.

A great writer once told me that everything written including fiction is at least 50% true. I can’t possibly keep that fact out of head as I watch all the conspiracy movies about the small group of individuals who supposedly really run the entire world which makes the whole experience a little scary.

The most over paid people on earth have to be the sound engineers at concerts and live TV music shows. Hey guys we came to watch and hear the singers not the f**king guitar players.

Recklessness created more fortunes than caution ever did.

So Mr./Miss Jenner won the ESPY for courage over a lot of other courageous people huh.

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