1911956_632359696857819_3689284826361615155_n 407909_304365126282074_1671121757_nI came across this old survey from CKY in Winnipeg where I was a board op when it was printed in’64. I could have never dreamed nor imagined that years later four of us would once again work together at a Radio Station in Indianapolis called WIBC where Jimmy Darin (Hilliard) ran the whole company, Gary Todd was our morning man with a 27 share, Chuck Dann (Riley) was the afternoon guy before moving on to LA to become the voice of CBS TV and I was the National PD.

The definition of luck is where preparation meets opportunity.
So with that in mind I remember back in the 70’s when the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were bigger than the Dallas Cowboys themselves and Tex Schramm who was the President and GM of the Cowboys came to Ron Chapman and asked him if KVIL could take over the Cheerleader selection process. Tex said he just wanted to think about Football not cheerleading!

Speaking of Ron Chapman I always loved his response when being pressured by the sales department for a quick answer on a client’s need. He would tell them if they needed an answer right now the answer was no but if they could give him some time……

In an earlier Blog I wrote about the fact that vengeance has patience. Case in point was when Michael Jordan first made the NBA All Star team Isaiah Thomas froze him out of the game. Years later when the 1st Dream Team was being chosen for the Olympics Michael told them if Isaiah was on the team then they didn’t need him.

When I google my name I seem to have many talents. I’m an Entrepreneur, a Lawyer, an Author of fine books, a Military Man of some importance and a deep sea photographer. Hmmmm how do I get all of this on my resume.

Do the Asians who live in Nashville talk like Hillbillies too.

A lot of Movie Stars could be great on air people but I doubt the reverse is true.

Sex and greed have a tendency to make you immune to fear.

The reason most Women are upset about their divorce settlement is because they are used to controlling 81% of the household income and have no idea how to live on the 50% they are left with.

Would a assertive engineer be the one who was looking down at somebody Else’s shoes.

Morning Radio is still the only day part people actually listen to.

To be happy it is said that one must live a balanced life spending equal amounts time on your spiritual, physical, intellectual and financial well being. No wonder rich people only smile in pictures.

As predictable as air talent is off the air they need to be as equally unpredictable on the air.

I love hanging out with sales people I just don’t like working with them. Hey they lie for a living.

Speaking of Radio sales people they are similar to some Women I know. They take no responsibility nor are they accountable for the effect they have on ratings.

If nobody in Germany liked Hitler who the hell were all those cheering people in the arenas listening to his speeches before World War II.

I’ve never met anybody who feels they are overpaid but after a couple of glasses of a nice red I’m ready to start naming names.

Seeing as there are no fires in South Florida so other than starting side businesses what the hell does the fire department do.

Whenever I go to California now I notice tons of cops giving out speeding tickets so ya gotta wonder just whose fighting crime.

Why doesn’t somebody tell the airline staff at the gate that the flight is sold out before hand so they can make some adjustments so they wont have to lecture us on what we must do in order for them to have an on time departure.

Lee Masters got so tired of me trying to recruit him that he finally changed his name to Jarl Mohn so he could hide from me. I don’t have the heart to tell him he should have used a different name coz that one is already gone and in fact is being used to name a beautiful broadcast facility in Pasadena.

If its true that Men think about sex every 7 seconds it’s a miracle they have accomplished anything.

Your perception of what is the truth may not be the truth, only the truth is the truth.

So when you spend a ton of money on a beautiful Woman is that an investment or an expense.

As I have said before I know a lot about a little and a little about a lot but I know very little about Woman but the little I do know about them excites me a lot.

Every time I see a picture of the President with his advisers I swear it’s the same guys who were guiding Jimmy Carter. Both the Bushes had the same guys around them that Gerald Ford had. My question now is how do we get rid of these guys, none of their s**t works.

Oh and lest we forget … What If There Are No Weapons Of Mass Destruction!

Charles Barkley claims poor people have been voting for the Democrats for 50 years and they’re still poor.



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  1. George, re: Your perception of what is the truth may not be the truth, only the truth is the truth.

    And as Canada’s former Prime Minister Jean Cretein once said: “A proof is a proof. What kind of a proof? It’s a proof…and when you have a good proof, it’s because it’s proven.” He was Prime Minister of Canada for 10 years, sort of our version of Lyndon Johnson.

    Trust me you have to read the rest of this :
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