Still Looking In All The Wrong Places For All The Right Answers

As you can see I’m still out here doing Market Research. Hopefully I wont come up with too many answers too soon. So far I don’t need any help but I will let you know.

How about that Tebow still winning and the experts including his coach John Fox and boss man John Elway still saying he can’t play quarterback in the NFL.

I noticed on Facebook the other day that somebody had posted an old format clock of WIBC which included the 19 commercials per hour we ran. Some folks claimed it was definitely a George Johns clock and here I was so hoping to be remembered for something a little more artistic than a format clock, but so be it. Others were commenting about how tough it must have been to get those great ratings with a spot load that large. I arrived in Indianapolis in 1973 as the local PD of WIBC and the National PD of WNAP plus all the other Fairbanks stations and Jim Hilliard only remembers two things about my long tenure in Indy. The day I Cut the spot load to 19 and the day I left in 1981. He is still upset about both and brings the latter up constantly as “The day I screwed him” Jim you’ve got to let it go!

J Robert Wood told me a couple of years ago that our problem was we were born and raised in the Midwest where we were all incorrectly taught that if we worked hard and did a good job we would be well taken care of. Turns out the folks who got well taken care of were the ones who asked for it before the work ever started.

In 1866 Mark Twain said no man’s life, liberty, or property is safe when the legislature is in session. Surely this can no longer be true.

Warren Cosford claims in Windsor Ontario a murder is committed once every two years. Across the river in Detroit a murder is committed once a day.

When is Tony Sparano going to learn that there are only two times to kick field goals. Just before the half and once again at the end of the game for the win. Any others never really mean anything as he constantly finds out in the loss column.

When I wrote … How long will it be until when I google my name name I wont have to see Do You Mean George Jones. Nance Chapman responded with “Stop googling your name George you’re going to go blind”

For some reason I don’t remember very much about bad things that happened to me but I do still remember most of the good things and all of my breathless moments.

Now that Cami is living with me she brings with her almost 85% of everything I need from a woman. But that missing 15% is a bear not to mention very powerful. What do you suggest I should do now that I can no longer show off my gorgeous view.

Moto says … Seeing as 100% of the FBI’s top 25 list is Muslims how can anything we do in that arena be considered racial profiling.

Speaking of Terrorists aren’t most of them Saudis. How come we never invaded their Country.

What was it Iraq did to us again, somehow it keeps slipping my mind.

Bob Pittman told me he got into radio when he was 15 so he could earn enough money to take flying lessons. He now flies all over the World in his own Falcon 900 Jet.

James Bovard said Democracy has to be a little more than just two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.

My Grandson Nathaniel just completed a walk-a-thon to raise money for his school. He was the #1 walker for the 1st grade by walking 43 laps on the track. Can you spell “Proud Buppa”

I think the NBA owners and the players finally figured out it never has been about them. “The Game’s The Thing”

Speaking of the NBA wouldn’t it be nice or should we just demand because of the $200 dollar tickets, the $12 Beer, and the $9 Hot Dogs that they tell us just what games the Super Stars are going to coast at to save themselves for the long season. I for one want to skip those games.

If you think health care is expensive now just wait till its free. Check with the folks in Canada.

It used to be if you didn’t read the newspaper you were uninformed then once you read it you of course became misinformed. Now if you read the newspaper you’re just old.

There is only one way to make money in the radio biz … Make Management afraid you’re going to leave.

The way to attract a large female audience to your radio show is to use the number 5. You have 5 seconds to get their attention. You need to talk about the 5 subjects they are most interested in. You have to use their 5 primal emotions in order to create all the drama they love so much and you finish it all off with a 5 second big close. Then and only then can you stop worrying about downsizing

Thomas Jefferson said if the government finally gets big enough to give you everything you want it will also be strong enough to take everything you have.

I was trying to explain to my Daughter Cami tonight that because her Father was an ego maniac and her mother was self centered she was going to have to figure out how to deal with it because I didn’t see either of us changing anytime soon. She said no problem Dad I have it covered. Now what the hell did that mean???

I asked a bunch of guys the other day if there was anything more sexy in the world than a 17 year old. Someone quickly answered, “Yeah a 16 year old” I immediately shouted … Hey Hey Hey Watch It Now!

About a year ago I posted this question. If you saw me in the back seat of a police car being driven away what do you think the reason would be? I wonder if in a year my image has changed any.

10 thoughts on “Still Looking In All The Wrong Places For All The Right Answers

  1. Should we now be considering every Tim Tebow victory as a “MIRACLE”???

    The NBA is Back??? Who Cares?!!!!

    Does anyone really think Marlins “Cheapskate” Owner Jeff Loria is gonna spend big money for name stars? I’ve got this delightful waterfront property to show you. Let’s go see it at low tide!

  2. It is just amazing what you are willing to put yourself through to conduct your Research. I can’t help but admire your perserverance under the tremendous pressure mirrored on your face while you conduct the pictured interview.

    Can’t show off your view – guess etchings are out as well.

    Can you get arrested for stealing Ratings?

    • Em, The quest for ratings begins with finding out what women want. What women want is like searching for the lost chord or chasing windmills.. I must stay strong until my mission is complete.

  3. Try as hard as I could, as I sailed out of Port Everglades last week, no George Johns boat was to be seen, even Jay Williams has a boat on the lake.. What’s the matter George?
    Enjoyed the weather HAL lost my luggage on disembarkation day, cruise was great though. Loved Bonaire, only place when you can float without a raft..lots of salt in the water… Listened to radio from FTL to DC as I drove back..they don’t hire midday jocks any more..liners and automation..clear channel, beasley and cumulus.. what has the industry become here..a giant juke box at least for music stations… format’s you either have light rock less talk, all xmas, or classic hits/rock..but oldies nah that’s bad..
    Cox’s FM simulcasts of their all news am in Orlando is a joke, Jacksonville is not much better…and Renda, someone needs to buy these guys a clue…
    Have cash now all I need to find is some dead FM to play with.
    Coming soon to dc all news 99…sometime in January from the folks at CBS…good luck.. with a bad signal and WTOP with three FM signals…yeah that will work…

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