Nobody Gave Us Our Independence We Took It..


Wow Howard Stern suing his employer Sirius for millions. Hey that must be a real fun work environment to walk into each morning.

Richard Harker says that unknown 13 year olds create YouTube Videos that millions watch but most radio stations only generate hundreds of views.

A lot of people don’t realize that we were not given our independence we took it.

People who live in a Fantasy World do so because the real world is much too hard for them to cope with. Others just do a radio show.

Paul Cavenaugh told me that George Carlin claimed that the only reason there are still poor people in America is to scare the s**t out of the middle class.

What is the sense of building automobiles that can go from 0 – 60 in less than 4 seconds if the person who is first in line at a red light doesn’t use any of it when the light goes green.

My Daughter Cami asked me if I was hanging out with anybody in my building yet. I told her I wasn’t because there was nothing but old people living in my building. She said but Daddy your old too.

Thinking about Cami I just realized how old I thought my Father was when I was 15. Cami is 15 now and I’m even older than my Father was … Whoa!

The best thing about radio is … No Fees!

Speaking of free radio, no fees is no excuse for no new product.

My parents believed that our nation’s leaders would never lie to us. For some strange reason I do not hold the same belief.

Rivalry makes the world go round but you need not worry about how to ever conger it up, it’s always there.

If you have to use a funny voice to make something sound funny then it’s not funny.

It seems to me that even though it takes almost twice the gross billing to put an equal amount of money to the bottom line of radio it still makes a lot more sense to go after the billing than the cuts. I would think you eventually run out of things to cut but you never run out of potential billing. Making cuts takes no brain power but getting billing does so maybe therein lies the problem … I’m just sayin’

I had a real fun Saturday hanging out at a watering hole here in Florida on the inter coastal with a bunch of legends from the old WRMF days. All of them are still a lot funnier and more interesting than anything I hear today on 97 nine.

Its tough enough being successful in radio these days without adding to the frustration by thinking there might be a sub plot going on that your not aware of. Hey but then again what have you heard ???

Just because your paranoid doesn’t mean someone is not watching you.

Pessimism is a very powerful natural state. Optimism on the other hand is an acquired attitude that unfortunately needs to be worked on everyday before pessimism drags you down so far that only special drugs can bring you back.

We all know what everyone else should do, it’s what we should do that drives us crazy.

You win arguments with skill. It’s hard to be very skillful or even make any sense when your in the middle of rage. Right Mr. Sheen!

You cant fake courage you really have to have it.

A lot of what we were taught by both our parents and teachers was not true so now we deal with garbage in garbage out just like a computer.

Speaking of parents I think I’m a pretty honest guy but my Father was the most honest man I have ever met. I cant even come close to matching him in that arena.

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